A family business that is centered around slow living and skincare that is safe for the whole family to use? Sign us up! In this edition of Brand Success Stories, meet the wellness label Les Enfants Sages. Having recently joined our B2B ordering platform, OrderWizz, they also exhibited for the first time at Playtime Paris this winter. We stopped by their booth at the show to learn more about this label that is shaking up skincare. Let’s dive right into Les Enfants Sages!


With a blend of medical backgrounds and product development know-how, Dr. Jacques Saboye, Dr. Nathalie Saboye de Montrion, and their daughter, Amélie, set out to create a family ritual that responds to the needs of the modern, eco-conscious family. Thus they began their long journey that led them to launch their wellness label, Les Enfants Sages.

Dr. Nathalie Saboye de Montrion, Dr. Jacques Saboye, and Amélie Saboye.

Dr. Nathalie is specialized in endocrinology and metabolic diseases, while her husband, Dr. Jacques, is a plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon. They have been passionate about skincare throughout their careers, with Jacques having specialized in pediatrics. Parents to five children, they teamed up with their daughter Amélie to create Les Enfants Sages. Amélie grew up in an environment that was centered around innovation and her parents’ dedication to health care. Now, as the mother of her own son, Amélie turned her passion for product development towards this family business.

Les Enfants Sages is a skincare company for the whole family. With their extensive medical backgrounds, the Saboyes wanted to create something safe enough for use for newborns through adults, and even post surgery. To be able to address all types of skin problems, they knew they needed to use natural, clean ingredients. They turned to a laboratory on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland to begin their research. They spent two years researching the formulas for their balm and soaps. These years were spent gathering partners to help with the project and researching ingredients. Nathalie created an extensive black list of materials they wanted to be sure to avoid. Choosing quality farms and producers, they often turned to small farms. The criteria they were searching for was high quality raw materials, good working conditions, and proximity.

Once they had carefully selected and perfect their formulas, the next step was to figure out how to make the bottles sustainable, too. After another two years, they solved this problem as well. Using scraps from luxury houses, they recycle plastic to create new bottles. Since their products are for the whole family, they wanted to make the bottles robust and colorful as well.

It was important to the Saboyes to create not only clean products, but a business that is circular and sustainable throughout. With a firm belief that all the magic happens within a 100 kilometer radius, Les Enfants Sages’ production is as local as possible. Their ingredients include organic Swiss edelweiss, verbena, shea, beeswax, organic mountain arnica, and other thoughtfully selected, natural materials. Each flora brings its own attribute to help children’s skin stay clean, safe, and healthy. Edelweiss hydrates and strengthens the skin’s barrier, helping it to be more resilient. Verbena acts as an ani-inflammatory agent, helping to soothe skin from irritation. Shea offers fatty acids and vitamins that promote softness, while beeswax and mountain arnica help encourage cell regeneration. Each ingredient is thoughtfully, carefully selected to offer skincare that will help heal, soothe and protect the skin of the whole family.

Currently, Les Enfants Sages has developed three products. First, there is the balm, which they call “miracle balm”. Made up of shea butter, beeswax, organic mountain arnica, and edelweiss, this balm can be used post surgery to help heal the skin. It can also be used to hydrate baby and children’s skin. They then have two soap variations. The first is a 3-in-1 soap that can be used for the body, hair, and scalp. Its main focus is on gently cleansing the hair and scalp with a formula of edelweiss, organic sweet almond, and organic flax from the Swiss Alps. The second soap is for universal use from birth on, with a simple formula of organic edelweiss, verbena and mint.

Les Enfants Sages joined our B2B ordering platform, OrderWizz, at the end of last year. In their first few months on the platform, they’ve been really happy. They find the features and international team always ready to help outstanding.

This January, they also debuted their products at their first trade show ever, Playtime Paris. They thought the show was impressive, and were very excited to present their products to professional visitors from around the world. The Saboyes decided to exhibit at Playtime Paris because they found that The Big Small Show shares their values of sustainability and innovation. The buyers they met there matched their positioning as well. It was interesting for them to meet fellow brands exhibiting that also share their desire to offer something different. Seeing all the unique visions and distinctive products was incredible for them.

From the start of the project, the Saboyes had decided their mission was to bring joy to families living in medicalized environments. Whether their own son and grandson or patients they had met throughout their careers, they wanted to develop products that would meet the needs of baby and children’s skin. They want to see their brand become the colorful, happy skincare reference for cool families. As the brand continues to grow, they want to maintain their high standards of quality, to bring on new partners, and to intelligently develop useful products. They’re currently working to expand their skincare range while upholding these core values. Above all, Les Enfants Sages wants to continue bringing joy, empathy, and closeness to their customer-families.


What an inspirational story from a family full of passion and intelligence! We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to shake up our skincare routine with their natural products. Available year round on OrderWizz, click here to discover Les Enfants Sages’ showroom and add their skincare ritual to your store.

Stay tuned for more brand success stories, which are released once a month!


All images from Les Enfants Sages. Header image from Les Enfants Sages and @ninadavidson_.
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship