We’re feeling celebratory: Playtime Paris came and went in a blur of fun and business, Playtime Shanghai is making its grand return July 21-22, and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York will wrap up the season July 30 – August 1!

An amazing summer so far, let’s keep partying as we discover the brands in The Studio for Summer 2023! A new floor since Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York Winter 2023, The Studio has allowed us to welcome even more brands to the expert selection at The Big Small Show. This season, it has been specially curated to present 10 lifestyle labels that are innovative, unique, and, above all, fun! From decor to party essentials, toys to reusable diapers, let us give you a sneak peek at the brands you’ll find in the even bigger New York edition of The Big Small Show!



studio summer 2023

Meet the Danish designed children’s toy label, Maileg! Their toys are simple, allowing children of all ages to open their minds to new stories and ways to play. They believe that imaginative play is one of the best ways for children to share their stories. In Maileg’s world, matchboxes can be mouse beds, and friendly forest walks can become adventures. Their timeless toys enable kids to see the world in new ways. With them, kids can explore their curiosity and imagination with toys that add whimsy to every day moments. Maileg’s products range from mice to deer, rattles to dollhouses, providing little ones with everything they need to bring their imaginary worlds to life. Add Maileg to your store for a touch of whimsy that never goes out of style!


Apple Park

From clothes to cuddly companions, find a full range of products to make kids smile with Apple Park! This brand was founded in San Francisco, California with the goal to sustainably create a luxury baby and children’s brand. Apple Park promises that their products are all safe for children, good for the environment, and always beautifully green. Their name further represents these values: “apple” represents new beginnings, nature, love, and education, while “park” represents the space that humans and nature collaborate for preservation and enjoyment. Organic apparel, stuffed animals, books, and more are consciously brought to the market with this brand that has sustainability at its core!


Daydream Society

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Dreams can become reality with the amazing party products from Daydream Society! This lifestyle label that will be featured in The Studio for Summer 2023 is specialized in celebrating. From goods to gifts, their products have all the essentials for making even every day moments memorable. At the heart of their dream is art and passion. Daydream Society collaborates constantly with artists from around the world to create their beautiful products. With a modern aesthetic and playful spirit, Daydream Society seeks to inspire fun-filled, colorful journeys through their collections. Whether shopping by theme or product, they have an endless selection to party in any style and bring children’s daydreams to life!


7AM Enfant

Baby, it’s cold outside! Okay, maybe not right now in New York, but when it is, 7AM Enfant has little ones covered! This outerwear brand has versatile, urban, stylish outerwear baby accessories for every occasion. A blend of clever designs, quality materials, and fashion-forward fabrics, 7AM Enfant’s products are equally cutting edge and simple. Recognizable on the streets of big cities around the world, this lifestyle label makes products that are 100% vegan and cruelty free. As for its name, 7AM represents the quiet moments before the responsibilities and requirements of the day begin. It’s about the early hours families spend together, be it in bed or at the breakfast table, while also representing optimism and new beginnings.


Timo & Violet

studio summer 2023

Finding beauty and magic in the natural world, let us introduce Timo & Violet! Their bedding and bath linens are dutifully sourced for their softness and sustainability. Brought to life with colorful, whimsical, timeless designs, their patterns are from original artwork by women around the world. Reflecting different cultures and styles, their patterns are one of a kind. Their range of bibs, bath towels, and baby blankets are designed to connect caring for nature with stylish products. Timo & Violet wants to accompany families throughout life’s journey. With a name chosen to inspire a respect for nature, they will have their beautiful collections on display in The Studio this Summer 2023.


Olivio & Co

Meet Olivio & Co, a brand meeting the needs of the entire family! Named after the olive trees that decorate Mediterranean roads, Olivio & Co glasses are made with 100% biodegradable paper pulp. Their sunglasses line was born for adventure, with a universal fit nose bridge and polarized lenses. Olivio & Co is inspired by the Mediterranean through and through. They drew inspiration from its waves for their iconic wavy temples, while their lenses protect against UV rays and reflections to withstand the sweet sunshine in this region. With ski and screen glasses in addition to several sunglass collections, Olivio & Co has shades for every climate and activity!



kid's blankets

Created to bring innovation and beauty into baby and children’s textiles, discover Maylily! Locally produced in Poland with quality materials, their blankets, swaddles, garments, towels, toys, and other essentials are all of the highest quality. With a strong aesthetic identity, their designs are as sustainable as they are beautiful. Using materials like merino wool, bamboo, and muslin, their items are soft and sweet. Subtle prints decorate their expansive collections offering everything parents need to surround their little ones in textiles as sweet and soft as hugs.



Designed by Colombian hands, Linö is a fabric universe! Made from the best materials for little ones and the planet, they want to accompany parents on their sustainability journey. With the belief that every diaper change is an opportunity for a better world, Linö designed their reusable cloth diapers to encourage others to explore this alternative to disposable ones. Cloth diapers require less water than the plastic and cellulose disposable ones require to produce. Fabric diapers are also more comfortable for delicate baby skin. Offering insights into the best practices and how to care for their products, Linö is creating an entire community centered around eco-consciousness.



studio summer 2023

From infants to adults, Hamico has toothbrushes designed with even the most sensitive gums in mind! Their products are dentist-designed to include innovative bristles, ergonomic handles, BPA free materials, and creative designs. Beginning with toothbrushes specifically designed for infants, Hamico has since expanded into kids and adult toothbrushes as well. Made in Japan with the highest levels of cleanliness and quality control, their toothbrushes are designed to make daily hygiene more fun. Making teeth cleaning more painless for babies, kids, and adults, Hamico’s bright colors and designs are the cherry on top of this lovely, innovative brand!


My Memi

Created for the love of a child, My Memi was also created along with a child. Over the journey of the brand, the founder’s daughter selected both the name and logo that have become the staples of the label. Their baby blankets and towels are manufactured in Poland using materials that are natural, safe, and gentle. Beautiful neutral shades and delicate patterns are as soft as the bamboo, linen, and cotton they are made of. Expanding from blankets into bath collections and more, the brands continues to grow alongside it’s little co-founder!


We can’t wait to discover the new collections from these brands in The Studio for Summer 2023! They represent just a few of the brands offering unique, innovative lifestyle products, so be sure to check out the floor map here to make sure you find all the lifestyle labels at the show! Get your pass to come meet them and hundreds of fashion brands, too! Plan your visit to ensure you take your time exploring all 5 floors of the Metropolitan Pavilion and 2 floors of the Altman building, where inspiring brands are waiting for you around every corner. 


Header image from Daydream Society
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship