The kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry is built on the influence and engagement of a multitude of sources. From the biggest brands to the smallest independent designers, internationally recognized retailers to boutiques that boast an impact on their local community, big media outlets to mom-fluencers that bring their followers curated content to inspire and inform them. The combined efforts of all of us bring the industry to life.

To celebrate another sector of the community, let’s take a look at the press & influencer picks from the Winter 2024 shows! Acting as trend setters, members of the press and content creators are where the modern family turns when in search of sources to inform their shopping. Whether local or international, they offer insights that will set the pace for the season! Having visited Playtime Paris, Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, or even both shows, let’s see the press & influencer picks!



A passionate, independent magazine that captures the magic of childhood, Scimparello is internationally recognized. Sharing perspectives from around the world, Scimparello has long been a friend of Playtime & Kid’s Hub! This season, their team visited Playtime Paris once again to find the latest trends, reconnect with good friends, and discover new brands to introduce their readers to. As they explored the aisles, there were plenty of brands that caught their expert eye! Several brands who are also on our B2B ordering platform, OrderWizz, caught Scimparello’s attention. Among them were Studio Koter, Bonnie Mob, Gingersnaps, Allmemberz, Oûcollie, Kenkô Skincare, Esther, Morning Mess Therapy, Les Enfants Sages, We Are Kids, Mini Coquine, and Tangerine.

There were several brands who have been at The Big Small Show before that Scimparello was excited to see again. Fashion labels like Paade Mode, Bebe Organic, Wander & Wonder, Morley, C’era una volta, Molo, and Louisiella, are frequent favorites of this kid’s fashion magazine. Spanish brands like The New Society, Bonmot, My Little Cozmo, Letter to the World, and The Campamento were also on their radar. For bold colors and standout prints, there was Jelly Mallow, Maison Mangostan, Tom & Boy, Wynken, Wolf & Rita, Ao76, Oilily, and Momohanipopo. Shoes and accessories from brands like Cream, Pèpè, Sticky Lemon, Ocra, and LMDI are always sure to inspire readers as well. Toys from Fabelab, KMR Childwood, Raduga Grez, Patti Oslo, We Are Gommu, and Coocoonari were some of their other favorite lifestyle labels.

As for new brands, Scimparello loved meeting Zig+Star, Ayuna, Papperlapapp, Alma Baby Care, Kuling, Little Boomerang, and House of Paloma, to name a few!


Lemon Magazine

Lemon Magazine is the destination for modern parenting. It’s all about empowering women and celebrating the sweet and sour moments of raising kids. Covering the latest fashion and lifestyle, shopping, travel, and news, Lemon Magazine has it all. At Playtime Paris, their team had plenty of crushes! They loved the inspiration to be found at Design Hunger’s lifestyle trend space, the creative space featuring 12 illustrators, and Chaumière Oiseau’s work. As for brands, Lemon Magazine stopped in the Singular space to meet Allmemberz and Punchies. In the New Now space, they loved all 12 brands featured this season (read more about them here)! A few of the first timers that Lemon loved were Oh Clementine, Ocean & Ground, Oops My Boy, True Artist, Converse, and Levi’s. And as for old friends, Minimalisma, Favorite People, Mini Rodini, Piupiuchick, Hebe, Mon Coeur, Carlijnq, and Bobo Choses are just a few!


Design Hunger

Press & Influencer Picks
Collaboration between Bonmot and Sticky Lemon.

Calling all design addicts: Design Hunger is the magazine for you! Acting as a world reference for design, interiors, fashion, and lifestyle, this online magazine is expertly curated. Founder Grethel and her team work tirelessly to bring the modern family inspiration for their interiors, with articles on new innovations, quality, and timeless design. For three consecutive season’s, Grethel has selected 8 brands that stand out at Playtime Paris to award with the Design Hunger Prizes. Check out her selection from the Winter 2024 show here! In addition to the 8 prizewinners, Grethel also loved the upcoming collaboration between the brands Bonmot and Sticky Lemon.

(P.S. stay tuned for more on the collab here on our Magazine, coming soon!)


Luna Mag

Luna Mag is a kids’ fashion and lifestyle magazine for the whole family. Designed to inspire parents and make kids smile, Luna Mag has insights on fashion, design, shopping, and parenthood. They also offer tips and tricks for lifestyle, health, and traveling with kids. One brand that stood out to them in the wellness category this winter was Les Enfants Sages, whose Swiss made skincare products are safe for use from birth on. Esther’s latest collection of upcycled patchwork also caught their attention! The new Italian label, Morning Mess Therapy, and Spanish label True Artist were other favorites from Luna Mag.


Junior Style

Junior Style is more than just a magazine: it’s a global fashion network and community. They’re on a mission to boost brand’s visibility by connecting them with parents, influencers, and consumers. Through fashion editorials, interviews, trade show reports, and so much more, Junior Style has everything the kid’s fashion industry needs! New owner and Editor-in-Chief Aleksandra Attaca is taking the magazine on a new journey, and worked closely with Playtime & Kid’s Hub this season. At Playtime Paris, OrderWizz brands Tangerine and Lison Paris caught Junior Style’s eye. They also loved the new collections from A Monday in Copenhagen, Christina Rohde, LRDM Petits, and American Vintage, to name a few. As for new brands, they discovered RoanJane, Alma Baby Care, Tisu Baby, and Retta Jane.

At Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, Aleksandra did a photoshoot with some amazing little models using products from brands at the show. Discover the photoshoot that featured brands like Cos I Said So, Molo, NoNo, Bebe Organic, Tiny Bunny, Paade Mode, The Sunday Collective, and Letter to the World here. In addition to those brands, Little Miss Zoe and Nessi Byrd also stood out to them. Junior Style loved Konges Sløjd, Yuki Kidswear, and Indee at both shows.


Meraki Magazine

Meet the quarterly print and digital magazine Meraki Magazine! They showcase international designers and creative photographers through their editorials, while offering a space for youth to have a voice. This season at The Big Small Show, The Sunday Collective and Rylee + Cru stood out the most to them among the curated selection.



pirouetteKatie and Richard from Pirouette at Playtime & Kid’s Hub NY

Pirouette is one of the leading resources for children’s fashion, design, trends, lifestyle, and culture. Through their site, they advocate for independent brands as they discuss trends in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry. With a blend of culture and trade show reports, Pirouette is a global reference for the children’s universe. Their new adventure, The Directory, will launch this spring to offer an international destination for connecting professionals within the industry. Read more about Pirouette and The Directory with our interview of their Owner and Editor, Katie, here!

At Playtime Paris, OrderWizz brands like Cos I Said So, Halcyon Nights, Gingersnaps, We Are Kids, and Les Enfants Sages caught Pirouette’s eye. Old friends like Daily Brat, Hello Simone, Bandits à la Crème, Knot, Mabli Knits, Caroline Bosmans, and Jenest were at the show again. As for new discoveries, Oli Undies, Poule Party, Zookeeper, Momset, Zig+Star, and Motherwood were just a few of the brands they met.

Pirouette joined us at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York again this winter as well! They especially loved the lifestyle brands Sun & Lace, Kiboo Kids, Cub Wrap, Trvl Design, and Nomandino. For fashion, the new collections from Molo, Briton Court, Paade Mode, Petite Plume, Early Sunday, and Milk Teeth caught their eye.

At both editions of The Big Small Show, Pirouette loved the brands Bonnie Mob and The Sunday Collective. Katie interviewed French brands and made daily reels as well, which you can (re)watch on the @pirouettedirectory and @iloveplaytime Instagrams.



Meet the family magazine Doolittle! From fashion editorials to articles that explore new trends in the industry, advice on what to do with kids on the weekend to brand highlights, Doolittle is a top destination for parents around the world. This season at Playtime Paris, the colorful multi-disciplinary labels Halcyon Nights and Mooui caught their attention! Another label offering fashion and lifestyle they met at the show was Nobodinoz. Some of the lifestyle labels Doolittle loved were Raduga Grez, Elhée, Jojo Factory, The Cotton Cloud, and Papperlapapp. A few fashion brands they were fans of were Claude & Co, Momohanipopo, Arsène et les pipelettes, Ayuna, Letter to the World, and Bandits à la Crème.


La Petite Fabrique

Designed to be shared with the whole family, La Petite Fabrique Magazine is for conscious consumers. Sharing activities to do with kids, ways to spend time in nature, and healthy recipes, this magazine is all about slow living. With a special focus on design and sustainability, the brands Mooui and Fabelab caught their eye! Artist Chaumière Oiseau also drew them in with her beautiful work on display at The Big Small Show.


Magie des Enfants

Looking for take away art? Magie des Enfants is the magazine for you! The photography in their editorials is fashion-forward and free. Their print editions are like art that can be kept on coffee tables and bookshelves for endless inspiration! Several OrderWizz brands caught their attention at The Big Small Show. Charlie Banana, Petit Poirer, Mipounet, Morning Mess Therapy, Esther, and Les Enfants Sages were just a few of the standouts! Some of the new exhibitors they discovered were Motherwood, Bbox, Goldie + Ace, Garrules, Lilulila, and Holmm. As for old friends, there was Main Story, Fairechild, Petit by Basics, Misha & Puff, and Serendipity Organics.



At Kinda, they take their readers on journeys with them through the wonders of childhood. Via interviews and editorials, Kinda shares the stories of independent labels. With a special focus on sustainability, they put brands in the spotlight that are eco-friendly, as well as ways to travel and be in nature as a family. Some of the sustainable labels that stood out this season for Kinda were Tangerine, Letter to the World, Ao76, Bobo Choses, Mingo Kids, Lil’Boo, Repose AMS, and Indee. As for new brands, House of Paloma, Binibamba, Goldie + Ace, Garrules, and True Artist were a few of their favorites.


Marie Claire Enfants

Marie Claire Enfants is the special issue of Marie Claire dedicated to families. Particularly focused on sustainability, this biannual publication delivers its fashion series to introduce brands to consumers everywhere. A trusted resource for final customers everywhere, Marie Claire Enfants is the perfect destination for the modern family to find inspiration. This season, the two super sustainable labels that caught their attention were Morning Mess Therapy and Little Boomerang.


MilK Magazine

With a dash of nostalgia, MilK Magazine is on a mission to help curate a beautiful aesthetic for families everywhere. Through their articles and editorials, MilK wants to experience life’s magical little moments. They take readers on a beautiful journey as these modern families raise their kids. Each season, MilK Magazine gives two brands their MilK Awards for their Crush and Grand Prix. This season, they selected Little Boomerang and Hello Simone, who you can read more about here.

In addition the the award winners, several OrderWizz brands were among their favorites as well. Bonnie & the Gang, Oûcollie, We Are Kids, Tangerine, and Esther were just a few! For lifestyle labels, Spring Court and Elhée stood out among the selection. The MilK Magazine team was also excited to see good friends like The Campamento, Mabli knits, The New Society, Wolf & Rita, Momohanipopo, Arsène et les pipelettes, and Bandits à la Crème.


These influencers loved these brands at The Big Small Show!


Mom-fluencer and self-proclaimed shoe addict @joliemhome_ loved several brands at Playtime Paris! Among them were Papperlapapp, Baïnes, Mrs. Ertha, VacVac Studio, and Poule Party.


Boss girl and business owner @mre.soeur visited Playtime Paris this winter. Some of the brands she discovered were Tiba+Marl, Halcyon Nights, RoanJane, and Zig+Star.


Passionate about fashion photography and travel, content creator @alizee.clmt loved meeting Baïnes, Collégien, Sticky Lemon, and Papperlapapp in Paris.


@aliciamechani is a mom-fluencer from Lyon who especially loved the new collection from Marie Puce at Playtime Paris!


Lifestyle, interior, and travel photographer @lilyrose visited the show this season! She had a crush on Fairechild, The Sunday Collective, Tangerine, Jelly Mallow, and The New Society.


@anna.m.sanz is a Parisian content creator who loved Margea, Kidiwi, Tidy Tot, Elle and Rapha, and Bisgaard  at the show.


This mother of twins from Germany has a love for home, food, and flowers! @emily_luisa_and_me also loves Fliink, Cacane, Mipounet, Veja, Kuling, and Minimalisma.


@bertillepics shares her motherhood stories through film and digital photos. She loved Wildride, Maison Mangostan, and the Lifestyle Trend Space in Paris.


This stylist and photographer loves kid’s fashion! At the show, @eleripeleri loved a lot of brands. Among them were We Are Gommu, Oxox Club, Mooui, That’s Mine, OutnAbout, House of Paloma, and Mabli Knits.


@alexandrakirchs loves sharing the poetic little moments of childhood with her followers. At the show she especially loved C’era una volta’s new collection!


@fg_modeagenturen is a kid’s fashion agency that loves Petit by Basics, Yell-Oh, Ammehoela kids, and My Little Cozmo.


@loismoreno.diary shares her motherhood journal of living in the French countryside with her followers. At Playtime Paris, she loved Azala, We Are Kids, The Sunday Collective, and Letter to the World.


Wow, love was in the air at The Big Small Show! We hope you enjoyed discovering the press & influencer picks from the Winter editions as much as we did. Brands, you can apply for the summer shows to meet amazing content creators at the summer editions! Playtime Paris will be June 29 – July 1, while Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York will be July 28 – 30. Being seen by these trendsetters in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry can make all the difference for your business. Apply now for the chance to be the press & influencers picks for Summer 2024!


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