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Discover a selection of newly added brands on Orderwizz! Curated by the same experts that bring you the Playtime & Kid’s Hub trade shows, you can trust these are brands in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle market you won’t want to miss. Offering fashion that is as varied and unique as children themselves, as well as lifestyle labels that bring redesigned classics to the modern family, Orderwizz is the top destination for international buyers on the lookout for something new.

Let us introduce you to a few of the latest additions to the platform!


Nalú & Tama

100% cotton knitwear designed in France and made in small family workshops in Bali? Sign us up for Nalú & Tama! This beautiful knitwear brand uses vibrant colors and strong designs to dress minis in style. Their capsule collections are made to seamlessly go together, while their oversize cuts allow their pieces to be worn longer and be unisex. This newly added brand on Orderwizz is not only fresh to the platform, but the market as well! Add Nalú & Tama products to your store now to be an early adapter of this brand sure to go far.

Discover their debut collection for AW23-24 now!



Another new brand to Orderwizz and the kid’s fashion market, discover Allmemberz! Their capsule collections feature a limited number of each piece, each with their own story, release date, and model number. Available in stock, their products are designed to be like little gems you can freshen up your selection with. Made in Portugal with care and expertise, Allmemberz uses processes that respect both people and the planet. Inspired by art and craftsmanship, Allmemberz turns to streetwear, skate culture, contemporary art, and 90’s pop culture for a lot of their inspiration.

Check out their first drop available now on Orderwizz!



Capture the laughter, spontaneity, and naturalness of children in the wonderful collections from SER! Comfort and durability meet modern design in their motifs that evoke kids’ drawings, setting free the inner artist in all children. Fresh and genuine, their products are made in Spain by skilled artisans. The range of soft cotton fabrics are comfortable on sensitive skin and easy to move and play in. Another brand newly added to Orderwizz, SER offers a unique and playful concept that is fun and fresh!

Pre-order or restock with products from their AW23-24 collection “I’m an Artist” now!


Nana Huchy

kid's fashion brand

Enter a universe of imagination and wonder with Nana Huchy! Conscious that we all remember our favorite toys for life, their stuffed animals are designed to be the favorites of kids today and tomorrow. Accompanying children as they grow, they help them develop emotional skills and offer companionship. Nana Huchy’s toys are brought to life with super soft, high quality materials. Made with love, the goal behind their collections that range from Highland cows to bunnies, dragons to classic teddy bears, is to encourage imagination and help make memories that last a lifetime.

Restock your store with their range of animals available in stock!


Maria Concha

For collections made with love and commitment in every stitch, discover collections from Maria Concha! For children 1 month to 12 years old, this 100% Portuguese brand is focused on high quality. Using fabrics like organic cotton, linen, and tencel, their clothes are super comfortable and durable. Whether for every day or special occasions, Maria Concha will bring an elegant touch to any store’s selection!

Discover Maria Concha’s collections on Orderwizz!


Hanna Andersson

Centered around Scandinavian principles, meet the brand Hanna Andersson! Merging form and function, their collections are designed to inspire a lifestyle that is happy and meaningful. Pioneers in sustainability over their 40 years in business, Hanna Andersson is well known for its organic cotton and hand-me-down quality. Durable enough for play, with details that are soft enough for even the most sensitive skin, Hanna Andersson is made for children for generations to come.

Restock your store with their products available in stock!*

*Exclusively for buyers in the United States.


Lil’ Paradise Copenhagen

A Danish brand designed for newborns to 6 year olds, meet Lil’ Paradise Copenhagen! Produced using the highest quality materials, their collections are adapted to let kids play and express themselves freely. As beautiful as they are flexible, they draw inspiration from nature and the wonders it creates. Celebrating a party where children are the hosts every day, Lil’ Paradise Copenhagen celebrates play, learning, and adventure with each collection.

Pre-order their SS24 collection until December 15, and restock with their AW23 products!


Isabella babywear

Designed for children 0 months to 3 years old, this newly added brand on Orderwizz is a can’t miss! Isabella babywear creates exclusive models that are original and high quality. Keeping in rotation their customer bases’ favorite models as well, Isabella babywear is well recognized for its attention to detail and exclusive designs. Offering uncompromising style and freedom of movement to little ones, they believe kid’s fashion can be fun, timeless, and colorful without sacrificing quality and sustainability.

Check out all of their products available in stock!


Manti Manti

Newly added on Orderwizz

A new brand this year as well, Manti Manti is taking kids on an adventure that never ends! Their name is a nod to the mischievous Manits shrimp, who has the best vision of any animal on the planet. This brand promises to bring eco-consciousness to sunglasses to the kid’s market. Using castor oil to create their fabulous frames, Manti Manti sunglasses are extremely light, super flexible, and incredibly resilient. Embrace life with a cheeky spirit and vibrant designs by adding Manti Manti to your store!

Discover their products available in stock now!


With 0% commissions and no intermediaries, it’s no wonder why buyers and brands in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry turn to Orderwizz for their CRM and wholesale business. We hope you enjoyed meeting just a few of the newly added brands on Orderwizz, and be sure to check out the full list of brands here! From fashion to lifestyle, home goods to babygear, and everything in between, don’t miss ordering on the world’s first kids’ fashion and lifestyle B2B ordering platform.


Header image from Allmemberz
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship