Here at Playtime & Kid’s Hub, we value sustainable kid’s brands that make their collections kind to people and the planet. As members of the kids’ fashion and lifestyle community, it’s important for all of us to do our part to preserve the beauty and resources of our planet for generations to come. Children themselves have been raising some of the strongest voices in activism. From Greta Thunberg to new voices in the United States, kids and teens around the world are speaking out against the misuse of our planet.

To show our support for the incredible movements taking place around the world, let us introduce you to some of the sustainable kid’s brands in our community. Either exhibiting at Playtime Paris, Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, and/or selling their collections year-round on our B2B ordering platform, Orderwizz, these brands stand out in our community with their sustainable initiatives. From upcycling fabrics to empowering messages, Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified materials to B-Corp certified labels, using innovative textiles, and collaborating with charities, these are just a few of the brands leading the way to a more sustainable future.



sustainable kid's brands

Baïnes is a French swimwear brand you won’t want to miss! Producing their sustainable collections with thoughtful consumption in mind, their UPF50+ garments are made from recycled fibers from fishing nets. Oeko-tex certified, their products are all free of harmful materials. The cherry on top: 1% of their turnover is donated to an association that protects wildlife and biodiversity. Setting kids free of the endless reapplication of sunscreen with their sun-safe clothing, Baïnes is bringing eco-friendly practices to the beach while removing old fishing nets from the waste pile.

Pre-order their SS24 collection until September 30th, and shop their products available in stock!



children's eco-friendly chalk

Not only does Twee make the cutest sidewalk chalk in town, but it also comes with a mission! Their handmade sidewalk chalk and veggie paints are super safe for kids to use, while also being kind for the planet. For many of their sets, Twee gives back to charities with each purchase. For example, $2 from every purchase of their succulent set goes to KidsGardening, an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for kids to grow, play, and learn through gardening. With non-toxic paint and coloring as well as biodegradable glitter, Twee is a brand that is eco-friendly and fun.



children's eco-friendly shoes

Some of the most sustainable shoes in the industry, Veja hardly needs an introduction! This B-Corp certified label uses organic cotton from Brazil and Peru, Amazonian rubber soles, and a range of recycled materials, from plastic bottles to polyester. A leader in transparency, Veja details all of their processes in full on their website. From start to finish, retailers and consumers can read about all their actions. Collaborating with sustainable fashion brands to spread their message, Veja is a leader in the sustainable movement.


Infantium Victoria

Meet a pioneer in sustainable kid’s fashion, Infantium Victoria! Blending high-end design and sustainable practices, each piece is a testament to this brand’s vision for a better, more sustainable world. Infantium Victoria has committed to zero waste patterns, using innovative methods to repurpose materials. With organic cotton and hemp playing a main role in their collections, they are a leader in the kid’s market by being early adapters of innovative textiles like Pinatex (pineapple leather) and Weganool (a plant based, zero-waste satin fabric).

The tags on their clothing not only feature important information like size and care instructions, but also the names of the people who made the garment. This feature is a great tool for educating kids on how many hands go into making their clothes, bringing awareness to the production process for both kids and parents. Profound messages, unique silhouettes, and a second-hand program come together at Infantium Victoria.

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Pioupiou Cosmetics

sustainable kid's brands

Wellness products just got better with collections from Pioupiou Cosmetics! This Swiss brand offers a range of natural, certified organic and vegan products safe to use for the whole family. Even the most sensitive skin will love their skincare products and accessories. Dermatologically tested, Pioupiou uses carefully selected ingredients that are organically farmed and of 100% natural origins. Safe for newborns to pregnant women and all ages in between, Pioupiou Cosmetics are sincerely designed for the whole family.

Visit their virtual showroom on Orderwizz to add their products to your store year round!


Cos I Said So

sustainable kid's brands

Organic cotton? Check. Seasonless, unisex collections? Double check!  The kid’s fashion brand Cos I Said So checks all the boxes for desirable brands! Aiming to be as sustainable as possible, Cos I Said So designs their collections for kids and teens with stories behind them. Their brand DNA is about style meeting comfort, using bold colors and strong silhouettes that never go out of style. Centered around different themes each season, Cos I Said So’s collections immerse kid’s in their vision of childhood. Working with pre-orders to avoid overstock, this slow fashion brand is designed for all kids.

Add in stock products from their AW23 collection to your store!



baby eco-friendly decoration

Discover Pehr’s beautiful, practical products that are designed for every day with sustainability in mind. In collaboration with partners that share their values, this female-led company works with organizations that support women in the workplace and equal access to education. Their products are thoughtfully designed with high quality materials, exclusively using certified organic cotton for their apparel and bedding. With serious attention to detail, Pehr is constantly working to reduce their carbon footprint with ever more sustainable manufacturing processes.


Mon Coeur

children's eco-friendly fashion

Founded by a mother seeking to provide kids with clothing that doesn’t harm the planet and is good for them, meet the brand Mon Coeur. Designed with respect for both the environment and the people that make their collections, Mon Coeur also partners with 1% For the Planet to support clean up initiatives. Using reclaimed organic cotton fibers, recycled, and upcycled materials to make their clothing, Mon Coeur also has a New Again Program to upcycle their clothes and ensure they don’t end up in landfills.



children's eco-friendly fashion

Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean, Tangerine celebrates family and tradition. Their silhouettes are timeless, partnerships honest, and intentions pure as they create beautiful collections of sustainable kid’s clothes. By sourcing the finest materials, repurposing old fabrics, and partnering with ethical factories in Morocco, their garments are designed to last for generations. By updating classic silhouettes, Tangerine brings them into the modern era with respect for the past and a fresh perspective on modern design.

Shop their collection available in stock on Orderwizz!



children's eco-friendly fashion

100% Portuguese, meet the sustainable kid’s brand Noese. From their fabrics to trimmings, everything is produced in Portugal. For Noese, sustainability is an obligation, not an option. Their collections are largely made using upcycled fabrics and deadstock, keeping their carbon footprint as low as possible. Above all, Noese is committed to educating children on the importance of sustainability and how proud they should be to wear eco-friendly clothes.



Made with 100% recycled fabrics, discover the wonderful collections from the French brand Upé! Aiming to preserve the environment and promote fair and safe labor conditions, Upé takes up the challenge to create nice, simple, durable garments from what already exists with each new collection. Centered around different themes, they take us on new adventures every season. As playful, fun, and creative as childhood itself, Upé’s designs are as unique as they are innovative. With recycled industrial cotton fibers and polyester from plastic bottles, Upé’s collections preserve the environment by removing items from the landfill and creating beautiful garments that last.

Pre-order their new SS24 collection until September 30, 2023!


Three Hearts Modern Teething

children's eco-friendly toys

Three Hearts Modern Teething Accessories is a mommy owned passion project that is all about handmade! Their range of teething rattles, chew jewelry, and pacifier/toy clips are made with natural beechwood and BPA free, medical and food grade, toxic free silicone. Keeping the beechwood they use natural and free of potential allergens, their toys and teethers are natural and beautiful. Easily cleaned to keep them safe for babies, Three Hearts Modern Teething Accessories are practical and eco-friendly.


Wolf & Rita

children's eco-friendly fashion

Wolf & Rita is a sustainable kid’s brand through and through! From solar panels on their offices to working with a local charity that shelters and supports children in need, Wolf & Rita is doing its best to have a positive impact on everyone involved in their process. Continuing to go further by adding recycled, renewable, and upcycled materials to their repertoire of certified organic fabrics, Wolf & Rita is continuously striving to take their sustainable practices to the next level. Incorporating eco-friendly processes into every aspect of their company, Wolf & Rita is a stand out sustainable brand.


Tane Organics

children's eco-friendly toys

Tane Organics is bringing their “sustainable luxury” from artisans’ hands to little ones. They believe that when you purchase a handmade product, you can feel the care and love woven into the fabric. Purposefully making small batches to avoid overproduction, they dedicate time and attention to every detail. Firmly believing that great design follows the use of quality, natural fibers, Tane draws inspiration from the classic kimono silhouette. Tane, meaning ‘seed’ in Japanese, makes designs that embrace the clean lines that define the modern wardrobe.


UAUA Collections

children's eco-friendly fashion

Representing their family values of quality, honesty, and simplicity, discover timeless pieces from UAUA Collections. Finding inspiration in the charm and diversity of Peru, UAUA’s collections are made to support children for years to come. Using Pima cotton, regarded as the best in the world for its exceptionally smooth texture, UAUA offers simple styles in gender neutral colors. Made for little ones 0 to 4 years old, their collections are all cut and sewn by hand and colored with eco-friendly dyes by their local Peruvian partners. Designed in Belgium and produced ethically in Peru, add their premium quality garments to your store for future heirloom items.


Auntie Me

sustainable kid's brands

Discover organic, happy, pastel-colored, artistic clothing from Auntie Me! Babies and children can feel great in the collections that are hand-drawn and highly distinctive. Centered around their belief that everything in life is wonderfully connected: animals, nature, the universe and humans. All of their fabrics are 100% GOTS certified organic, colored with dyes that are organic, too! With packaging made of recycled materials, Auntie Me is designed for children to look and feel good in.

Their AW23-24 collection ‘Go With the Waves’ is available in stock!


Noos Concpet

children's eco-friendly fashion

Borrowing their name from the Mongolian word for wool, Noos Concept is 100% natural and ethical. Their knitwear comes from yak and camel fur that is obtained each spring by combing. This gentle process is kind to the animals, and they keep the natural beauty by leaving the wool undyed. The extra long fibers from these animals keep kids warm and dry, and are expertly woven into beautiful silhouettes. This small family business is unique and exceptional, bringing new sustainable materials into the market.


We hope you enjoyed celebrating sustainable kid’s brands with us! Thank you to all of these brands for the work they are doing to preserve our planet for the children of tomorrow. Whether on Orderwizz or exhibiting at our shows, we are sincerely honored to have such incredible brands as part of our community. Buyers can find a full list of the sustainable brands currently on Orderwizz here. For all the other amazing sustainable brands out there, learn more about joining us year round on the platform here. For bi-annual fun, fill out your application for Playtime Paris January 27-29 and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York February 11-13.


Header image from Wolf & Rita
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