We are so excited to kickstart 2024 with new editions of Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York! To tide us over until the winter shows, let’s meet some members from our community we can’t wait to see again there. In this new edition from our series putting retailers in the spotlight, let us introduce you to some of the buyers from the Americas. Made up of Canada, The United States, Central and South America, one of the things these buyers from the Americas all have in common is they attend Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York! Some of them also attend Playtime Paris and are active on our B2B ordering platform, Orderwizz, as well!

Over the past few seasons, the number of brands exhibiting at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York has increased. As a result, the show has expanded to two more floors of the Metropolitan Pavilion and a new space in the Altman building, The Studio. With the show having grown exponentially, it’s so exciting to see our community of buyers grow, too! Spanning the entire American continent, let us introduce you to a selection of buyers from the Americas!

Distribution of buyers in the Americas that come to the show



The land of maple syrup and long winters, qualified buyers are coming to the New York show from Canada! From one-stop-shops to specialized boutiques, they come from different states across the country to shop their favorite brands and discover new ones.


Kol Kid (Toronto)

Since 19999, Kol Kid has been serving their local community with a blend of international and local goods. Offering a complete selection of kid’s fashion and lifestyle products, Kol Kids has a little bit of everything. In this store, toys and baby gear are merchandised alongside trendy fashion brands and shoes. This offers the modern family everything they need in one store! Striving to be a leader in the kid’s market, Kol Kid is often an early adapter of new developmental and educational toys. Kol Kid even travels across the ocean to attend Playtime Paris, in addition to Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York!

THESE BRANDS ARE THERE: Headster kids, Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini, Pehr, 1+ in the Family, Quincy Mae, Main Story, Konges Sløjd, Nununu, Rylee + Cru, Collégien, Mimi & Lula, Donsje Amsterdam, Miss Nella, Naturino, GosoakyIzipizi, Maileg, NoraleeSuper Smalls


TNT Kids (Toronto)

children's store

Another stellar store founded in the 90’s, TNT (The New Trend) offers exquisite fashion for men, women, and children. At their three locations in Toronto, TNT carries an extensive offer of international brands. Incorporating both established and emerging designers into their selection, they curate a unique offer for a complete wardrobe. From basics and staples to the latest trends, TNT has it all. With a personalized shopping experience as the cherry on top, the modern family loves this shop!

FIND PLAYTIME & KID’S HUB BRANDS LIKE: Petit Indi, Dotty Dungarees, Autumn Cashmere, Upé, 1+ in the Family, AppamanSol Angeles, Beans Barcelona, UAUA Collections, Bobo Choses, Veja, Quincy Mae, Vilebrequin, Natalys, Bonton, Three Hearts Apparel, Chaser, Play UpCozii, DL1961, Tractr, Flowers by Zoe, Gray Label, Mini Rodini, Molo, Imoga Collection, My Little Cozmo, Nununu, Collégien, Rylee + Cru, Snug, T2Love, Vintage Havana





With Playtime & Kid’s Hub being held in New York, it’s no wonder many buyers from the Americas are based in the United States. Coming from all over this vast country, let’s break these buyers down by region! From the varied climates of the West Coast to the cities big and small in the North, the rolling fields of the Midwest to the sunshine of the South, these retailers all meet in New York for Playtime & Kid’s Hub!


The Wild West


Poppy Store (California)

The vision behind Poppy Store is simple. The founders are mothers themselves who want to dress children like children. Carefully selecting brands that are high fashion and high quality from Paris and New York, they curate an offer that merges European classics with the ease of California style. In their three brick-and-mortar stores and online boutique, Poppy Stores brings a sweet nostalgia to kids’ closets in California and beyond. Poppy Store’s buyers come to Playtime Paris too to find brands that are perfect for their offer. 

THESE BRANDS ARE THERE: Busy Bees, AO76, BigStuffed, Kissy Kissy, Blundstone, Morley, Bobo Choses, DL1961, Bonheur du Jour, Maileg, Bonton, Collégien, Gray Label, Veja, 1+ in the Family


Broomtail (Colorado)

A curation of modern classics, discover Colorado based boutique Broomtail. Selecting products with thought and intention, Broomtail only wants to offer clothes kids can comfortably play, grow, and explore in. They want kids to feel welcome in their store, to enjoy shopping as much as possible. Grounding their boutique in community, Broomtail has a supportive community of parents they share the ride with.

WAITING IN THEIR STORE: Dotty Dungarees, Gingersnaps, Magnetic Me, Esther, Lewis, Anise & Ava, Red Caribou, Beet World, Angel Dear, Dear Georgie, Grech & Co, Huxbaby, My Little CozmoPlay Up, Beans Barcelona, Snug, Appaman, Tun Tun, Donsje Amsterdam, Lilies & Roses, Rylee + Cru, Mimi & Lula, Pehr, Bobo Choses, My Little Cozmo, Noralee, Fairwell, Sweet Wink, Cuddle + Kind, Maileg, Quincy Mae


Channing Baby & Co (Washington)

children's store

Channing Baby & Co is centered around a three point philosophy. First of all, style must be practical, meaning that kids can move and play without sacrificing fashion. Equally important is that practically is stylish, offering parents baby gear that still speaks to their personal tastes. And finally, no compromises: every product must serve its function regardless of how beautiful it is. Offering equipment for travel, feeding, bath and sleep, and a variety of clothing, Channing Baby & Co a perfect one-stop-shop!

THESE BRANDS ARE THERE: Magnetic Me, Headster kids, Cuddle + Kind, Noralee, Bellabu Bear, Rylee + Cru, Emerson and Friends, Quincy Mae


Garage Boutique (Arizona)

Pushing the boundaries of children’s fashion, Garage Boutique is a standout store! They select a unique and unexpected mix of clothing that evokes a blend of high fashion and rock and roll. This unique offer speaks to their customer base. Garage Boutique features a mix of international luxury labels as well as domestic designers. This playful store merges the edginess of rock and roll with the design details of high fashion seamlessly in their selection.

FIND BRANDS LIKE: Mia New York, Molo, IScream, Flowers by Zoe, Nununu


Northern Attitudes


Yellow Turtle (Vermont)

Yellow Turtle has it all: apparel, outerwear, toys, shoes, gifts, and accessories await in this one-stop-shop! They are always stocked with the essentials for every occasion! Parents can find on-trend pieces for everything, from the ski lift to high fashion events. Carefully selected to accompany kids through cold northern winters, they have a great selection of coats and hats. Yellow Turtle carefully curates their selection that is on-trend, while still presenting the classics that parents know and love.

BRANDS YOU’LL FIND THERE: Mer St Barth, Indee, Feather 4 Arrow, PQ Swim, Tane organics, Snapperrock, Angel Dear, Flap Happy, Appaman, Petit Lem, Reima, Mon Coeur, Chaser, KicKee Pants, Pink Chicken,   Mimi & Lula, Ettie + H, Fairwell, Iscream, Kissy Kissy, Poppet & Fox, Sol Angeles, Tea Collection, Donsje Amsterdam, Sweet Wink, Super Smalls, Molo, Tiny Whales, Vignette


Bowfish Kids (New Jersey)

kid's stores

Upon seeing a space in the market for a children’s boutique, Bowfish Kids opened its doors to offer exactly that! The founder has a background in fashion design, a love for kid’s clothes, and a desire to build community connections. Full of fashion, toys, and interactive events, Bowfish Kids offers an experience that is warm and fun. It has been built to be a meeting place where kids can experience the delights of discovery and adults can find the perfect sustainable gifts.

BRANDS YOU’LL FIND THERE: Bonnie Mob, Paigelauren, Magnetic Me, Antebies, Hatley, Lilies & Roses NY, Molo, A Muffin in the Oven, Viverano, Apple Park, Lewis, Baby Bling, MIA New York, Play Up, Shade Critters, UAUA Collections, Bellabu Bear, Petit Lem, Chaser, Fixoni, Mini Rodini, Flap Happy, ilybean, Melina’s Bowtique, Dear Hayden, Miles the Label, Sweet Wink, Milktology, Tiny Whales, Malibu Sugar, Oh Baby!, Pepita & Me, Miki Miette, Beans Barcelona, Posh Peanut, Offcorss


Little (Maine)

Through their selection, Little honors and celebrates the magic of childhood! Believing there is no fresher perspective on style than that of children, they encourage kids to explore their personal style. With premium clothing, toys, and furniture, each product is selected to encourage kid’s individuality. Little provides a curated shopping experience for the whole family that is playful, timeless, and unique.

FIND THEM IN THEIR STORE: Dear Sophie, Babai, Misha & Puff, Teeny Tiny Market, Gray Label, Sunchild, Bobo Choses, Twee, Daydream Society, Collégien, Cuddle + Kind, Jollity & Co, Mini Rodini, Grech & Co, Noralee, Pehr, Quincy Mae, Raduga Grez, Rylee + Cru, Three Hearts Apparel, Tun Tun


Tinyapple (New Jersey)

kid's retailers

Striving to please even the smallest customer that steps into their store, Tinyapple selects premium brands from around the world! Ensuring the highest quality and designs that meet the needs of their customers, they have all the essentials. Clothing, shoes, accessories, home goods, and even items for mothers are offered behind their doors. Happy to be part of little lives and accompany families as they make memories together, Tinyapple celebrates children, art, and fashion. Traveling the short distance for the New York show, Tinyapple also crosses the ocean to visit Playtime Paris!

MEET BRANDS LIKE:  Kidsagogo, Sticky Lemon, The Campamento, Antebies, The New Society, Bebe Organic, Louise Misha, Wolf & Rita, Carbon Soldier, Nununu, Cienta, Emile et Ida, Piupiuchick, FUB, Tocoto Vintage, Igor, Izipizi, Liewood, Bonton, Konge Sløjd, Louisiella, Meduse, Pèpè Shoes, Old Soles, Picnik, Siaomimi


Panda and Cub (New York)

buyers the americas

In firm belief that style is how we communicate, Panda and Cub wants to offer kids clothing to express themselves. Each season, they carefully select items for their Brooklyn based boutique. Panda and Cub was started by two sisters with a dream to create a store for parents everywhere. They are constantly seeking the latest in kid’s fashion. Panda and Cub takes kid’s fashion to the next level! They feature collections that are unique and special to dress kids in.

THESE BRANDS ARE THERE: Popelin, We are Kids, Nunuforme, Tangerine, Zeebra, Mipounet, Coco Au Lait, LMN3, Koalav, Tambere, Belle Chiara, Vilebrequin, Jelly Mallow, Mabli, Kalinka, Aisabobo, Nixnut, Bari Lynn, Quincy Mae, Little Paisley People, Aymara, Halo Luxe, Unabel, The Campamento, Bebe Organic, PiupiuchickLes Petits Inclassables, Bobo Choses, Tocoto Vintage, Repose AMS, Carbon Soldier, Rylee + Cru, Donsje Amsterdam, Louise Misha, Noralee, Marie Chantal, Moose Knuckles, The New Society, Picnik, Yell-Oh


Midwest Moments


The Red Balloon (Illinois)

For more than 20 years, The Red Balloon has been curating a selection that reflects their vision of childhood. Wonderful and whimsical, this boutique is centered around products that are durable, safe, and charming. The Red Balloon selects only high quality kid’s clothing, books, toys, and gifts to offer in their store. A female owned business, they are centered around community. They enjoy helping their customers select items that are perfect for every occasion. From the birth of a newborn to the perfect back-to-school outfit, The Red Balloon has it all! They journey to both Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York each season to perfect their offer.

THEIR PRODUCTS ARE THERE: Magnetic Me, CarlijnQ, Angel Dear, Hatley, Appaman, Maison Tadaboum, Coccoli, Deux par Deux, Mini Rodini, Splendid


Petite Cabane (Michigan)

After falling in love with European kid’s fashion, the founder and mother behind Petite Cabane wanted to bring classic European style to the United States. She created Petite Cabane so the brands she loves can be found by others in the US market. This way, other parents can fall in love with them, too! Having spent a lot of time in Europe, especially France, she brings a little slice of it back with her each time she buys (or vacations with her family!)

MEET EUROPEAN BRANDS LIKE THESE: Minois, Easy Peasy, Emile et Ida, Sunchild, Louis Louise, FUB, Bensimon, Sticky Lemon, 1+ in the Family, Bebe Organic, Tartine Et Chocolat, Bonheur du JourCienta, Collégien, Donsje Amsterdam, Maileg, Bonton, Mimi & Lula


The Spotted Goose (Ohio)

children's store

Curated for newborns to 12 year olds, The Spotted Goose has a little bit of everything. Clothing, accessories, toys, and gifts are all carefully considered before being added to their selection. This store seeks to make parents’ lives easer by offering items for every occasion. The Spotted Goose wants to help families create memorable moments together. With a shopping experience that helps kids explore their personal style and creativity, every pieces is chosen from international brands to offer nothing but the best.

THESE BRANDS ARE THERE: Pepita & Me, Igor, Anise & Ava, TukTuk, Gathre, Búho, Snuggle Muffins, Elephantito, Petite Hailey, Annie Lane, Oh Baby!, Chaser, KicKee Pants, Dear Hayden, Konges Sløjd, Poppymint Pals, Dimpel, Bean’s Barcelona, Rylee + Cru, Petit Piao, Bobo Choses, Emile et Ida, Tane organics, Pink Chicken, Tiny Victories, Grech & Co, FairwellIScream, Jollity & Co, Old Soles, Me + Henry, Daydream Society, Play Up, Quincy Mae, Three Hearts Apparel, Snug, Tiny Whales


Southern Comfort


Magpies (Tennessee)

buyers the americas

Born from a love of little fashion and an entrepreneurial spirit, Magpies is a dream come true. With an expert selection, it’s a wish granted for all those that step foot inside, too! Centered around the goal of serving their local community, Magpies offers an edited selection of the best baby and kid’s products in the market. They draw inspiration from their own family and all those that shop at Magpies to select their offer. Curating a dreamland of clothing, gifts, jewelry and more, the whole family will love it.

BRANDS IN THEIR STORES: Bonnie Mob, Rachel Riley, Zomi Gems, Prince Peter, Bobo Choses, Angel Dear, Chaser, Quincy Mae, Emile et Ida, KicKee Pants, Noralee, Mini Rodini, Rylee + Cru, IScream


Swaddle Kids (Alabama)

Designed as an experiential store, Swaddle Kids invites children 6 to 12 to come shop and explore their style with confidence! Featuring apparel, shoes, and accessories, they select each piece with care and attention. With a modern style, the environment is comfortable and cool to put kids at ease as they shop. Recently adding an ear piercing service, Swaddle Kids seeks to be part of all the memorable little moments of children cultivating their own style.

ON THEIR SHELVES: Coco Au Lait, Piupiuchick, Veja, Pink Chicken, Molo, Búho, The New Society, Rylee + Cru, Emile et Ida, Morley, Bonton


Marigold Modern Kids (South Carolina)

buyers the americas

A modern store for modern families, Marigold Modern Kids celebrates sustainable craftsmanship and quality from around the world. Recognizing how important sustainability is for families today, they carry a mix of inspiring collections that are modern and traditional to create a selection that feels fresh yet familiar. With a love of color and whimsy, Marigold Modern Kids is providing a unique and welcoming shopping experience for the children and their caretakers who shop at their store.

YOU CAN FIND THEM THERE: Dotty Dungarees, A Monday in Copenhagen, Faune, Wunderkin, Caramel, Les Coyotes de Paris, Muddy Puddles, Timo & Violet, Bebe Organic, Gosoaky, Mini Kyomo, Super Smalls, Bobo Choses, Bonheur du Jour, Izipizi, Collégien, Red Caribou, Mabo, Konges Sløjd, Dl1961, Gathre, Misha & Puff, Gray Label, Louise Misha, My Little Cozmo, Raduga Grez


The Shoppe Miami (Florida)

children's store

A one-stop-shop for babies, kids, teens, and women, The Shoppe Miami is located in the iconic Florida city! Selecting pieces from brands based around the world, The Shoppe Miami carefully curates a selection of on trend fashion items. Better than the beach, this shop has a little bit of everything to complete the perfect outfit. From dresses to accessories, jackets to pajamas, The Shoppe Miami means it when they say they are a one-stop-shop.

THESE BRANDS ARE IN THEIR STORE: Kokori Kids, Popelin, Mipounet, Paade Mode, Aisabobo, Heirlooms bows, Stella Cove, Arsene et les pipelettes, Imoga Collection, Pouf, Alitsa, Wander & WonderAngel’s Face, Nixnut, Sweet Bamboo, Bari Lynn, Carbon Soldier, Halo Luxe, Maniere, Hey Kid, Tocoto Vintage, Molo, Louis Louise, Nununu, Louise Misha


To meet more buyers in our community from the United States, check out these past articles: Manymoons (NJ), Saks Fifth Avenue (NY), Pacifier Kids (MN), State of Kid (FL), and several new stores here!




Central and South America

Last but not least, let’s take a trip to the Southern Hemisphere! These buyers from the Americas are coming from the Central and Southern regions. Full of sunshine, nature that will take your breath away, and ancient empires, let’s meet some of the retailers there!


Nanne&Nicky Co (Costa Rica)

buyers the americas

With a little bit of everything, Nanne&Nicky Co curates a store full of wonder. For babies 0 to 24 months, they have clothes, blankets, teethers, and nursery decor. Kids 2 through 10 can find all of the apparel and toys they could ever dream of. Moms will find fashion and stylish accessories, as well as events to do with their little ones. From baby yoga to massages, Nanne&Nicky Co loves accompanying families every step of the way!

BRANDS IN THEIR STORE: Magnetic Me, Dear Georgie, L’amour shoes, Condor, Pehr, Quincy Mae, TunTun, Rylee + Cru, Igor


Twinkle (Dominican Republic)

children's store

Opened with the idea to offer a store for minis that merged the concepts of boutiques and department stores, Twinkle has spent more than 10 years curating the best baby and children’s products. They strive to find the most innovative products for conscious parents in search practical items. With a rigorous selection process, each item is carefully considered before being added to Twinkle. Their store includes apparel, games, shoes, decor, gadgets and gears to offer families the best solutions for all their needs.



We hope you enjoyed taking this trip around these three regions with us to meet buyers from the Americas! It is so much fun to discover the different types of stores, each with their own unique vision of childhood. While this was just a selection of a few of the amazing buyers from the Americas, stay tuned here on our magazine for more buyer focuses!

Brands, there is still time to apply for your booth at Playtime Paris January 27-29, 2024 and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York February 11-13, 2024. Fill out your application here for the chance to meet amazing buyers like these ones from the Americas!


Header image from Broomtail (Colorado, USA)
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