Playtime Paris prides itself on being a destination full of discovery. From inspiring fashion and lifestyle trend spaces curated by our partners to our New Now space full of first time exhibitors chosen by an expert, we love filling the Parc Floral with new faces in addition to our longtime friends. One of our newer spaces, Singular is dedicated to up-and-coming young labels with capsule collections or mono-products. This space is all about innovation and new ideas! To get you even more excited for the summer shows, let us introduce you to the 10 incredible brands selected for the Singular selection at Playtime Paris this summer!

Covering everything from fashion to lifestyle, wellness to toys, don’t miss the chance to meet these emerging talents.


On Behalf

Because bath time should be fun for everyone, On Behalf has developed a range of wellness products that is gentle enough for all skin and hair types, as well as kind to the environment. This innovative brand uses exclusively natural, certified organic materials to make their products. They have a range of soaps and universal balms that can be used to hydrate dry hair or skin. With complete transparency and soft lovely scents, this wellness brand is changing the game. Come discover their incredible range at The Big Small Show!


Ara Creative

Meet the amazing family business, Ara Creative! Coloring is not only fun, but a great way for children to develop their skills. From dexterity to concentration, coloring is one of the most magical tools of childhood. Ara Creative designs products that set kid’s imagination free by allowing them to not only color, but also play with their creations. Their fun designs are meant to be colored while flat and then inflated so kids can play with them! A unique concept that takes coloring to the next level, come meet Ara Creative in the Singular selection at Playtime Paris!


Maison Géant

Maison Géant is a playwear brand designed for real life. Designed to be loose and unisex, their collections are made to last a long time and be worn by any child. Their products are designed, sourced, sewn, and embroidered in France to guarantee the quality and reduce transportation pollution. All of their collections are made with fabrics that have already been produced, increasing their creativity and sustainability! With a fun and colorful DNA, Maison Géant has created a brand centered on upcycling, inclusion, and fun. Meet them in the Singular space to dive into their colorful collection!



This one is for the mamas! Perifit is on a mission to end pelvic floor disorder and help women with other health issues. With the help of world-class specialists, they have deigned a Kegel exercise system. This interactive app offers real time feedback on your progress as you play their 12 games that make the exercises fun! A great tool to help women from 6 weeks after giving birth, they are expanding into breastfeeding pumps as well. Come meet this innovative brand in Paris!



Inspired by the lightness of childhood, the happy garments from Azala are made with fabrics that otherwise would have been thrown out. Their aim is to dress without producing new materials, choosing instead to quilt and upcycle their vests and jackets exclusively with existing fabrics. Their products are seasonless, colorful, and fun. Sure to be great additions in any little wardrobe, don’t miss the chance to meet them in the Singular space at Playtime Paris!


Fin and Zee

Let children express themselves whilst protecting the planet for them with eco-conscious collections from Fin and Zee. Created by a mother in search of sustainable kid’s fashion for her own child, Fin and Zee creates timeless collections that celebrate individuality. Each product has a particular emphasis on fit, feel, and functionality. Their small-batch collections are produced with certified fabrics kind to the environment and children’s skin. Fin and Zee is on a mission to not only bring conscious clothing to children’s closets, but also the ideas of diversity, individuality, mindfulness, and creativity, too. Get your pass to meet this brand with a mission at Playtime Paris!


Les Babygators

Dental hygiene is so important. Teething is a challenge in and of itself, but how to keep baby’s new teeth clean once they’ve grown in is a whole other step. This is where Les Babygators comes in! Their toothbrush is designed specially for babies. With slight vibrations and a light that illuminates their mouth, parents will know exactly how long to brush. Les Babygator’s brushes adapt to little one’s changing mouth size to accompany them as they grow up. The vibrations help eliminate plaque and milk residue as they massage the gums, making it simple for parents and pain-free for babies. Get ready to discover these innovative baby brushes July 1-3!



A familiar face from The Big Small Show in New York, get ready to meet Oûcollie in Paris for the first time! Designed to help consume less but still have fun getting dressed, their collars offer a unique accessory that can transform any outfit. Whether paired with basics or to make an outfit even bolder, they are colorful and fun. From playful embroideries to elegant pattern mixing, their collars are truly unique. Ethically made in Europe, their collections are made with the highest quality standards. A stand out product that will be striking in any store, come explore their stunning range of faux collar in Paris!



Discover the project of a family clothing and accessory brand with MaisonMiniWonder! Their mini-series and capsule collections are designed with passion and care. They are also made completely by hand. With quality materials and processes, MaisonMiniWonder is as planet friendly as they are people friendly. From kid’s sweats and onesies to sweatshirts with access for breastfeeding mothers, they offer beautiful garments for the whole family. With a serious goal to become zero waste, MaisonMiniWonder explores the best ways to produce. Come discover their mini-series in the Singular selection to see the comfort, style, and quality finishes for yourself!



kid's wellness

Doucéa is a wellness brand created by children, for children! Their range of skincare caters to the values of parents and children all at once. With safe and efficient ingredients that please parents and sensory fun to amuse little ones, Doucéa will please the whole family. The cherry on top? Their products are all kind to the environment as well! Their minimalistic formulas are designed to help families consume less, but better. Visit the Singular space this summer to discover all of their incredible products!


Wow, now that is innovation and creativity! We are so excited to explore all of these unique products from these emerging talents in the Singular selection! With wellness for the whole family, upcycled fashion, and so much more, we’re sure you can hardly wait either, so get your pass here and book your flight to Paris. Stay tuned to keep getting previews at the amazing brands and spaces you’ll discover at The Big Small Show!


Header image of the Singular space at Playtime Paris W23 by Theo Sillas
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship