Consumers have been progressively demanding more sustainable practices from the companies they buy from. The shift began with consumers looking for brands that use more eco-friendly materials and processes, like organic cottons and recycled fibers. They wanted to reduce the impact their purchases have on the environment. The general public has recently taken a step further with a spike in interest in the secondhand and resale market. Consumers are now not only trying to consume better, but also less. It’s reported that there is around 92 million tons of textile waste produced worldwide each year. A staggering figure, consumers are starting to look for alternate solutions to buying new clothes. Given how quickly children can grow out of their clothes and gear, it makes sense the kid’s industry is one of the first to respond to this demand. One response to this new demand is the emergence of circular retailers.

Circular retailers are offering new ways to buy clothes, toys, accessories, baby gear and more in the children’s market. Through several different models, they are giving longer lives to the products they sell. Parents can buy new items they then return or sell back, rent, or shop preloved items. We are excited to have buyers from circular retailers around the world as members of our community! These change makers are attending our shows and shopping on our B2B ordering platform, Orderwizz, to add brands to their selection that are fashionable and durable. Whether by offering rentals or buying back clothes after their little customers have outgrown them, let us introduce you to some of the buyers from circular retailers that are in our community!


Manymoons (USA)

To maintain the balance between using resources and regenerating them, Manymoons has a selection of brands for parents to buy or rent. To help their customers be eco-friendly, Manymoons is a certified B Corp that offers parents a plan for dressing their children while being kind to the environment. Manymoons has a “Give Back Credit” that allows parents to give back resale-able items for a 20% credit. They can also rent products for a fee. With rentals, parents can return the products at any time, and if they love it, they can buy it, too. No matter how long they rent it for, the fee will never exceed the price of the garment. If rented long enough to reach the product’s purchase price, it becomes the renter’s and receives the “Give Back Credit” attached to purchased products.


Or Collective (United Kingdom)

The Or Collective has 3 missions: to offer good design, do better for the planet, and help parents. On Or Collective, parents can choose one of three monthly subscriptions for either 10, 15, or 20 pieces to build their child’s wardrobe. They then select items from a curated selection of stylish, minimalistic, and fun collections. Totally flexible, parents can rotate the products, pause the subscription, or cancel it at any time. When they send back garments, the Or Collective’s sustainable partners will wash the products and return them to the cycle! The Or Collective is trying to offer parents a simple solution for their children’s wardrobe. Freeing them of the worry of what to do with garments once their children outgrow them, the Or Collective is reimagining children’s retail.


Babycomeback (Switzerland)

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Babycomeback has a selection of new and preloved baby and children’s clothing and a business model designed to bring them into a virtuous cycle. They carefully select brands that are in line with their values of durability, sustainability, natural, and ethical. When finished with items, parents can simply send them back in the same bags they received them, free of charge. The cherry on top – parents never have to return them if they prefer to keep them to hand down to family or friends within their own community! Babycomeback accepts all products bought from them, their partner stores, or their brands, with special exceptions being made during popup shops where they accept any garments that meet their standards.


Baboodle (United Kingdom)

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Looking for a new way to get equipment for your baby? Baboodle is offering a new concept with subscription services for baby gear. From strollers to cribs, bouncers to bottles, parents can get the best products for their baby. Baboodle knows that obtaining the necessary products for a child is one of the most draining tasks, financially and mentally. With so many options and high prices, it is a daunting process. Then, when finished with toys or gear, it can be a hassle to store or resell these large items. In addition to making a curated selection of top brands available and affordable, Baboodle is transparent with their pricing, completely flexible, and hassle free.


Naternity (France)

For maternity and breastfeeding garments that are well-made and eco-responsable yet affordable, meet the circular retailer Naternity. They acknowledge that maternity and breastfeeding clothes are made for a limited period of time in a woman’s life. Women can buy or rent new or preloved clothes from Naternity to meet their needs. If they expect to wear products for more than three months, women can buy and resell to Naternity when they no longer need them. If needed for less than three months, women can simply rent the new or preloved pieces for a monthly fee. Naternity is a great way for new and future mothers to reduce the stress of shopping for sustainable garments to be worn while pregnant or breastfeeding. It also offers a solution for what to do when they are finished with these garments.


Babyverse (Hong Kong)

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Because they know a baby is their parent’s whole universe, Babyverse wants to give them the best for their children. Their circular model facilitates buying and selling preloved garments and toys to reshape our own universe and how we consume. With strict quality assurance procedures, Babyverse offers verified designer products, exceptional customer service, and the possibility to sell back for online credit. With maternity, toys, books, kid’s fashion, strollers, and more, Babyverse has everything parents need to raise their children in nothing but the best.


OiOiOi (Switzerland)

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4 easy steps – that’s it! Step one, parents select the OiOiOi subscription that fits their needs, with bundles ranging from 5 to 20 pieces. They then shop thousands of products from eco-friendly brands. Products are shipped in a reusable pouch with a return label already enclosed. Enjoying the garments in full, parents can follow the care guide to ensure the garments maintain their high quality. When kids outgrow them, parents can ship them right back in their reusable pouch upon receipt of their new bundle! If little ones can’t part ways with the product, parents can request to keep it, too. To maximize the lifespan, OiOiOi has end-of-use bundles that are meant for playing in the dirt without a care!


Mes P’tits PiouPiou (France)

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With Mes P’tits PiouPiou, parents can have their child’s complete wardrobe delivered directly to their doorstep! For children 1 to 36 months old and pregnant women, they have everything new and growing families need. Parents can build their box based on 6 different subscription options. These choices allow parents to select what will work best to meet their needs and budget. When they’re done with them, parents simply send them back and continue the cycle. Certified Oeko-Tex and organic, wooden toys, and allergen free products await parents on Mes P’tits PiouPiou.


Babycircle (The Netherlands)

Cognizant of the time and effort it takes to sort through all of the preloved items available in today’s market, Babycircle was created to make buying and selling baby clothes easy. Offering unique items that are guaranteed to be in good condition, parents can shop Babycircle’s selection of secondhand products. When their child outgrows them, they can sell them back to give them a new life. Even if they weren’t purchased at Babycircle! Babycircle is making it simple to buy and sell in the children’s market so that less clothes go to landfills.


We are so honored to have buyers from circular retailers like these as members of our community! Their business models help make it easier for parents to shop more sustainably and give products longer lifespans. When all of us come together to do our part for the planet and each other, we can keep the environment clean and full of resources for generations to come. Whether coming to our shows or shopping on Orderwizz, these retailers are on the lookout for eco-friendly brands to add to their circular offers each season! Make sure it’s your brand they find by exhibiting at The Big Small Show in Paris, Shanghai, and New York this summer and year round on Orderwizz.


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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship