For the second time, the deco-addicts at Design Hunger have selected 8 brands that will exhibit at Playtime Paris January 27-29 as the winners of their Design Hunger Prizes! Take a sneak peek and start arranging appointments with these lifestyle brands you won’t want to miss at The Big Small Show!


“Hi there, design lovers!

The much-anticipated Playtime Paris trade show is just around the corner, and we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we will once again be presenting The Design Hunger Prizes to some of the outstanding brands participating.

Our team has carefully curated a selection of eight new and exceptional lifestyle brands from the upcoming Playtime trade show, and we can’t wait to introduce you to them.

Discover the stories, inspirations, and uniqueness that make these brands stand out. Whether you’re a design connoisseur or simply appreciate the beauty and functionality of well-crafted products, there’s something for everyone to admire in each brand.”

— Grethel, Founder of Design Hunger


Best toys & leisure brand

Winner: MRS. ERTHA

Discover the essence of simplicity with Mrs. Ertha, a Portuguese brand dedicated to capturing the beauty in everyday moments. What began as wall decorations from a mother’s vision to create an ideal space for her daughters to play and dream, has evolved into unique, timeless collections that have gained love and recognition from stores and families around the world.

Its commitment to timeless designs ensures its products endure beyond seasons, catering to both young ones and adults alike with dedication and love. Mrs. Ertha’s culturally conscious and ethically made products are also a representation of the brand’s sustainable focus in sourcing materials and suppliers, growing its collections with care and intention.


Best Sustainable lifestyle brand

Winner: Papperlapapp

Meet Elisabeth, Christina, and Eveline, three passionate moms with seven wonderful kids in total, who, disturbed by the abundance of plastic and composite wood toys, embarked on a mission and founded Papperlapapp.

Papperlapapp is a brand committed to creating plastic-free playrooms for children and inspiring a better world. Its play worlds are 100% crafted from local corrugated cardboard—a circular product that doesn’t harm trees, can be recycled 25 times, and even absorbs more CO2 than it emits during production. At Papperlapapp, innovation meets stability through its plug-in system—no glues, plastics, or tools needed. Its focus on local production in Austria ensures quality and passion in every creation.


Best new lifestyle brand

Winner: Patakès

Patakès Collection, founded by Sarah Tison, a multitasking mother of four, including twins, is a dynamic childcare brand. Driven by a desire for unique, durable, and colorful products, Sarah aims to bring joy and ease to parenting. Romane Lignier, the Communications Manager, adds a creative flair to the brand, ensuring a vibrant online presence and media visibility.

Patakès Collection is not just about childcare; it embodies French craftsmanship, travel-inspired aesthetics, and a commitment to quality, promising a touch of joy and practicality to parents, especially those with twins.


Best home & decor brand

Winner: Garbo&Friends

Garbo&Friends, a brand founded in 2012 by illustrator Susann Grabe, was born from a desire to create a poetic universe for the little ones in the family. Inspired by nature’s imperfections from her Swedish countryside upbringing, Susann started creating textile interiors for kids.

Garbo&Friends combines creativity and quality, collaborating with trusted suppliers to craft enduring products with hand-drawn prints. Blending contemporary styles with tradition, they reinvent classics through tactile fabrics, refined finishes, and distinctive prints, adding a poetic touch to everyday life for both kids and parents. More recently, the brand has expanded its product range to include more textile interior products and children’s wear with a focus on occasion wear.


Best wellness & care brand

Winner: Les Enfants Sages

Meet Les Enfants Sages, a revolutionary dermocosmetics line crafted by medical experts with love for your little ones and a focus on post-operative care, offering superior quality for families seeking the best.

Led by Nathalie, an endocrinologist, alongside Jacques, a plastic surgeon, and their daughter Amélie, the Swiss dermo-pediatric care brand is committed to top safety and quality by using natural and organic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and locally sourced 100% recycled bottles repurposed from luxury home scraps. Les Enfants Sages invites us to embrace safe, transparent, and natural care designed on the shores of Lake Geneva, with minimal packaging and sustainable shipping solutions, prioritizing the essentials and supporting a circular economy.


Best Babygear & parenthood brand

Winner: Binibamba

Binibamba is more than a brand – it’s a celebration of individuality and fun in fashion, regardless of age. It’s where fashion meets heartfelt stories and embraces the adventure of parenthood and the joy of standing out by uniting big and little kids alike in a shared celebration of style.

This journey began on a hot Portland summer day when Emma, the brand founder, discovered a beautiful sheepskin coat in a thrift store. This find sparked a love for creating pieces with a story and a passion for exceptional quality and distinctive style. Guided by her decade-long expertise as a Fashion Buyer, and with fashion at its core, Binibamba has scoured the globe for the softest merino sheepskin and said goodbye to ordinary yellowy liners, handcrafting each Binibamba with love in trend-setting colors.


Best accessory brand

Winner: Sticky Lemon

You might have heard about Sticky Lemon, the Dutch children’s brand that originated in 2016 focused on catering to both younger and older kids with a distinct sense of style. The brand’s identity is defined by its quirky, vibrant, daring, and cheerful designs. It incorporates color blocking techniques along with patterns and illustrations to create an eye-catching aesthetic.

The essence of Sticky Lemon lies in experimenting with fresh color combinations while drawing inspiration from retro influences. Their curated collections tell stories reminiscent of the joys of school life and encapsulate the spirit of having fun. From backpacks to pencil cases, temporary tattoos, and embroidered pins, their range of accessories is both playful and practical. Ultimately, Sticky Lemon aims to empower kids, letting them embrace their unique style and relish in the most vibrant, cheerful moments of childhood.


The Grand Prix for Winter 2024

Winner: Raduga Grëz

Welcome to Raduga Grëz, where play and stunning aesthetics come together to bring joy to modern families. Handcrafted in Russia, these toys serve as a captivating bridge between parents and children. Committed to ethical play, Raduga Grëz sources true wood from the region through responsible suppliers, ensuring each toy tells a unique story with its natural patterns. Championing sustainability, the brand uses marked wood to create toys coated with water-based varnish, preserving their natural tactility and beautiful aesthetics.

Raduga Grëz doesn’t just create toys; it curates an experience, turning every playtime into a canvas for creativity and a conduit for family togetherness.


We were already super excited, but now we really can’t wait for Playtime Paris in just a few weeks! With these wonderful lifestyle brands exhibiting at the same show as hundreds of others, as well as labels offering fashion, shoe, accessory, wellness, decor, parenthood, and more, buyers and other professionals will find everything they need for Autumn-Winter 2024-2025. Request your pass now to join us all January 27-29!

As you explore the aisles of lifestyle brands at the show, keep an eye out for stickers like this that will identify these 8 Design Hunger prize winners!


Header image from Binibamba



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