Parlez-vous français? These buyers sure do, as they all come from France! We love how international our community is, but France holds a special place in our heart as the center of our business. These buyers are from this lovely land of wine and baguettes, and come to The Big Small Show or shop on OrderWizz to curate their wonderful selections. From boutiques to department stores, brick and mortar to online, let’s meet some of the kid’s stores in France that are part of our community!


Centre Commercial Kids


The expertly curated concept store Centre Commercial Kids brings together the best of fashion, design, and engagement. Centre Commercial was created by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, the founders of the sneaker brand Veja. With similar values of sustainability and sharp aesthetics, this boutique is incredibly attentive when choosing brands it will include in its offer. They have a special affection for made in France labels, but all of the brands they select are responsibly manufactured. Centre Commercial Kid’s goal is to give creators a place they can express themselves. As a result, they are the perfect shopping destination for evolved consumers. To underline their sustainable efforts, Centre Commercial is a B Corp Certified company, keeping in line with their sneaker label who has been certified since 2018.

Brands you’ll find in their store: Wynken, Fabelab, Bobo Choses, Copenhagen Colors, Bigstuffed, Cienta, Play Up, Mini Rodini, Condor, Liewood, Gray Label, Nobodinoz, Veja




Little&tall acts as a laboratory for exploring new trends in the family and kid’s markets. With a special focus on lifestyle products to accompany the modern family, they love to discover new brands, incorporate unique pieces, and pick out the best for their customers. They’ve become a trusted destination for parents in search of good products for their kids. To maintain this trust, little&tall puts deep thought into each brand they decide to have in their store. Acting as a reference for family concept stores in France, little&tall has set the pace by offering toys, womenswear, decor, accessories, jewelry, and wellness and beauty products in addition to a selection of kid’s fashion. On top of it all, they also collaborate with brands to create unique products that can only be found in their store.

In their store: Mrs. Ertha, 1+ in the Family, Wander & Wonder, American Vintage, Poule Party, Piupiuchick, Garbo&Friends, Bonheur du Jour, Búho Barcelona, Chamaye, Ouate, Condor, Donsje Amsterdam, Elhée, Sticky Lemon, Emile & Ida, Jojo Factory, Konges Sløjd, The New Society, Les Coyotes de Paris, We Are Gommu, Liewood, Studio Bohème Paris, Veja, Mimi & Lula, Poudre Organic, Nobodinoz, Play Up, Repose AMS


Galeries Lafayette


Kid's Stores in France

One of the biggest Parisian department stores, Galeries Lafayette believes kids deserve the best products on the market. With a focus on designer gems, they curate their selection to be avant-garde and high quality. From sweatshirts to sneakers, tees to toys, special occasions dresses, and everything in between, Galeries Lafayette has top of the line items for little ones. One of the most well-known kid’s stores in France, Galerie Lafayette can’t be missed!

On their shelves: Lison ParisTartine et Chocolat, Levi’s, Scotch&Soda, Bonton, Nobodinoz, Zadig & Voltaire, Blundstone, Perifit, Veja, Collégien, Shoo Pom, Converse, Dimpel, Louise Misha, Emile & Ida, Pyrenex, Geox, K-Way, Molo, Novesta, Pom d’Api, The Nice Fleet, Vilebrequin




Discover Cheekaboum, a boutique for finding unique pieces for kids. This inclusive pop store is curated for little ones 3 months to 6 years old. The happy, unisex clothes they choose for their store are always cool, colorful, and made to last. Cheekaboum believes that childhood should be lived freely and full of joy, which inspires their selection. It’s important for this store to create a space that is inclusive. They have worked to build a community of people who share the same values. Centered around freedom to be who we are, sustainability, and pop aesthetics full of color and playfulness, don’t miss Cheekaboum!

Find them there: Favorite People, Bonmot, Flow Amsterdam


Petite Fripouilles


Petites Fripouilles is a place to find the best clothes and accessories for the whole family. Their name comes from those moments when parents call out to their mischievous ones, their “little scoundrels.” The concept behind this store is to dress children young and old. While doing this, they keeping a tenderness at the heart of all the treasures in their offer. Fans of the “mini me” trend, Petites Fripouilles presents sizes from kids to adults so that stylish parents and kids can match.

These brands are there: Petit Indi, Les Petites Choses, Adorabili, Play Up, Boxbo, Liewood, Bean’s Barcelona, Easy Peasy, Jojo Factory, Emile & Ida, Piupiuchick, Veja




Located in the South of France, Cémarose is on an endless pursuit of beauty. Their offer is a blend of international luxury labels and independent European designers. The name comes from the classic French fairytale “The Little Prince.” This tale celebrates the glory and pride of the heart, just as parents feel for their children. Cémarose shares love through their careful selection sure to please every customer that sets foot in their beautiful store.

They’re there: Lison Paris, Raquette, We Are Kids, Nana Huchy, AI Riders, East End Highlanders, LMDI, Bebe Organic, Paade Mode, Misha & Puff, Nununu, Bobo Choses, Bonmot, Pèpè, Veja, Bonton, Wolf & Rita, Miss Nella, Caramel, Fub, Moon Boot, The Campamento, Gray Label, Jelly Mallow, Main Story, The New Society, Letter to the World, Oh Baby, Liewood, American Vintage, Louise Misha, Mini Rodini, Wynken




Kid's Stores in France

Even before having kids, founder Cécile Roederer of Smallable could see a hole in the market. Her family and friends had a hard time finding products that pleased them for their children. To fill this gap, she launched Smallable to offer parents a simple solution for finding the best of kids’ fashion and lifestyle. Having become world-renowned through their online shop, they have now opened their physical concept store in Paris. Smallable is a leading reference for the modern family, both in-store and online. Working with the most interesting creators and making them accessible for families everywhere is their purpose.

In this French store: Cos I Said So, Kenkô skincare, BaYiRi, New Kids in the House, Caramel et Cie, Risu.Risu, Bonnie & the Gang, Tangerine, Esther, Maison Mangostan, Maileg, A Monday in Copenhagen, Sticky Lemon, Bebe Organic, Ocean&Ground, Boome, Caramel, Töastie, Yuki, Cream, Jelly Mallow, Izybaby, Letter to the World, Daily Brat, We Are Gommu, Donsje Amsterdam, Holmm, Elhée, Misha & Puff, Minnow, Fairechild, Favorite People, Tocoto Vintage, Faune, Main Story, Holi & Love, Binibamba, Jojo Factory, Konges Sløjd, Spring Court


Les Petits Raffineurs


Kid's Stores in France

This collective of curiosos is in search of good things for little scoundrels! At Les Petits Raffineurs, they curate their selection to make sure minis have a daily life that is never boring. Whether through beautiful little discoveries or moments where time stands still, the good times are never far away! Their careful selection of brands caters to ages 0 to 6. Ranging from first swaddles to future favorite garments, this retailer has it all for everyday adventures and beyond.

Meet them there: Don Fisher, Liewood, Fabelab, Monsieur Caca, Bloomingville Mini, Elhée, Konges Sløjd, Sticky Lemon


Le Bon Marché


shop for children

One of the most well-known department stores in Paris, Le Bon Marché curates its kid’s selection to be enchanting and stylish. Offering products from babies on, Le Bon Marché has everything to accompany kids in their activities. Their curated selection includes some of the leading brands in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry. With a wide range of toys and accessories as well, The Bon Marché has everything necessary for waking up and supporting children’s imagination. They also have a dedicated space with activities and creative workshops.

Find these brands there: Lison Paris, We are Kids, Quincy Mae, 10 Is, Emile & Ida, Rosajou, Finger in the Nose, American Vintage, Levi’s, Ao76, Caramel, Arsène et les Pipelettes, Scotch&Soda, Collégien, Louise Misha, Bobo Choses, Sunchild, Bonmot, Super Minus, Mimi & Lula, Minois, Tartine et Chocolat, Molo, MOB, Igor, Moon Boots, The New Society, Indee, Unie & Co, On Behalf, Veja, K-Way, Oxox Club, Izipizi, Pom d’Api, Pyrenex, Converse, Azala, Bonton




shop for children

This little concept store is built on big dreams! Mamacita was born as a result of two young women passionate about fashion and decor. They met and decided to create a concept store that brought to the market all the beautiful things they could find. Chosen for each member of the family, they curate an offer of decoration, clothes, accessories, and baby shower gifts so that there is something high quality and unique for everyone.

Step inside to find: Mrs. Ertha, That’s Mine, Ara Creative, Louise Misha, Holi & Love, Loir Paris, Bobbin & Tricot, Garbo&Friends, Poule Party, Elhée



La Baule

A place for discovering great products, having fun, finding new treasures, and smiling, meet Ninipinson! This concept store began with two adult boutiques in Nantes. Now, they’ve opened the doors to their first kid’s store in France in La Baule. With a selection of ready-to-wear, accessories, toys, and gift ideas, this concept store is for kids 0 to 10. In the same elevated spirit as their adult stores, Ninipinson offers a welcoming atmosphere and impeccable selection.

In kid’s stores in France: Piupiuchick, Liewood, Arsène et les Pipelettes, Sticky Lemon, Veja, Emile & Ida, My Little Cozmo, We Are Gommu, 1+ in the Family


Little Casba

Saint-Martin-de-Ré/La Rochelle

Kid's Stores in France

With two locations, Little Casba is a kid’s store in France no family can miss! With everything from shoes to hats and sunglasses, toys to decor and beach essentials, this retailer has it all. The brands are a carefully blended selection of welll-known and up-and-coming labels in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry. With shelves full of playful products and a welcoming storefront, don’t miss Little Casba!

These brands are in their offer: Caramel et Cie, Ayuna, Konges Sløjd, Liewood, Nixnut, Piupiuchick, Bonton, Nobodinoz, Mrs. Ertha, Sticky Lemon, Poudre Organic, Fabelab, Collégien, Jojo Factory, Les Mini Confettis, Mimi & Lula, Poule Party, Elhée, Maileg, We Are Gommu, Petites Pommes


Le Pestacle de Maëlou


Le Pestacle de Maëlou is a kid’s concept store that is sure to always have the latest trends. Dedicated to the children’s universe, they are focused on quality materials and original creations. All of their products are carefully selected to be the perfect gift! They have two separate boutiques, one is dedicated to gifts and decor and the other furniture and decor. Their unique eye is always on the lookout for the next must-have item. Le Pestacle de Maëlou has everything necessary for the smallest members of the family, specializing particularly in gifts that are perfect for newborns.

These brands are there: Maileg, Flow Amsterdam, Les petites hirondelles, Gray Label, Konges Sløjd, Liewood, Minois, Nobodinoz


We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip to different retailers from our community! One thing these kid’s stores in France all have in common is that they all have incredible eyes for great products. Whether placing their orders on OrderWizz or at The Big Small Show, these buyers trust us to help guide their selection. Brands can apply now for the summer shows in Paris and New York for the chance to meet buyers like these kid’s stores in France at the most important kids’ fashion and lifestyle trade shows in the industry!


Header image from Centre Commercial Kids
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