Each season, our partner Marie Claire Enfants selects 5 sustainable brands exhibiting at Playtime Paris that stand out to them as leaders in the industry. Being eco-conscious continues to increase in value for consumers around the world. As more people become effected by climate change and become more aware of the problems that are tied to the fashion and lifestyle industry, consumers are seeking brands with values that match their own. As a highly referenced family magazine, Marie Claire Enfants’ team is full of experts that are well equipped to identify the leading brands in the industry.


Let’s meet Marie Claire Enfants’ eco-friendly crush brands from The Big Small Show in Paris this January!


My Little Cozmo

Marie Claire eco-friendly crush - My Little Cozmo

My Little Cozmo has love, art, fair trade, and slow living at the center of their business. Each garment in their collections made for 3 month to 12 year olds is carefully designed to be durable and encourage families to consume less but better products that will last longer. Marie Claire Enfants said “From small, local companies soft, happy, eco-friendly collections are born,” when describing this sustainable brand.

My Little Cozmo’s AW23 collection is available to order now on Orderwizz!


Esther Kids

Marie Claire eco-friendly crush

Esther Kids is a brand you won’t want to miss! Using patchwork techniques, Esther Kids is reducing the waste from producing their collections. With the best natural materials, each piece is made in their GOTS certified facility. Designed to be passed down for generations, their timeless designs and sustainable production really make this brand stand out. Also one of MilK Magazine’s crushes this season, learn more about Esther Kids here.

Time is running out to order their AW23 collection: shop it before sales close March 12, 2023!


The Sunday Collective

Marie Claire eco-friendly crush

Designed to dress children in garments that they can discover and grow in, meet The Sunday Collective. New for AW23, they have started creating natural essentials in addition to their seasonal collections. Using an organic process called BioTint, these basics are 100% organically dyed with onions, indigo, and beechwood to make garments that are as kind to our planet as they are comfortable for children to wear and explore in.

Place orders on their new AW23 and natural collections on Orderwizz!


Cos I Said So

Marie Claire eco-friendly crush

Marie Claire Enfants said it perfectly: “Created in Antwerp, Cos I Said So has been dressing the cool kids since 2016.” This Belgian based brand’s main focus is sustainable and ethical production. Cos I said So values working environments that are safe and kind throughout their supply chain. Using organic cotton, their collections of comfortable basics in unisex colors are perfect to mix and match all year. Cos I Said So is a great example of a company that practices what it preaches.



kid's fashion - Suuky

For sustainable home and clothing products, Suuky is the perfect brand to add to your store. Finding inspiration in vintage designs, Suuky incorporates contemporary elements to make their collections for the whole family. Following strict quality standards, Suuky ensures their production is sustainable, both in terms of social and environmental care.


It is always a pleasure to see Marie Claire Enfants’ eco-friendly crush each season! We love putting the spotlight on brands that match our values and exploring different ways to incorporate sustainability in production. From the fibers they use to the processes that transform raw materials into garments, these brands are outstanding in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle market today. Get ready to meet more sustainable brands at the shows this summer, applications open soon for brands to exhibit!


Header photo from Suuky
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship