Over the past few years, several trends have been growing to form a macro trend called holistic wellness. The idea behind it is taking care of the whole self – physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. Holistic wellness has been built from the rise of trends within different sectors. The importance of skincare in the beauty sector, with a focus on clean ingredients, addresses the physical. Caring for mental health and seeking help has become more socially acceptable, even socially encouraged in recent years. The rise in athleisure encourages movement and exercise, while helping us feel comfortable in our bodies and minds. The new sense of spirituality that taps into the powers of positive thinking, astrology, and crystals. 

All of these trends have been building to result in an overall desire for holistic wellness. The modern family is in search of products that address the needs of the whole self. They want to be wrapped head to toe in products that are comfortable and facilitate movement. They want to fill their homes with things that promote health of the mind, body, and soul. As they raise their children, the parents are searching for items that will help them form a strong, healthy bond and to teach their little ones habits that will last a lifetime. They want to see their kids grow up taking care of every part of themselves, giving equal importance to physical and mental health, social and emotional parts of life, and the spirituality and intellect that tie it all together.

From kid’s yoga mats to skincare, athletic to athleisure fashion, newborn must-haves that promote closeness from birth to products that help babies develop their intellect, let’s dive into holistic wellness available on OrderWizz!


Freedom of Fashion

Designed to encourage movement and self confidence, these brands have clothes ready for anything. Whether playing a sport, meeting up with friends, or going to school, these clothes are comfortable and stylish. Relaxed silhouettes play with sportswear-inspired motifs to create combos that are playful yet sophisticated. Worn on the court, at the cafe, or in class, these looks are perfect for supporting physical wellbeing.


Sweet & Simple Skincare

Designed to be gentle for use on sensitive children’s skin, these wellness brands have clean ingredients and simple formulas. With ranges from face and body wash to shampoos and lotions, they have everything the modern family needs to practice safe skincare rituals for everyone. From newborns on, these products can be used to keep skin healthy, strong, and protected.


Building Bonds & Skills

These products are made to help build the bond between parent and child, as well as help them develop skills. Naturally formulated oils and perfumes create a scent-sational connection between families. Ergonomic bottles and stylish carriers create closeness during life’s special little moments. Blankets and booklets help newborns develop their cognitive and visual skills. Forming social and emotional ties, brands like these cater to these aspects of holistic wellness.


We hope you’ve found a better understanding of the macro trend holistic wellness. Centered around the importance of taking care of all aspects in one’s life, the modern family seeks products that respond to this newly defined need. Holistic wellness is sure to continue to evolve and expand as more consumers adapt this way of living. Be an early adopter by adding these products from OrderWizz to your store that cater to the needs of body, mind, and spirit. Discover all of the brands’ showrooms to start placing orders with our complete list here.

Keep shopping the holistic wellness trend at Playtime Paris June 29-July 1 and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York July 28-30. Wellness brands can still apply for a booth, while buyers and other professional visitors will be able to get their pass to the summers shows starting April 24th!


Header image from Bloomy Kids Co
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship