Being a teenager is far from easy, but luckily, there are amazing brands that bring teenage dreams to life by encouraging teens to express themselves, develop their personality, and feel confident. To get you ready to meet some of these amazing brands at The Big Small Show this winter, grab your notebook and let’s head back to high school to take some notes on how to dress a few of the archetypes we can find wandering the halls!


School is in session!


The cool teens

The cool teens in school are always easily recognized by their effortless style! Think bold pops of color that stand out in the crowd. Statement jackets and sporty sneakers that add a touch of streetwear. And, of course, what’s cooler than wearing your favorite brand name on your sleeve?


Vintage inspired

Teens may love the technology of their generation, but when it comes to fashion, some of them can’t get enough of the vintage trend! By reimagining classic silhouettes, drawing inspiration from 90’s denim, and incorporating prints of the past, brands can access the nostalgic sentiment of the zeitgeist.


Top of the class

With studious minds and stylish clothes, these teens get to class on time, flawlessly dressed and ready to answer any question the teacher sends their way. In search of clothes that are comfortable enough for sharpening pencils and flipping through books yet stylish enough to impress at college entry interviews, sweaters and collegiate inspired patterns catch the eye of this type of teen.


Creative spirits

From the artists to the theatre teens, these brands are perfect for teenagers that are all about self expression! With layers that mix prints and colors, loose silhouettes that enable freedom of movement, and a range of neutrals and brights, teens will have what they need to dress from head to shoelaces in outfits that show off their personalities.


Which archetype do you most relate to?

We feel like we’re a blend of them all! By offering products that enable teens to express themselves and embrace their personal style, these brands bring teenage dreams to life. At such a crucial age for personal development, it’s important to empower teenagers to enter adulthood with confidence and positivity. Get your pass to The Big Small Show in Paris January 28-30 to shop these amazing brands that cater to teens and more!


Header image from Indee
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship