Here at Playtime & Kid’s Hub, sustainability is always on our mind. We are constantly seeking new innovations and educating our community on industry terms to do our part to create a more eco-friendly kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry. From ways brands and retailers can incorporate second hand into their offer to explaining what GOTS certification represents, we want to continue our commitment to  consciousness by diving into the latest certification taking the industry by storm: B Corp Certification.

As more and more brands and retailers within our community receive this certification, including Muddy Puddles, Camper, Veja, and ManyMoons, some of you may be wondering how it started, what exactly B Corp means, who determines a company’s eligibility, and the process to receive this certification. Our experts have done their homework to answer these questions for you, so let’s learn all about B Corp Certification!


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It all started with B Lab…

In 2006, a new non-profit organisation was founded to try to change the rules of the economic game, called B Lab. The founders of this network started with the idea that business could be the driving force for the betterment of the world, from people and communities to the environment itself. With a new stakeholder driven model, they began building the B Corp movement to change the economic system. B Lab swiftly became known around the world for certifying companies as B Corporations.


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What is B Corp Certification?

The term B Corp refers to a company that is meeting the high standards established by B Lab of verified performance, accountability, and transparency. B Lab measures each company’s environmental and social impact to determine if these three main standards are being met through a rigorous application process.


B Lab’s standards are a resource for all companies to measure and manage impact.


The pathway to certification varies depending on several factors, including revenue and company size, but the general route involves submitting an application that details what a brand or retailer does to meet the three standards. From production methods to employee treatment, everything is assessed by B Lab analysts to confirm the provided information is correct and and meets the high environmental and social standards put in place. Once the information is confirmed, companies receive a rating, and if it’s over the 80 point threshold, they receive their B Corp Certification. Each B Corp is then recertified every 3 years to ensure that they continue to improve their practices and strive for even more sustainable methods.


sustainable kid's shoe brand

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Why do it?

B Lab’s goal, today as much as it was back in 2006, is to change the world for the better. They seek to encourage and assist the companies that are working to achieve this common goal as well, by establishing B Corp Certification as something to strive for, creating universal standards, maintaining independence to stay objective in their assessments, and helping establish tools and programs to guide companies.


The B Global Network’s policy work is changing the rules of the game for a new economy.


Aside from being a part of this impactful network, by becoming B Corp Certified brands and retailers can build trust with consumers, attract and retain employees, collaborate with communities and suppliers whose values align with theirs, and help build a better future.


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As members of the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry, certifications like B Corp and GOTS are vital to encourage us to keep creating and consuming more consciously to insure the future for the little ones we design for and sell to. We want the world to be full of resources, inclusivity, and opportunities, and sustainability is a crucial component for creating a more sustainable future.

For more information on B Corp or to find more brands and retailers that are certified, check out, and learn more about the ratings of Muddy Puddles, Camper, Veja, and ManyMoons on their B Corp pages.

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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship