Autumn/winter 2022 is in full swing, so it’s time to restock your store with the must-have colors of the season thanks to the curated collections on Orderwizz! The two stand-out trends detailed for us by our partner Fashion Snoops, OVERLOOK NOOK and AURA, have some amazing colors that our kid’s fashion experts fell in love with. Discover the top 6 colors for AW22 below, along with products available for immediate delivery on Orderwizz that correspond with them!

Let’s dive into the colors of the season!


Overlook Nook

The color palette for OVERLOOK NOOK is full of pigments easily found in nature, with muted yellows, burnt reds, and bright bursts of blue being some of the standouts.

kids fall fashion trends

Vicious Red

kidswear fashion trends


Disturbia Yellow

autumn winter 2022 trends


Morpho Blue

kid's fall fashion trends




Ethereal colors make up the color palette for the trend AURA, bringing us to a dreamlike world full of quiet pinks, starry teals, and dusty oranges that take the place of neutrals.

autumn winter 2022 kid's trends

Quartz Pink

children's aw22 trends


Patina Teal

kid's fall fashion trends


Feldspar Orange

autumn winter 2022 trends


Can’t get enough of these trends?

Discover the deep dive by Fashion Snoops to learn more about them, and stay tuned for our next color selection on the trends HOMETOWN HEROES and GOLDEN GUILD, coming soon!

Keep staying on trend and get your pass to our winter shows, where you can learn about the essential trends for AW23-24 in the trend spaces and during an exclusive seminar by Fashion Snoops!


Color palettes from Fashion Snoops
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship