The NEW NOW brands at Playtime Paris were curated by Eri for The Big Small Show this January. As the mother, photographer, and content creator behind @dailylunax, Eri has spent years developing her expert eye for kids’ fashion and lifestyle, making her the perfect person to select who should be featured in Playtime’s incubator of brands exhibiting at the show for the first time. The cherry on top: the NEW NOW space at Playtime Paris is celebrating its 10th edition, and you’re invited! Come discover her selection of 12 new exhibitors at the end of the month.

New Now brands - Playtime ParisEri with her daughter, Luna, and son, Leon

“It was such an honor to be able to select the brands for this season’s NEW NOW space. The 12 brands I selected are all so special in their own way. I’ve been following the kid’s clothing community for quite some time now, but it’s always exciting to discover fresh new brands!

See you soon in Paris!”

Eri x


Meet the New Now brands that caught Eri’s expert eye!



I love the ethical focus of Baba. I’m all in for natural fibers and dyes, and I adore their beautiful, bohemian inspired patterns created by hand block printing. With slow fashion in mind, their oversized dresses are designed with the intention to last several years.

New Now 10 - Playtime Paris



The bold colors mixed with vintage inspired details in the collections from Bandits à la crème really caught my eye. Add in their focus on quality garments that are durable and accessible and I was completely hooked!

kid's fashion brand



Fagiolino makes simple, yet elegant, cashmere products that are absolutely lovely. With luxury yarns, they are 100% made in Italy by local Tuscan artisans to offer the finest quality that customers will fall in love at first sight with.

New Now 10



These are some of the coolest overalls I’ve ever seen! I love Favorite People’s super fun colors and prints, and their motto that our favorite people last a lifetime, and therefore, so should their overalls.

New Now brands - Playtime Paris



I like the simplicity of Ito Ito. Minimal yet elegant, they look really comfortable for kids to wear while they play, explore, and grow. Made with organic, natural, and surplus fabrics, their genderless collections are timeless.

kid's fashion



“Let’s start a kindness revolution.” The messages behind the brand Kind Rebel are so strong and close to my heart. Each seasonless collection embodies a different message they want to teach children, like “be kind,” “be respectful,” and “be yourself.”

kid's fashion brand



Lunö’s clothes look so cozy and soft! The details and natural colors are beautifully made with high quality cashmere. Both eco-friendly and durable, this material was also chosen in homage to the founder’s own childhood memories.

kid's knitwear


Millésime BABY

Simple and classic, Millésime Baby is such a pretty collection of knit products that are made from 100% Pima Cotton or 100% pure Alpaca. These natural fibers are luxurious, soft, and sustainable.

New Now brands - Playtime Paris



Petitmig has natural tones and timeless designs. They develop their collections with the intent to bring the positively infectious smiles of children to people around the world. I wish my parents dressed me in these when I was little!

kid's fashion brand


Pop et ses frères

The beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations on collections by Pop et ses freres remind me of the books I used to read when I was little. Whether decorating post cards, towels, bibs, or toys, the original illustrations bring a whimsical touch to all of their products.

New Now brands - Playtime Paris



Probe Balloon is such a cool brand! With monochrome and muted tones, I like how unique their clothes are. Equally durable, cute, and functional, all of their garments are made with liquid repellent fabrics to make them last and let children play free of worry!

liquid resistant kid's clothing



I adore Uniki’s clothing with big collars that are sewn in Georgia with love. Their classic sewn-to-order leather shoes are so special too!

New Now 10

Thank you so much to Eri for telling us what made her choose the NEW NOW brands for Playtime Paris this season. Now that you know a bit about what made them stand out to her, get your pass to come explore their collections for yourself at Playtime Paris January 28-30, 2023!


More about Eri

A Japanese mother now living in Northern England with her husband, 8 year old daughter, and 2 year old son, Eri started taking photos of her children when her daughter was a baby. She found it simply amazing to be able to see a human grow, and wanted to capture all the little moments as they change and learn new skills. When Eri first started, Instagram wasn’t as big, and she really loved discovering new small brands and building the community (and she still does!)

Her daughter began professionally modeling when she was 3, drawing Eri more into the kid’s fashion universe. A big fan of creating capsule wardrobes, especially for kids, Eri is always searching for good quality staples which will be loved and passed on for a long time.


Header photo from Favorite People 
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Madeline Blankenship