It’s that time of year again! There is nothing quite like the back to school season – the smell of new textbooks, the first crisp breezes of the approaching autumn, and, of course, new clothes to head back to the classroom in style! To get little ones ready to start a new year of learning, the kids’ fashion & lifestyle experts here at Playtime & Kid’s Hub have gathered some inspiration to dress four classic archetypes this school year.


Grab your notebooks and get ready to learn!



Athleisure offers the perfect pieces for dressing all the sporty kids! Featuring bold or muted colors, varsity jacket inspired silhouettes, and materials that give freedom to run and play, these styles will be perfect for kids to get back in the classroom and on the field. We especially love the jackets that will help little ones transition from the summer sun to the cooler weather of fall.



Artsy kids march to the beat of their own drum! Featuring astrology inspired motifs, loose silhouettes, and various color palettes, this range of products will speak to kids as they discover and cultivate their own personal style. With unique accessories like the starry beret and the perfect backpack to store all their supplies, kids will love expressing themselves through their artwork and their fashion sense!



Smart is in style, and these pieces are perfect for dressing all the future valedictorians! Think graphics inspired by studying, picturesque plaids, a timepiece for punctuality, and the most stylish suspenders you’ve ever seen! We love the cool colors and bold prints for our most studious little ones this season, with these styles that let kids wear their heart (or more accurately, their brain!) on their sleeve.



Summers in the Hamptons have come to an end for these little ones with a crisp, clean sense of style. Drawing inspiration from school uniforms, they keep to the classics like polos, sweater vests, plaid skirts and matching suits. Future ivy-league students, they’re ready to walk the school halls like fashion show runways with these fashion-forward pieces. With modern updates, meet the next generation of prep-school people!


Set your alarm and lay out your clothes, school will start in just a few days!

Shop some of these brands and more on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace to restock your store quickly with immediate deliveries to get kids ready for the new school year, and be sure to place orders for next year before sales close on new collections.

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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship