Grab your tea and crumpets and get ready for the coronation of King Charles III and Camilla! Our kids’ fashion and lifestyle experts are taking you on a trip to the United Kingdom with some of the UK brands available on Orderwizz. From fashion to jewelry, classical to contemporary, these brands have everything your store needs to keep calm and carry on! No passport needed – let’s shop UK brands on Orderwizz!



kid's fashion

Meet Little Prince London, a brand began by a mother in search of high quality, classic, comfortable clothing for her son. Free of motifs or prints, their sweatshirts and ribbed leggings are made from high quality cotton that make them as comfortable as they are stylish. Designed to be mixed and matched with new color ways every season, Little Prince London is bringing the elegance of high street to boys’ closets. 

See & order their new AW23 collection until June 2023!


Dotty Dungarees

Specialists since 2014, Dotty Dungarees is the destination for children’s clothes that are ready for adventures! Adjustable and made with 100% combed cotton jersey, their collections cover a range of styles from classic to seasonal. With fun motifs, beautiful colors, and practical silhouettes paired with their range of cotton tops, Dotty Dungarees has everything your store needs. 

Add adorable and practical clothes to your store for SS23 and AW23!


Kokori Kids

London’s calling – it’s the brand Kokori Kids! Made for children 6 months to 16 years old, their collections are eco-conscious and romantic. Using high quality materials, beautiful fabrics, custom prints, and unique textures, their collections are timeless and fashionable. Kokori Kids has a simple ethos: make children happy and feel unique in their own way. Their clothes are designed to help kids feel as special as they are. 

Their new AW23 collection is available to order, and you can restock with their SS23 collection!


The QT

kid's fashion brand

Gender-free, award-winning, and plastic free, The QT is a brand with a purpose! Made to raise kids with the values of equality and sustainability, The QT brings cute clothes to both boys and girls. Featuring fun animals doing silly things like going to a 3D movie or playing soccer, their collections are made with high quality materials to make them as comfortable as they are cute. Harmless and full of positive vibes, every kid will love shopping The QT in your store!

Shop they’re ready to ship cuteness & goodness!


HappySelf Journal

kid's journal

There is nothing more important than forming lifelong healthy habits during childhood. To accompany kids and their parents, The HappySelf Journal designs daily journals. Specially targeted towards specific ages, even adults, their journals promote positivity, nurture curiosity, and happiness. Give kids and their parents the tools they need to disconnect from social media and reconnect with themselves and one another by adding The HappySelf Journal to your store. 

Have their journals in your store in no time with immediate deliveries!


Akwa Baby

Inspired by African heritage and the intention to raise confident children, Akwa Baby is a brand you won’t want to miss. Driven by their own values as parents, the founders are on a mission to empower the new generation with self love and confidence through storytelling prints. Through artwork and symbols, Akwa Baby collections celebrate African heritage and a love of the individuality of all children. Using Oeko-tex, GOTS, and OCS approved fabrics to add a sustainability aspect as well, Akwa Baby is truly a brand on a mission. 

Restock with their SS23 collection!


Etta Loves

Uniquely designed with science in mind to support babies’ visual and cognitive development, Etta Loves has all the essential baby products your store needs. Working with visual experts and high quality, sustainable materials, they offer muslins, playmats, blankets, and more. Stylish and unisex, Etta Loves tests and optimizes every sensory pattern they include in their collections. Give parents a moment of calm as their prints captivate babies and help them develop!

Discover all of their immediate delivery collections now on Orderwizz!


Inch Blue

 baby shoes

Designed to be fun for babies and practical for parents, Inch Blue shoes protect baby feet and aid them in development. With quality at the heart of their brand, they carefully consider each material and design. Inch Blue uses sustainably sourced leather and 100% recyclable packaging. Their shoes are made to order, so they never run out of stock nor overproduce. Inch Blue has a core collection available year round, to which they add seasonal designs for spring-summer and autumn-winter. 

Add their first step shoes to your store with immediate deliveries!


Muddy Puddles

Muddy Puddles is on a mission to connect little explorers with nature through excellently designed, sustainable clothing. With recycled fabrics, Muddy Puddles is one of only 20 Certified B Corporations in the UK for fashion and footwear. Their products feature yank proof zippers, roomy sizing to enable movement, stirrups to prevent water getting in, and design elements that allow kids to independently get dressed. A leader in sustainable outerwear, don’t miss the chance to add Muddy Puddles to your store!

Their continuity collection is available for immediate delivery!


Clueden Children Jewellery

kid's jewelry

Designed for boys and girls, Clueden makes vibrant and durable jewelry. Based in London, their jewelry is made to accompany children from birth into their teens, Clueden’s jewelry is made with high quality materials that won’t fade or scratch. With charms and colors inspired by their own children, the parents behind Clueden create their products for kids everywhere to enjoy. From earrings to necklaces, bangles to bracelets, their products are as bright and lively as the children that wear them! 

Discover this Kid’s Hub brand’s range of products available for immediate delivery!



Luxurious and high quality, yet affordable, Classico designs beautiful collections for children 2-12 years old. Classical with a modern twist, their garments are designed in England. With chic design details, subtle patterns, and a unique aesthetic, Classico collections are beautiful enough to be worn for every occasion and comfortable enough to wear every day. 

Shop immediate and new collections from this Kid’s Hub brand now on Orderwizz!


With these royally good UK brands on Orderwizz, make sure you’re on the only B2B ordering platform exclusively dedicated to the kids’ fashion and lifestyle market! With a selection curated by the same experts that bring you the Playtime & Kid’s Hub trade shows, create your free buyer account to shop year round. The icing on the scone? In just one week, get your pass to discover SS24 collections from Clueden Children’s Jewellery and Kokori Kids at Playtime Paris, Little Prince London and Dotty Dungarees at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, and Akwa Baby at both shows!


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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship