Inspiration awaits you around every corner at The Big Small Show, which is what makes it stand out as the top kids’ fashion and lifestyle trade show in the world. As at every edition, a selection of international artists will be at Playtime Paris to decorate the Parc Floral with their incredible work and help bring the trend spaces by Fashion Snoops for the AW23-24 trends Enthrall and Omni to life. Let us give you a sneak peek at who these artists are and a preview of their work so you can get your pass and get excited to meet them in January!


Explore work from these artists at Playtime Paris!



Albane de Saint Remy

Multi-media artist Albane de Saint Remy has spent her life cultivating her skills and curating her visual identity. From her atelier in Tours, France, Albane creates her work that consists of paintings, drawings, collages, and portraits. Albane has exhibited her work in a number of galleries in Paris and the province region of France, as well as in international galleries.

Albane’s artwork will be displayed in the VIP/Press Lounge at Playtime Paris.

Instagram: @albanedesaint



artists - Playtime ParisCaroline & Sonson
Caroline DerveauxCaroline Derveaux (photo by Catalina Sour Vasquez)

Sonson Tingaud is an artist full of curiosity, passion, and creativity. After completing her studies in designing spaces, Sonson spent several years developing her skills by assisting artists that work with plastic and artisans that use new materials, as well as helping with the set designs for several festivals. After gaining a bit of experience with everything, Sonson had a desire to construct places, universes, and objects. From this desire, the universe of vases came to Sonson as she was confined during the pandemic in 2020. Since 2021, she has expanded into other mediums and supports, but no matter the material she is using, Sonson can always be found where art mixes with the artisanal, where design and set design meet. Between hand-traced lines and large areas full of color, Sonson invites us to wander through accumulations of color and texture, to look at materials and their defaults, and to see the movement fixed in objects, furniture, and works of art.

In September 2020, Sonson created and displayed her exhibition 1000 Vases at the Galerie Joseph and l’espace RMN du Centre Pompidou during Paris Design Week. She collaborated with several artists on this project, including Caroline Derveaux who brought her graphic style of painting to Sonson’s vases.

After graduating from Chelsea College of Arts & Design, Caroline Derveaux has navigated between painting, set design, and artistic direction. Following the whims of her colorful palette, she works with geometric architectural forms and plays with dreamlike perspectives. By the musicality of her compositions and the harmony of the shapes and colors she uses, Caroline’s works of art are like poems that enter discussions with the viewer about their experiences and interpretations. Her universe is the reflection of her imagination through abstract translations and the animation of the subconscious.

The collaborative pieces from these two talented female artists will decorate the trend space for Omni at Playtime Paris.

Instagram @sonsontingaud and @carolinederveaux



Véronique Pineau

After a nursing career in intensive care at the hospital Henri Mondor de Créteil, Véronique Pineau has spent the past 9 years working at a high school for the arts in Touraine. In 2019, Catherine Mangou, an upholster, restorer, and visual merchandising professor at the high school, discovered her work and introduced her to Nathalie Muratet, the Cultural Manager of national monuments at the château d’Azay le Rideau. As part of the “Noël au pays des châteaux” project, Nathalie Muratet invited Véronique to exhibit in three rooms of the castle for a month as part of the “Reve gourmand” section. This was a magical moment, a fairy tale! Then, Véronique was noticed by Nathalie Bereau who regularly exhibited her sculptures in Chinon, Marseilles, and Paris. Parallel to these two activities, she plays percussion in a band. Everything is linked, the sound and the care that is found in Véronique’s approach to glassmaking… it may not be a coincidence!

Véronique’s artwork will be on display in the Enthrall trend space at Playtime Paris.

Instagram: @latreillee.creation



artists - Playtime Paris

Élodie Boutry is a French visual artist living and working between Paris and Normandy. Her work questions the interactivity between painting and space, using geometric shapes and vivid colors. Her creation process begins with a determination of her workspace. It is then a matter of establishing a territory, a painting surface, by combining invasion, lightness, and efficiency. These measures are determined by the characteristics of the space and its constraints in the sense that they imply a link between the painting and the place of exhibition.

Élodie’s artwork will be display in a dedicated area of Playtime Paris.

Instagram: @elodie.boutry


We are so excited to meet these artists and see their work with our own eyes as we explore Playtime Paris January 28-30! Get your pass now and plan your trip to Paris for The Big Small Show, and tide yourself over with our article on the artists from the summer edition here!


Header photo from collaboration between Sonson Tingaud and Caroline Derveaux
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship