The New Now space at Playtime Paris is highly anticipated by buyers and professional visitors each season! Acting as the trade show’s incubator, this unique area offers a warm welcome to first time exhibitors by putting them on display. Typically selected by different professionals from within the industry, this season the Playtime Team decided to take on the role ourselves! Led by our incredible Events Director, Chantal Danguillaume, our Team selected 12 newcomers to be featured in the Winter 2024 New Now space. Ranging from maternitywear to newborn essentials, the sweetest shoes to standout fashion, enjoy this sneak peek at the brands you won’t want to miss meeting at Playtime Paris January 27-29!


Petite Revery

kid's fashion brand

Petite Revery by Nest Designs creates beautiful, high-quality children’s clothing. Made for play, creativity, and imaginative exploration, it’s designed to fit comfortably. Petite Revery playwear is made with easy silhouettes, simple patterns, and a soft palette of neutral colors. As a company, they are committed to reducing their effect on the environment. They carefully select materials that are high-quality and have low impacts on the Earth. Petite Revery creates long-lasting products that can be passed on from one child to another. They are also proud to be members of 1% for the Planet.


White Rabbit Maternity

Winter 2024 New Now

White Rabbit Maternity is a German based maternitywear brand established in 2022. The ambition that inspired this brand’s creation is to empower women before, during, and after pregnancy. They do so by creating a new kind of timelessly elegant, conveniently simple maternitywear. White Rabbit Maternity uses the highest quality knitwear that is sustainably and ethically produced in Barcelona. The only maternity label in the Winter 2024 New Now selection, White Rabbit Maternity deserved a space as it is revolutionizing maternitywear.


Goldie + Ace

kid's fashion brand

Goldie + Ace is all about creating quality baby and toddler clothing. Made to last and be loved, their designs are based on classic staples like overalls that they had growing up in the 1980s and 1990s. These timeless essentials offer new parents products they can rely on to last and pass on to family and friends. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Goldie + Ace likes to highlight the place they love to call home. Everything from Galahs, gumtrees to “G’day!” Their team and collaborators all share the same vision: to create a safe and clean planet for everyone. Goldie + Ace promotes their own waste-free online shopping experience, offers a free mending service, and provides a marketplace (Re-worn) for their community to sell gently-used, but still amazing, Goldie + Ace pieces.


Pip & Henry

kid's fashion brand

Driven by a love for the environment, Pip & Henry creates beautifully stylish, luxuriously comfortable, and responsibly produced shoes for children. Their playful footwear is made from luxurious sustainable materials such as organic cotton, pineapple leaf fibers, and recycled rubber. They offer a recycling service for outgrown shoes (in exchange for £10 off customer’s next order). And finally, to help children feel empowered to drive change, they pen beautiful stories about Pip & Henry, a little girl and her dinosaur friend embarking on adventures to reduce the number of shoes ending up in landfills, befriending the bees, cleaning up dirty beaches, and more.

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kid's fashion brand

Meet Happymess, an organic kid’s clothing and accessory brand established in 2020. Since then, they’ve been creating products that are sustainable and fun. Their collections are close to nature and people. Happymess’ passion is to inspire families to treat life as a continual adventure and arouse curiosity about the world. Their products are both child and environmentally friendly. Together with the highest quality, they bring fun, fashionable, and comfortable styles to the market. Their clothes and accessories are made in a way that enables them to last for ages by using oversized silhouettes and various functionalities. Happymess invites you to join them to create The Real Childhood story!

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Les p’tites Merveilles de Bérénice

Winter 2024 New Now

Les p’tites Merveilles de Bérénice is a French brand of sustainable, eco-friendly, soft, bohemian creations for babies that are entirely made in France. Their story began with the creation of bed linen and childcare accessories, and continues today with the birth of a new collection of baby clothes for 6 to 36 months. They are made to be sustainable, practical, and easy to maintain for baby’s first years. The use of organic cotton and raw materials from recycling are among their priorities in manufacturing. Their polyester raw materials such as padding wadding for sleeping bags, bassinet dressings, baby blankets, bumper pads as well as some of the fabrics used for clothing come from textile recycling, water bottles, but also produced from plastics recovered from the seabed.



Winter 2024 New Now

Garrules was born two years ago in a small town in southern Spain, near Portugal. They make clothes for babies and kids from 0 to 14 years, as well as some accessories for adults like bags, bonnet, gloves, and more. Garrules’ garments are locally made with organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics like tencel or recycled cotton. All of their printed fabrics are originals designed in their studio. Their labels are made with plantable paper. If you place them in a pot filled with soil and water them, wildflowers will grow.


Bbox World

kid's fashion brand

Bbox World is an eco-conscious brand renowned for their distinctive designs. They offer a diverse range of sweaters in vibrant colors, each of which is unique and hand-embroidered in Peru. Crafted from lightweight pima cotton, their sweaters provide cosy comfort with stylish appearance for all year long. Bbox World is on a mission to bring back traditions that are disappearing. They also want to promote female work and professional development. This Winter 2024 New Now brand is always seeking to open a box that transports us to the real world. A world seen through the fresh eyes of children where both kids and adults are invited to dream and believe in magic.


Margea Organic

Winter 2024 New Now

A celebration of the sound of the sea, the birds singing, even the treetops moving in the wind, Margea Organic expresses naturalness in their delicate garments. Their collections are designed especially for children who want to explore in comfort and freedom. With sustainability at its heart, Margea Organic uses GOTS certified organic cotton and plastic free packaging. They produce locally and in Europe to guarantee that in their process, in addition to protecting the environment, they take care of the human factor, too.

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House of Paloma

kid's fashion brand

House of Paloma is a dream come true, born out of creative necessity. It is a familial odyssey steeped in affection and ingenuity, with an unwavering dedication to artistry and sustainability. With the name of a mother’s beloved business, House of Paloma brings dreams to life. Drawing inspiration from the ageless grace of her French grandmother’s bygone era, each creation carries a story of heritage and meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece is marked by the delicate artistry of their signature broderie anglaise, sumptuous organic textures, and an unwavering devotion to detail. House of Paloma transcends its identity as a mere sartorial clothing brand. It is a genuine extension of oneself. A haven for ideas and an artistic sanctuary beckoning you to partake in a voyage towards a more contemplative, intentional way of life.


Retta Jane

Winter 2024 New Now

Retta Jane is a luxury, ready-to-wear brand for modern tween and teen girls. They’re inspired by three generations of timeless silhouettes and charming details that celebrate coming of age. Their high quality, beautifully tailored pieces appeal to tween daughters and their mothers. Retta Jane is building a wardrobe of sophisticated garments for confident girls, crafted for their changing bodies. It’s clothing lasts beyond one season for smart, cultured young girls. With firm beliefs in tradition, quality, and beauty inside and out, Retta Jane is a unique brand bringing sophisticated, yet easy to wear staples to the market.



kid's fashion brand

Meet the new baby and toddler brand, Lilulila! Four generations of women inspire everything about this Winter 2024 New Now brand. From its name to its fabrics and prints, it’s steeped in history. When creating their premium bamboo essentials, Lilulila keeps three things in mind. How to make parents’ lives easier, babies comfy and stylish, and keeping the planet safe. When the founders didn’t find enough products in the market that embodied these values, they decided to create this brand themselves! Lilulila is your destination for amazing features, beautiful designs, and unique natural properties.


We don’t know about you, but we cannot wait to meet these brands in person! Now that you’ve previewed them, click here to get your pass to meet the Winter 2024 New Now brands at Playtime Paris.

Innovation and unique designs are sure to be on full display throughout the show. There will 10 young brands featured in another dedicated area you won’t want to miss! The Singular Space is where innovation and newness will be on further display, with 10 emerging talents gathered just for you. After stopping by New Now, head to Singular where you’ll meet: Poule Party, Helps Nature, Oli Undies, Kalumi, Max & Molly, Allmemberz, L’atelier d’Anae, Punchies., Rocambole Paris, and Charlie Banana.


Header image from Happymess
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