Our dear partner MilK Magazine is celebrating their 20 year anniversary, and you’re invited! MilK Magazine has spent the past two decades cultivating their place as the world reference for fashion, lifestyle, travel, and experiences for the whole family. We are so excited for them, and honored that they have chosen Playtime Paris for a special exhibition. Visitors will be able to explore MilK Magazine’s past 20 years through some of the amazing photos that have graced their pages. Let us give you a little taste test of this exquisite visual meal that is waiting to be discovered by you at The Big Small Show July 1-3!


“If MilK was a trade show, it would be Playtime… That’s to say that after our closeness over the last 19 years has made us feel like the big sister to Playtime. This is why it is a joy for us to exhibit the photographic and stylistic evolution of our magazine through some of our most beautiful covers.

These 20 covers represent magnificent memories of inspiring meetings with children, families, and photographers, as well as with talents from the kid’s fashion universe that have been presenting their new collections for many years at Playtime.

We are so happy that Paris continues the story of kid’s fashion and family lifestyle. Long live MilK and its sibling in style, Playtime!”

— Isis-Colombe Combreas, MilK Magazine’s Managing and Editorial Editor


Credit: HIDE & SEEK by Anouk Nitsche-2021
MilK Magazine 20 yearsCredit: MilK Cover n°2 BREKI by Benni Valsson-2013
family magazineCredit: BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND by Delphine Chanet-2021

Thank you so much to MilK Magazine for this breathtaking preview of what’s waiting for us at the retrospective exhibit at Playtime Paris! We are so excited to discover the images and celebrate MilK Magazine’s 20 years, and we know you can’t either. Get your pass now to come to The Big Small Show to discover the exhibit among the aisles full of inspiration. From artists to dedicated spaces like New Now and Singular, enter the most inspiring kids’ fashion and lifestyle trade show in the world!


Header image credit: LE CHATEAU AMBULANT by Mark Shearwood-2020
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship