Spring is here, so make sure your store is ready with the most important trends of the season! Outlined for us by our partner Fashion Snoops, the trends Sunbeam and Meander are sure to brighten up your store’s selection. Ranging from calming blues to bold brights, timeless silhouettes to standout prints, these trends are must-haves for this Spring-Summer season. To help you get your store ready, our experts took a look at the collections available in stock on our B2B ordering platform, OrderWizz. We’ve gathered a selection of products for each trend that bring them to life, so you’re just two clicks away from having Sunbeam and Meander in your store. Let’s explore the SS24 trends in stock on OrderWizz!



Add some sunshine to your store with Sunbeam! The color palette for this SS24 trend in stock on OrderWizz is nostalgic and warm. Strong shades of orange and pink are balanced by softer greens and creams that round out the palette. The motifs are full of positivity, while the prints are sure to please parents and kids alike. Sentimental chords are struck by familiar silhouettes. As familiar as the rising and setting sun, these timeless pieces are sure to never go out of style. Infuse your store with retro-inspired respites by adding Sunbeam to your store with these products available in stock!


Shop these styles to add Sunbeam to your selection!



Wander amongst the cool waves and good vibes of the SS24 trend in stock, Meander. The color palette for this trend is calm and cooling, with various shades of blue and the soft pale pinks and yellows that decorate the seaside sky. Motifs call back to the ocean, with shells, stripes, and sea creatures. Reflecting the wonders of the sea, the products are equally practical and awe-inspiring. Craft components meet comfortable fabrics like organic cotton to make this SS24 trend in stock as cool and comforting as the ocean itself.


Go with the flow: Meander into next season with this trend


We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to head to sunny days and the sea! Buyers, be sure to create your free account on OrderWizz to add these SS24 trends in stock to your store. With their colors, prints, and silhouettes, your selection is sure to stand out.

We can’t wait to see what next summer’s trends will hold, or the products in brands’ new collections that we’ll discover at Playtime Paris June 29-July 1 and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York July 28-30. There is still time for brands to apply for a booth, and buyers can save the date to start getting their pass April 24th!


Header image from Cos I Said So
Trend images from Fashion Snoops 
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship