From dopamine dressing to products that boost happiness, we’re all trying to feel our best. As a result, kids wellness and beauty is a growing sector of the lifestyle market. An evolution from the macro trend for self care that has begun with a focus on mental health, kids wellness and beauty has been expanding and is predicted to continue to do so. From skincare to promoting daily movement, brands from around the world are diving into this trend in safety and style.

To hop on the trend train, let’s start by exploring how this sector stemmed from the self care trend and meet some labels leading different categories. We’ll finish with how this sector is expected to continue growing. Whether with products available on Orderwizz or having exhibited at our shows, these are brands not to miss!


Chouette Paris


Self care = self control

In a world that seems uncertain in so many ways, from the climate to the economy, mental health has been on our collective mind for a while now. While society is embracing the neurodivergent with more care and consideration, the value of self care continues to increase. In addition to taking care of our mental health, physical health is gaining importance as well. With chaos all around, being able to feel a sense of control over aspects of our life offers a catharsis.

While children may not be aware of the economic and social strains currently at play on the global stage, there is no doubt they sense the uncertainty in the air. That coupled with the threat to their mental health and self confidence created by social media mean kids today need all the help they can get to feel their best. Enter the kids wellness and beauty market! Designed and carefully formulated to be gentle on their sensitive skin, kids brands are tapping in to this need to produce a variety of collections. Think skincare and personal hygiene products with fun labels. Natural ingredients that are ethically sourced. Items that respond to new senses of spirituality. Brands designed to encourage kids to move and play. There are many brands leading the way in these various subcategories in this emerging market.


From head to toe

Pioupiou Cosmetics

Though personal hygiene products are nothing new, the idea for formulas specially designed for kids is! Using natural ingredients, these brands are leading the way towards wellness made for children. With their sensitive skin, it’s important to acknowledge that children need different products free of the chemicals often found in those marketed to adults. By using these ingredients, brands are not only being kind to children’s skin, but the environment as well. Using innovative packaging to reduce single use plastic, clean formulas, and more, they strive to bring skincare routines and eco-consciousness to little lives. All of these brands carefully test their products with top dermatologists to ensure they are safe for even the most sensitive skin. Then, brands can guarantee their products can be used by the whole family. By sourcing organic and natural materials for their products, they are helping kids stay clean and healthy.

From shampoo to toothpaste, lotion to cleansers, and everything in between, these brands have all kinds of wellness products to help little ones develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.


Make up merriment

Kids love to play with products they see their parents use, which is why so many parents find their makeup drawer raided at some point or another! Having makeup that is specially designed for children is essential to let them play safely. Of course, kids skin sensitivity comes into play here as well. Their skin is still developing, making it less resistant to harsh chemicals and pigments often found in makeup. These nontoxic, chemical free brands have designed their makeup and nail polish just for kids. These products let kids express themselves. They let them experiment with different styles and feel autonomous. Often as playful and fun as they are safe, they are often colorfully packaged, too! As with the personal hygiene products, these brands source natural ingredients that are equally kind to the planet.

Great for self expression, laughter, and a boost of happiness, let kids express themselves with makeup that is safe!

Kids wellness - beautyRosajou
children's self careMiss Nella


Seeking spirituality

As many adults move away from traditional religions or incorporate new age beliefs alongside them, there is a new sense of spirituality. From astrology to crystals, a new definition is forming around these beliefs. Many new brands are tapping into this emerging market to offer newly relevant tools. These brands are bringing to market crystals designed to help with everything from sleep to celebrations. Maternity jewelry that gives birth to bonds while little ones are still in the womb. The new age is here, and it’s full of peace inspiring products.

Kids wellness - beautyRockstyle


Move & Play

Physical activity is a great way to release endorphins, mood boosting chemicals in our brain. Some brands are designing fashion collections and lifestyle products to encourage kids to be more active on a daily basis. Offering them a fun way to develop their motor skills, learn how to be part of a team, and simply have a good time outdoors, physical activity is a key part of wellness. Letting kids be kids as they run and play, devoting time to physical activity is another important habit to instill in children. Whether that is through team sports or peaceful yoga practices, simply getting kids moving is a great wait to keep them healthy and happy.


To infinity and beyond

The kids wellness and beauty trend is only in its early days. Brands like these are leading the way by offering products that are specifically designed for children, offering them safe, natural products that are healthy for them and the environment. In addition to the skincare and makeup labels, new spiritualism and encouraging movement offer the wholistic complements to the sector.

This area of the kids’ fashion and lifestyle market is only expected to continue to grow. Options for innovation can be found by turning to underserved markets like teenage boys for skincare or tapping in to new materials and resources. Estimated at a current value of $1.5 trillion and expected to continuing growing by 5-10% each year, this market is sure to be a strong force for years to come. Often indicated as something consumers will spend on even in economic downturns, these items will be essential in stores as we great another year of uncertainty. Designed to make children feel good, kids wellness and beauty is here to stay!

We can’t wait to see what brands will join us for the Winter 2024 editions of Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York! Brands can continue filling out their applications to join our community full of innovative kids wellness and beauty brands. Available year round on Orderwizz, buyers can start shopping the pre-order and in stock collections from Pioupiou Cosmetics, Dandydill Way, Orgabon, Rockstyle, Ilado, and Play Active to start incorporating this trend into their store right away.


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