We love new partnerships, which is why we’re excited to announce that we will be working with Junior Style this season at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York! In celebration of this new collaboration, we sat down with the new owner and Editor-in-Chief, Aleksandra Ataca, to talk about the past, present, and future of Junior Style. Let’s dive into the story of one of the world’s leading kids fashion communities.

alexandra_ataca - Junior StyleAleksandra Ataca


Can you please introduce yourself and Junior Style?

I’m Aleksandra Ataca, the new owner and Editor-in-Chief of Junior Style. My extensive background includes experience as a Creative Director, Image Maker, Brand Evangelist, Editor, Social Media Influencer, Visual Marketing and Brand Development Specialist, and Fashion Photographer. Spanning the globe as well as the breadth of fashion industry jobs, I’ve built a successful international portfolio. I started my own company, Alexandra Concept Corp, in 2022. A multifaceted company, we specialize in comprehensive visual marketing services including photography, styling, branding, imagine creation, and other projects for our clients.

Junior Style stands as one of the largest global networks and communities dedicated to children’s fashion. Our mission is to elevate the visibility of emerging children’s fashion brands. We do this by connecting them with parents, children’s lifestyle influencers, and consumers. Operating across our blog, magazine, and social platforms, our content encompasses everything from fashion editorials and brand features to event highlights, trade show reports, fashion tips, and interviews. We also aim to support emerging creatives and young talents, positioning Junior Style as a go-to resource for media exposure and business guidance.


What sets Junior Style apart in the kids media industry?

Junior Style is more than a magazine. It’s a community that bridges industry and consumers, connecting creative specialists, models, bloggers, and all others interested in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry. Junior Style is the influencer of influencers, acting as a source of inspiration and information for professionals and passionates alike.


You began your relationship with Junior Style as a collaborator. Can you tell us how this came about?

My foray into children’s fashion started with the NOYEMI PIA fashion blog which I started with my daughter. Junior Style was a natural choice to collaborate with, given its industry recognition and the opportunity it provided to connect with diverse individuals within the community. Over the years, we contributed on various articles which led to us fostering a strong friendship with Romaine Coonghe, the former owner and Editor-in-Chief at Junior Style.

Images from Aleksandra’s first collab with Junior Style.
Photos by Aleksandra Ataca

Where do you draw inspiration from for your projects?

Inspiration stems from various sources. From colors, textures, emotions, and sounds. Travel is a significant source of inspiration for me as well, but above all I am inspired by children themselves. They inhabit magical worlds and capturing that in kid’s fashion and photography is an honor.


What led you to the Editor-in-Chief position?

This position has always been a cherished dream of mine. To be at the helm of my own magazine and curate content that resonates with a global audience is a dream come true. My professional journey in the publishing industry has been marked by significant roles with esteemed publications such as Cosmopolitan during my formative years. I’ve also had the privilege of contributing a style column to a highly popular monthly publication in the Baltic States, along with experience in photographing and styling covers for weekly magazines.

Originally from Latvia, Riga, my life’s journey led me to Turkey before settling in Miami, Florida, USA. When the opportunity to lead Junior Style presented itself, I embraced it without hesitation. This role offers a remarkable opportunity to harness all my talents, skills, and experiences and infuse them into a dynamic new project. This position seamlessly aligns with my overarching  business model. It’s introducing an exciting layer of innovation into my professional portfolio.


What are some of your ambitions for Junior Style?

To me, Junior Style is more than a magazine or a blog. It’s a multifaceted project. My vision is to elevate it into the “Vogue” of children’s fashion, with a primary focus on substantial growth. I envision going beyond a mere publication, aspiring to establish it as a distinguished brand. Achieving this involves integrating a magazine across both online and print platforms, and expanding through the introduction of our own awards. This initiative aims to offer recognition not only to outstanding brands, but also the various contributers shaping this dynamic industry – models, photographers, and others who collectively contribute to its remarkable diversity.

Our commitment is to showcase exceptional brands, talents, trends, cultures, and children’s fashion and lifestyle news from around the globe.


Will you be changing the editorial direction of the magazine?

The editorial direction will naturally evolve under my new vision. Akin to a fingerprint, every individual brings a unique perspective. I have high standards for everything I do, and Junior Style will not be an exception. I intend to grow and strengthen its authority and prestige. Through my connections and our network of international contributors, I am strategically positioning Junior Style to have a global reach.

Photos by Aleksandra Ataca

Can you tell us a bit about the Business Coaching and Consulting service you’ll be offering?

As a way to offer even more to our community, we are establishing a Business Coaching and Consulting service. This will be tailored to each individual client to provide valuable support to businesses in the children’s fashion industry. Our goal is to help them successfully adapt in this ever-evolving market. The former Editor-in-Chief, Romaine, will be working with us in a part time capacity as a business coach. Leveraging her extensive expertise in digital marketing, her rich experience within the industry, and her connections in children’s fashion will bring a holistic approach to our collaboration. In addition to my new role, I will also be providing individual coaching and consulting for visual marketing and image-making.


Are there any tips for success you can offer brands and fellow creatives reading this interview?

If I were to emphasize a single factor behind success, it would be this: while I’m inherently a dreamer, it’s imperative that one bridges dreams and action. As a business owner, I’m not only the visionary behind the project, but also the driving force behind making it reality. Ideas, without action to bring them to life, hold limited value.

Another aspect I would highlight is that people no longer buy items; they invest their money and time into emotions, values, and stories. Effective marketing is crucial for a successful business. Everyone, myself included, loves a brand with strong ideas and an inspiring vision.

My philosophy revolves around the power of association. Whether it’s a picture, a collection, an outfit, or an article layout, if the end product evokes a specific feeling, then the job has been done right. In a world where first impressions matter and you only have a few seconds to catch people’s attention, a strong, well planned associative image behind your product ensures that people grasp your message. Therefore, my best advice is to nurture and develop your associative thinking – an approach that always holds true.

Photos by Aleksandra Ataca

What news can you share with us about the future of the magazine?

Exciting new collaborations are on the horizon, including a significant event coming next spring. We plan to enhance our in-house productions, such as fashion editorials, interviews, and stories to further inspire our community. We also hope to launch our own awards sometime next year to bring acknowledgment to more talents in the industry.


Where would you like to see the magazine in the next 5 years?

In five years, I envision Junior Style as the favored media outlet and community in the children’s fashion world. I want it to be a key resource for both industry professionals and final customers.

Photo by Aleksandra Ataca

Thank you to Aleksandra for taking the time to speak with us! We are so excited for this collaboration, and look forward to sharing more with the Junior Style and Playtime communities. In the meantime, buyers, press, and other professionals can get their pass to join us at Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York. We can’t wait to see all of you and our other partners there as we gather to create Winter 2024!


Header image from Junior Style, photographed by Aleksandra Ataca
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