Do you want to go adventuring? With these kid’s brands, children will be ready for all the adventures summer brings! From picnics to rainy days, summer camp to beach days and boat rides, these brands have products to accompany kids as they play and explore. The cherry on top? You’ll be able to meet them at The Big Small Show this summer, and/or all year on OrderWizz! Let’s start discovering the wonderful products from kid’s brands that are ready for summer adventures, rain or shine! 


Boat Ride Ready

Tap into your nautical side with products ready to sail the seven seas! Scuba gear, life vests, and floaties will keep kids safe as they lay anchor and dive into blue waters, while fashion pieces are sure to make a statement! From button downs to hats, dresses to shorts, these garments have classically nautical twists with sailor stripes, sea creature and sailboat motifs, piped collars, and comfortable silhouettes that allow kids to move freely. All aboard!


Picnic Ready

Let’s go gingham for this summer adventure! The iconic fabric is a staple of summer picnics, and these kid’s brands have all the best options. Add in tees with snack motifs, adorable accessories, and water bottles perfect for staying hydrated and this adventure is sure to be sweet.

Cos I Said So on OrderWizz


Rainy Day Ready

Summer showers are a great reason to go on an adventure! Of course, one must be ready with raingear that will keep children safe and warm while they play in puddles. These kid’s brands have coats, playsuits, umbrellas and rainboots perfect for outdoor adventures. Whether neutral with simple patterns or bold and bright, there is something for every child!


Camp Ready

Let’s go on an adventure to summer camp! These kid’s brands have clothes that are cool and comfortable, making them perfect for kids to strut their style at camp. Fun graphics, positive messages, and bright colors decorate these playful pieces. Keep children cheerful in these clothes ready for camping all summer long!

kid's brandsLittle Green Radicals at Playtime Paris


Beach Ready

Last but not least on our summer adventure bucket list, let’s head to the beach! From the sweetest swim to clothes that will stand out in the sand, sunglasses, beach shoes, and more, these kid’s brands have all the necessities for beach adventures. Whether playing in the water, lounging in the sun, or walking along the shore, there’s a look for every kid and every occasion.


These kid’s brands are sure to have children ready to adventure all summer long! Rain or shine, beach or boat, or all the way to summer camp, come find the full range of products you need for your store at The Big Small Show and on OrderWizz. Get your pass to Playtime Paris June 29-July 1 and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York July 28-30, and create your free buyer account to start ordering all year on OrderWizz!

Stay tuned for more previews of the brands you’ll meet this summer!


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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship