We are so proud of our B2B ordering platform, OrderWizz. Our team has worked for years, even before the global pandemic sent everyone online, to create the best possible tool for brands and buyers around the world to buy and sell collections year round. In celebration of OrderWizz, we wanted to chat with someone that uses the platform regularly to place orders for her store. Having visited our shows and shopped on OrderWizz, let us introduce you to an outstanding member of our community, Clare Cummins, who is the buyer behind the UK-based boutique Bella Diosa.

Join us as we dive into the Bella Diosa universe, exploring this boutique’s history, experiences, and how Clare has been able to curate such a well-cultivated visual identity while being a multi-brand retailer.

Hi Clare! Can you please introduce yourself and Bella Diosa?

I am Clare Cummins, the owner of Bella Diosa Childrenswear. We are a luxury children’s boutique located in Woolton Village, Liverpool UK. Bella Diosa offers an exclusive range of quality and luxurious clothing, shoes, and accessories. When choosing our collections, we are committed to bringing authenticity, originality, and quality to our customers. We curate our collections with a mix of chic, timeless, unique pieces where fashion meets functionality.


That’s wonderful! Where does the name come from?

“Bella Diosa” means beautiful goddess in Spanish. This is how we want our minis to feel when wearing products from our store. Our lovingly crafted items aim to make our customers feel unique, comfortable, and beautiful.


What a powerful message. What informs your buying decisions? Do you have any resources you turn to?

I have always had a passion for fashion, fabrics, industry trends, glamour, catwalks, and street style. All of the above inspires me when sourcing my collections. Our collections are selected every season through online research, e-commerce marketplaces, visiting multi brand showrooms, and attending international trade shows.

kid's storeBella Diosa’s exterior

How do you build your offer?

At Bella Diosa, we curate our selection through outfits. I create a digital moodboard at the beginning of the buying season. This is a brain dump of my fashion inspiration which is the result of creative research. I initially pin everything I like and that I believe my target audience will like. Then, I refine it to create total looks and outfits.


Your selection brings together both ready-to-wear items and luxury brands. Why did you decide to offer both?

By combining ready-to-wear pieces with luxury fashion garments, the collections at Bella Diosa are attainable and accessible to our customers. The crossover allows for a distinctive offering of unwavering quality looks for our mini fashionista’s at an affordable price.


You transform your multi-brand offer into collections, complete with different names and themes each season. Where do you draw inspiration for these themes?

Curating my collections is my favorite, yet the toughest, part of my job. It’s challenging to craft a captivating fashion collection that resonates with my customers season after season. My inspiration comes from style blogs, runway shows, social media, fashion magazines, and past trends. I always want Bella Diosa to stay ahead of the curve by curating looks straight from the runway to the rails.


You create your own lookbooks to use on social media and your website. Why did you decide to do this rather than use images from the brands in your selection?

I create a lookbook for every collection we launch at Bella Diosa. I choose to do this because then it reflects Bella Diosa’s identity. My visual curation of my collection allows me to showcase multiple brands in one shot that a supplier photo simply couldn’t convey. Our pieces come from multiple brands, so I curate and style the lookbook to create a bespoke look that resonates with our customers. 

For Bella Diosa, our lookbooks are also instrumental for our social media marketing. They are adapted and utilized on a daily basis for our socials and to provide sales content in line with our boutique’s aesthetic.


How would you describe the Bella Diosa customer?

A Bella Diosa customer is someone who wants their child to look unique. Someone that wants their child to have individuality. They look for chic, timeless, seasonless items that they love and can pass down to siblings and future generations, creating an instant family heirloom.

Can you please tell us about your experiences using our B2B ordering platform, OrderWizz?

I use OrderWizz a lot! I love exploring the platform to discover new brands. It’s great to be able to see their sales campaigns and imagery, and to communicate directly with the brands. I can personalize my account, add brands I love to my favorites, and add images to my digital moodboard. The order process is simple, and the platform is user-friendly.


Thank you so much! What are some of the brands you have enjoyed working with?

From OrderWizz, I have worked with Zeebra Kids, Cos I Said So, and Mipounet. There are also brands that I have worked with since Bella Diosa was established. Carbon Solider is one of them, and will always be my favorite. The brand amazes me season after season with their creative abilities and vision. The quality of the garments is exceptional. It is now a brand that is synonymous with Bella Diosa.


We love all of those brands too! Have you recently discovered any new brands you’re excited to have in your store for the first time?

Yes, and I cannot wait to unveil them to my customers! These new brands are not yet available in the UK, so they will be exclusively stocked at Bella Diosa.


Is there any exciting news you’d like to share that our community can look forward to in 2024?

Autumn Winter 24/25 will see our Molto Bella range, which has been designed and crafted by an Italian atelier from two fashion houses. The range has been designed with a philosophy centered on creating luxurious, exclusive, traditional, high end couture for children that transcends time and trends. Bella Diosa will be showcasing attainable-luxury occasionwear with unwavering elegance whilst making international brands  accessible in the UK.


We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what brands Bella Diosa will be adding to their store later this year! Stay tuned on their site and their expertly curated Instagram, @bella_diosa_x.

For fellow retailers, be sure to create your free buyer account on the only B2B ordering platform that is exclusively dedicated to the kid’s and parenthood market. OrderWizz offers you direct contact with your favorite brands and a place to discover new ones all year round. Curated by the same experts that bring you the Playtime & Kid’s Hub trade shows, the selection is as incomparable as at our physical trade shows.


Header and all images from Bella Diosa.
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