There’s no better time than the start of a new year to shop wellness and care brands at The Big Small Show! The self care market continues to grow each year, making these products essential to offer in your store. From bath time to pre and post birth care for mamas, fragrances to kid-friendly makeup, these brands have all the products the modern family is looking for!


Let’s shop wellness and care at The Big Small Show!


Featured in the SINGULAR space at Playtime Paris last winter, the wellness brand LiLiKiWi began when founders Dr. Tao and Sandrine Dubois came together to combine their knowledge of chemistry and creative direction to create a natural and educational care brand. All of their shampoos, soaps, and foams are made using natural ingredients and designed to encourage kids to be autonomous and take care of their own personal hygiene.

Oh, Baby! was born out of a love of purity and a desire to help modern families lead a more natural life. When unable to find products that met her high standards of nurturing and skin protection for her own children, the founder of Oh, Baby! decided to make it herself. Now offering a range of organic baby care products, come shop their shampoos, body washes and milks, bath oils and more in the SINGULAR space at The Big Small Show this winter!

self care brandsKerzon

Started by two brothers with complimentary competencies, Kerzon creates simple, authentic, sustainable products to embellish, cleanse, and enhance the home and those that live within it. From body to home fragrances, candles to lotions, laundry detergents to dishwashing soaps, their wide range of products are all made with natural and vegetal ingredients to have a low environmental impact, offering healthy home products for healthy people on a healthy planet.

To help establish beautiful memories through fragrances, Boiess Colognes has designed their line of family-friendly colognes to be accessible without compromising on quality materials. Delicate enough for even the most sensitive skin types, their soft scents will help form memories that last a lifetime! Get your pass to meet Boiess Colognes at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York!

With the intent to make every day routines creative and fun, Poppymint Pals products come in colorful packages. From shampoos to fizzy bath soaps, body mists to books, this female-owned business makes daily hygiene more engaging for little ones and encourages them to take part in their wellness activities while still having fun. With safe and sustainable materials, come shop their small batch collections in New York this February!

wellness/care - big small show Chouette ParisChouette Paris

Designed to help parents in everyday life, Chouette Paris offers timeless shampoos, soaps, body milks and butters, toothpastes, and more. Their formulas are simple, natural, and gentle enough for the entire family to use. Arriving in eco-friendly packaging, Chouette Paris encourages conscious consumption and the conservation of natural resources.

Miss Nella has created a world full of kid-friendly nail polish, makeup, and bath products. Specifically designed to be safe for children to use on their sensitive skin and easy enough for them to use autonomously, Miss Nella peel off nail polish and makeup enables kids to experiment and play with beauty products, while parents can laugh and play with them without having to worry about harsh materials for their fragile skin (or sharing their own beauty products!)

Of course, self care is just as important for parents as it is for their little ones! Mama Matters takes care of them by empowering parents to practice self care through their apparel, skincare, and aromatherapy that all feature self care statements on their labels. Mama Matters’ sustainable, natural products encourage body positivity, wellbeing, and healthy living for new parents.

Boome Paris knows how important vitamins are before, during, and after pregnancy, which is why they’ve designed their range of natural vitamins to help parents every step of the way. Boome Paris works tirelessly with experts to bring their products made with super clean ingredients to mamas everywhere – including the SINGULAR space at the winter 2023 edition of Playtime Paris!


We feel ready to take on a new year with all of these amazing wellness and self care brands coming to The Big Small Show this season! Whether joining us in Paris, New York, or at both shows, get your pass to meet these brands in person and place orders on their new collections. Treat the whole family to the gift of self care this season!


Header photo from Mama Matters
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship