We love seeing so many international retailers getting their pass for The Big Small Show already!


From department stores to specialized boutiques, retailers from around the world attend The Big Small Show to discover the curated selection of kids’ fashion and lifestyle brands, attend the exclusive seminars, immerse themselves in a show full of work by talented artists, explore dedicated spaces, and, of course, do their buying for the upcoming season. With just a few weeks left until the shows, let us introduce you to a handful of the amazing buyers that are part of our community!


Le Bon Marché (France)

Born during the movement and societal shifts of 19th century Paris, Le Bon Marché is the epitome of French department stores. Offering men’s, women’s, and children’s fashion, lifestyle, home goods, and more, the modern family can do all their shopping in one place. More than a reflection of the creative spirits it carries in its offer, Le Bon Marché is a global icon symbolizing culture, tradition, and discovery.


Le Petit 100 (Turkey)

An innovative kid’s concept store you won’t want to miss meeting, let us introduce you to Le Petit 100! With an area of the shop dedicated to customers browsing their selection of kids’ clothes, decor, toys, and accessories, they also have a playground where they host workshops and activities for little ones and a cafe with a beautiful garden for post shopping and playing snacks. Le Petit 100 doesn’t just offer great products, but also a whole day of family fun!


Selfridges (England)

Equally dedicated to reinventing retail and creating a sustainable future for everyone, Selfridges is more than a shop. A landmark since the turn of the last century, this department store prides itself on having had theatre and experiences in addition to its artful selection of fashion and lifestyle products for the whole family at its heart since the beginning. With their Project Earth initiative, Selfridges continues to be a leader in the market.


Móa&Mía (Iceland)

After having children of their own around the same time, two longtime friends and passionates of the fashion and design universe opened their very own children’s store, Móa&Mía. With the intention of bringing beautiful children’s brands they’d discovered in their own international travels to Iceland, Móa&Mía carefully selects their range of kid’s brands that offer quality and comfort to add to their store.


Saks Fifth Avenue (The United States)

Saks Fifth Avenue has been an iconic destination for luxury fashion since its inception nearly 100 years ago. With a seamless omnichannel model, this retailer meets customers where they prefer to shop. Thanks to highly experienced and personalized customer service both in-store and online, Saks Fifth Avenue has perfected its approach to deliver a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for consumers looking for men’s and womenswear, children’s fashion and lifestyle, home, beauty, jewelry and more.


Noord Baby (Belgium)

Going beyond their curated selection of essential baby items for newborns to one year olds, Noord Baby also offers midwife services and fair wellness products because they care about helping their customers through every step of the process of becoming new parents. Whether parents for the first time or not, Noord Baby is there to help make sure parent and child have a healthy start to life together.


Globus (Switzerland)

A department store that predates the 1900’s, Globus has spent more than a century perfecting its concept to offer “everything for everyone,” which they achieve through an expansive selection for the entire family. Tirelessly working towards further growth and innovation, Globus has joined the ranks of world-renowned luxury department stores.


Petite Aude (Australia)

Enter Petite Aude’s universe full of curiosity, wonder, and a desire for beauty and creativity in every day life. Evoking a sense of delight and discovery, their offer is a curated selection of children’s and baby apparel, homewares, and accessories from around the world.  Each brand is carefully chosen based on their quality, workmanship, and elevated sense of design.


Shinsegae (South Korea)

From its main store on the birthplace of the first department store in South Korea, Shinsegae has expanded to two other locations: one in the hottest shopping destination in Seoul, Gangnam, and the other is the largest shopping complex in the world, Shinsegae CENTUMCITY. Across all three stores, Shinsegae offers a diverse range of luxury and emerging designer brands to offer its customers nothing but the best.


Pacifier Kids (The United States)

When encountered with a fruitless search for a perfectly cool kid’s gift, the first Pacifier Kids was opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States. From this practical beginning, Pacifier Kids has now expanded throughout the area to include more locations offering their kids’ clothes, toys, books, decor, gear, and, of course, the coolest gifts.


Magasin du Nord (Denmark)

Magasin du Nord has always had its finger to the pulse when it comes to trends of the time! Originally offering home goods, Magasin du Nord has expanded to become the destination for everything: from clothes to shoes, bags to beauty products. With a strong focus on their now iconic Christmas decorations each holiday season, Magasin du Nord has kept experiences at the core of its business throughout shifts and changes over the years.


Whether joining us for the hundredth or the first time, Playtime & Kid’s Hub is so excited to welcome international retailers to The Big Small Show this winter! Get your pass to join them in discovering The Big Small Show in Paris January 28-30 and New York February 12-14, and brands – get ready to catch their eye as they browse the aisles!


Header photo from Le Bon Marché
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Caroline Descamps