Spring is the moment for renewal and growth, a time when cupboards are cleared and space created for new items. More consumers are embracing slow living, making it important to offer products that feel fresh and are consciously created. Here at Playtime, we are proud to have a lot of sustainable brands as part of our community. From sustainable lifestyle brands to B-Corp certified labels, press picks for their green practices to brands on our B2B ordering platform, Orderwizz.

To refresh for spring, let us introduce you to some of the sustainable lifestyle brands on Orderwizz! Offering a range of products to mindfully decorate little lives, they are created to last and cater to the need for durability and design. With immediate delivery collections, restock your store with these sustainable lifestyle brands to fill the space created by spring cleaning!



For timeless, natural home decor, lifestyle brand Coconeh has everything you could imagine! Coconeh seeks to produce sustainably, both in terms of environmental and social impact. In support of families and kids in their area, Coconeh works with local artisans to bring their designs to life. Their toys and decorations are made with natural materials and designed to tell a story. By incorporating natural elements in the home, children will develop a deep appreciation for nature and aesthetics. Coconeh values natural products, fair trade practices, and sustainable production.

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Pioupiou Cosmetics

Offering a range of natural, organic, and vegan skincare products for the whole family, meet Pioupiou Cosmetics! From face creams to baby balms, oils to wooden brushes specifically designed for delicate baby hair, they make great gifts. Their products are exclusively made with natural ingredients like vegetable oils and flower components. With subtle fragrances free of allergens or essential oils, their scents are delicate enough to please little noses. Pioupiou Cosmetics uses ingredients that are 100% natural in origin and at least 95% sourced from organic farming to ensure they are safe for newborns, children, and pregnant women.

Add vegan, organic products to your store with their immediate deliveries!



Forget the norms of pink for girls and blue for boys – design reigns over the lifestyle brand Kiiids! With sustainability at the heart of their business, Kiiids exclusively uses wood from conscious forests that are PEFC certified (The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). Made with respect for artisanal know-how in the south of France, Kiiids incorporates traditional methods into their production. Their products are designed to last and remain relevant outside of seasonal trends. Kiiids toys and decor are made for slow living and conscious consumption, offering the perfect products for kids today and tomorrow that don’t negatively impact our environment. 

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Bini Co

Unique and creative, Bini Co makes panda beanbags and poufs for kids. With simple designs that encourage imagination to run free, Bini Co’s beanbags are as sustainable as they are fun. They are made from OEKO-TEX certified, 100% natural cotton. To maintain their high quality standards and sustainability initiatives, Bini Co works with producers and suppliers that follow strict ethical protocols and have valuable family traditions in the industry. Bini Co believes strongly in safety, mindfulness, and love. They seek to bring these characteristics to playrooms everywhere through their beautiful beanbags.

Add their unique and fun beanbags to your store!


The HappySelf Journal

The HappySelf Journal is designed to help the whole family take time to look after their mental health while building happy, healthy habits. Designed for different age ranges, their journals are as focused on protecting the environment as on our individual mental health. Their journals are consciously made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper and bound with threads made from recycled water bottles. The covers are made from vegan friendly polyurethane that is recyclable, and their eco-offset ink has no have hazardous substances. 

Lead the way to kids’ happiest selves with their journals!


Kidding Studio

Give the gift of memories that last a lifetime to children by adding products from Kidding Studio to your store!  Designed to make kids’ rooms the happiest place in the world, their bed linens, cushions, curtains and pajamas feature vivid colors and fun patterns. To support small local manufacturers, their products are made in Georgia using non-toxic ink and GOTS certified organic cotton. Through these practices, Kidding Studio celebrates children’s imagination while producing sustainably to preserve the environment for generations to come.

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High quality, inclusive, and educational: these words perfectly summarize the children’s toy brand Urbidolls! Created to add more diversity to the children’s toy market, Urbidolls has dolls with different skin tones and hair textures. Their dolls help teach children about self acceptance, self confidence, and how to celebrate differences. Using high quality materials, their dolls feature a subtle vanilla perfume to associate sweet childhood moments with the soft scent. Urbidolls all come in fabric bags to reduce their environmental waste and keep the dolls in perfect condition as they are passed down to friends and family.

Add inclusive toys to your store with their dolls!


We feel refreshed already after reading about these sustainable lifestyle brands and their amazing practices! With just a few days until the official start of spring, see and order their immediate delivery products to have your store ready for the new season.


Header photo from Bini Co
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship