The secondhand market has swiftly gained popularity in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry, and is projected to continue to grow. With driving factors such as an increased interest in sustainability and economic uncertainty, resale is becoming the eco-friendly and cost efficient answer for a lot of parents searching for the best products for their children. With how fast little ones grow up and out of their clothes, it makes sense that many brands and retailers have begun to sell preloved pieces to tap into this emerging market.

Started in 2019 by the international organization Oxfam, the social media campaign “Secondhand September” has been encouraging people around the world to exclusively shopped preloved garments for the entire month of September. To show our support for this wonderful initiative and celebrate another September spent sustainably, Playtime would like to put four brands in the spotlight that incorporate preloved products into their offer in different ways.


Let’s join

the secondhand revolution!


Lison Paris

kid's swimwear brand

French brand Lison Paris designs beautiful, sustainable, UPF 50+ beach and swimwear for the whole family! To incorporate the resale market into their business model, Lison Paris has opted to partner with the organization Family Affaire. Family Affaire is an online store that specializes in high-end upcycling, making them the perfect partner for Lison Paris. A different method than other brands, partnerships are another great way to offer products a second life and participate in the circular economy.

Meet Lison Paris year-round on the Marketplace, where you can place orders on their SS23 collection until October 16th!


Infantium Victoria

kid's fashion brand

As a brand that designs high-end and vegan kid’s fashion, it makes perfect sense that Infantium Victoria also offers a preloved section on their site. Upon receipt, the garments are inspected, cleaned with natural products, and repaired as needed. By choosing to shop their preloved pieces, parents are helping to save resources and keep clothing out of landfills. Sustianable from head to toe, Infantium Victoria is an upstanding brand!

Explore their products available for immediate delivery on the Marketplace!



eco-friendly kid's brand

Kapoune designs baby and kid’s clothing and accessories that are eco-friendly and made in France. Because their products are made to last, their secondhand selection strives to make it easy and fun to engage in the circular economy. Kapoune recognizes that kids grow out of clothing quickly and that accidents sometimes happen as they grow and learn, which is why they take back any garment, regardless of its condition, for a 10-40% voucher. They then sort, clean, repair and resell or upcylce them. With their certified organic cotton and their status as an Oeko-tex certified brand, Kapoune’s garments are truly made to last, while their secondhand program ensures that they do.

Place orders on their AW22 and permanent collections that are available for immediate delivery on the Marketplace!


Mon Coeur

sustainable kid's brand

For baby and kid’s brand Mon Coeur, the planet comes first! All of their garments are made from reclaimed organic cotton fibers. To incorporate secondhand into their offer, their New Again program encourages parents to send back Mon Coeur products after little ones have grown out of them in return for a 15% off coupon. Mon Coeur then takes those garments, assesses their condition, and either resells, upcycles or recycles them by breaking them down to their base form and turning them into new pieces. This program is a great way to avoid waste going to landfills while reducing the amount of energy and water required to make new products.

Shop Mon Coeur year-round on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace to add their sustainable products to your store!


As members of the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry, it is especially important for us to do our part to encourage everyone to participate in the circular economy and consciously consume. We want to safeguard our planet for the children we love to dress and design for, which is why it is important we all come together to support initiatives like Secondhand September and to establish our own systems within our businesses to be as sustainable as possible all year! Whether that means partnering with other organizations or creating a method completely your own, these brands offer inspirational ways to incorporate secondhand into your business. There are also innovative retailers, who use various methods to engage in the circular economy you can discover here! Together we can change the world, so join us as we endorse Secondhand September!


Header photo from Smala
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship