Matching terry sets, flowing linen dresses, tropical florals… who doesn’t love kids resortwear! Over the past few years, this trend has gained momentum, coming to a full crescendo for this summer and next. To further understand this trend to better meet the needs of final customers, let’s explore where it originated, how it’s evolved, and where kids resortwear is today. Grab your best floppy hat and sarong, and let’s dive right in!


From luxe to lounge

Resortwear in general has been identified as originating for the upper class in the 1920’s. The wealthy would head to tropical destinations following the winter holidays, leading them to purchase out of season clothing in January through March. Brands and retailers alike responded to this shift, offering special lines in these months. As travel became more accessible towards the 1940’s, more people began to adopt the style codes of resortwear.

Following World War II, these looks became the summer uniform for everyone, decorating beaches and backyard barbecues alike. The geometric shapes, piping, and floral shirts could be found across all markets. With new materials like polyester and methods like mass production making clothes cheaper, resortwear became affordable luxury to be worn whether or not one was on vacation. Uniform dressing also found its stride in the 1950’s and 60’s as carefree ideals drew customers towards matching sets and monotone looks that negated the need to build a coherent outfit. By this time, many brands had incorporated resortwear or cruise collections into their collection calendar.

Resortwear became a staple in all summer wardrobes, but hardly was making waves. Flash forward to 2020, and as the global pandemic took hold, so did resortwear. In the fall of 2020, Vogue reported that as lockdowns relaxed, restortwear would replace the sweatpants many had been wearing for months. With its carefree, comfortable aesthetics, resortwear was the perfect elevated loungewear to replace leisure looks as we re-entered the world. It also had the power to transport us elsewhere, bringing the summer state of mind to our living rooms. Lightweight fabrics, soft materials, and, notably, matching sets were back on the rise.

As we’ve gotten further from the pandemic, we’ve kept the ideals of every day comfort. A more casual aesthetic has been accepted, with atheleisure and resortwear leading the way. As societal norms have loosened, we have once again found a love for matching sets and resortwear that are simple and stylish for the whole family.

Vanilla Copenhagen at Playtime Paris

Kids Resortwear

The curve of kids resortwear has been in line with that of adults. It’s a trend that has followed the same evolution regardless of market, from wealthy families dressing up their little ones for the first-ever cruises to barbecues in monochrome terry sets. If we look at this summer’s trends Meander and Sunbeam, which our partner Fashion Snoops identified for us, we find all the elements of kids resortwear. Graphic tees with nautical motifs, linen matching sets, and lightweight materials make up many of the current SS24 collections. And this trend is here to stay, as we’ll find in the SS25 collections we’ll talk about soon on Playtime Magazine before discovering them in the trend spaces at Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York.

The resortwear trend hasn’t just evolved in terms of style and acceptability. The retail side has also shifted, with some stores specializing exclusively in swim and resortwear. Lil Swimmas in the United States, The Little Sunshine Store in the United Kingdom, and Happy Libellule in France are just a few examples. Online retailers that offer wide ranges like Maisonette curate a special selection just for kids resortwear. These stores visit Playtime Paris, Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, and OrderWizz to curate their selection of kids resortwear brands.

In addition to specialty stores, resorts themselves have opened boutiques within their vacation destinations, offering families a place to buy souvenirs that can be worn all summer long. Club Med, Potters Resorts, Estelle Manor, Grace Bay Club, Atlantis Bahamas, Cape Resorts, Four Seasons Orlando, Marbella Club, Cheval Blanc, and Rosewood are just a few of the resorts that visit The Big Small Show or order year round on OrderWizz to stock their stores.

By having a retail location on site, resorts are completing their full service vacations. Families can travel simply by going to resorts that cater to all of their needs in one beautiful place. With restaurants, pools, activities for kids, and boutiques on the property, resorts have made traveling with little ones more simple for the busy modern family. Clothing and accessories make for great souvenirs that kids can wear again and remember the fun family vacation when they got them.

From luxury liners to post pandemic parties, kids resortwear has evolved following the trends of adult fashion. As we continue to see its resurgence, retailers will want to be sure they’re stocked up on all the essentials! At Playtime Paris June 29-July 1 and Playtime & Kid’s New York July 28-30, buyers will find plenty of brands that embody the kids resortwear trend, so get your pass to attend! For those who are looking to restock now, there are hundreds of SS24 collections available in stock on OrderWizz. Check out some of our past selections on the magazine to find matching sets, the trends Sunbeam and Meander, and more kidswear that you can order now!


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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship