Fashion Snoops has been setting the trends for Playtime & Kid’s Hub that set the pace for brands’ collections and for buyers’ stores a few month later.

To provide the inspiration and information purchasing decisions for your store, Fashion Snoops has unveiled the 4 key trends of the upcoming season! Come see their spaces at Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York to see these trends come to life with brands that are at the shows!

Let’s explore Overlook Nook, Hometown Heroes, Golden Guild, and Aura together and discover their color palettes, graphics and examples from brands.



Overlook Nook

kid's fall fashion trends

With a newfound gratitude for nature, solitude, and relationships, OVERLOOK NOOK revels in the return of family traditions and honors the treasured places that host these gatherings. A humble cabin or cottage tucked in the woods, it’s four weather-worn walls store decades of family possessions, each a small but significant marker of the family’s life in their tranquil retreat. It is this quirky collection of curios which inspires the timeless yet offbeat aesthetic of OVERLOOK NOOK. Oversized chunky knit sweaters, much-loved fleece jackets, and loose down jackets all provide security and warmth while quirky intarsia prints, vintage-inspired woodland prints, and mismatched pairings serve as a visual scrapbook of the family’s treasured history.


Color range & graphics



Envision Overlook Nook in your store!




Hometown Heroes

kid's AW22 trends

As we approach life with a new lens, HOMETOWN HERO focuses on the importance of local activism and enacting change within one’s community. With a renewed awareness of social injustices, communities continue to educate and grow, fostering an environment where small acts of kindness are as meaningful as all-encompassing change. Seeking the small joys in the everyday, HOMETOWN HERO surprises with cheerful patterns, motivational messages, and feel-good colors. With an emphasis on the local residents, the look melds the everyday comfort of activewear with utilitarian functionality. Graphics inspire hope, positivity, and change with punchy messages and icons that always spark a smile.


Color range & graphics



See the hometown heroes trend in your store!




Golden Guild

children's AW22 trends

Taking place in the magical moment after sunrise or just before sunset, GOLDEN GUILD emerges when the world seems at peace, basking in a soft and luminous glow. Shrouded in a bit of mystery, it is in this otherworldly, almost surreal space, that we find inspiration from the graceful flows and curves of plants and flowers. Resplendent in the subtle elegance of Art Nouveau, quirky opulence meets natural elements for a softened, fresh feel for special occasion. Silken and soft silhouettes loosely fall, elevated with rich prints that define the emerging realm of refined loungewear as luxury becomes obtainable and comforting.


Color range & graphics



Incorporate golden guild in your store!





children's fall fashion

An inexplicable emanation tells the tale of AURA. Cocooned in positive mantras and kinetic energy, AURA brings meaning to the unexplainable with tactile silhouettes that calm, soothe, and heal. Loose shapes in cozy knits redefine winter boho as prism-inspired hues bring light and levity to casual pieces. Astrological in intention, celestial bodies, crystal vibrations, and a renewed spirituality inspire patterns and graphics. Silhouettes embody structured softness, representing life’s eternal, cyclical act of finding balance between activity and rest.


Color range & graphics



Bring the Aura trend to your store!




Thank you to Fashion Snoops for this wonderful highlight on the kid’s trends for AW22-23! Get inspired and feel free to contact the Fashion Snoops team to go further and adapt the future trends to your selection and your market!

Save the date and come meet the Fashion Snoops at 11:30am on January 31, 2022 at Playtime Paris and at 2:30pm on February 14, 2022 at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, where you can discover more brands that follow these trends at the shows!

(All moodboards, color palettes, and graphics are from Fashion Snoops)
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