Is there any better feeling than putting on an outfit that makes you feel confident and happy? Given that well known feeling, we have no need for explanations as to why the dopamine dressing trend is still going strong! A development that has grown from the nostalgia macro trend, dopamine dressing is the kid’s fashion trend you won’t want to miss this season and next. Let’s dive into how this trend became so popular, where it comes from, and then check out our expert selection of a few looks available for pre-order or in stock on Orderwizz so you can add the latest dopamine dressing kid’s fashion to your store!


The origins and science of dopamine dressing

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The term “dopamine dressing” refers to the neurotransmitter dopamine which is associated with pleasure and reward. The idea behind it is that the clothes we wear can contribute to a more positive mood. A spinoff of the nostalgia trend, forecasting agency Fashion Snoops has identified dopamine dressing as the fashion world’s rediscovery of carefree childhood memories. With the popularity of visual driven social media like TikTok and Instagram being so popular, it’s no surprise such eye catching looks are all the rage. Dopamine dressing is about more than color, though. This trend is about dressing to be one’s most authentic, confident self. Though bold, bright colors play a large role, comfort and personal style are also key.

Identified on TikTok as a trend that is “part fashion, part mindfulness,” it’s a trend that taps into the larger societal trend of valuing mental health, acceptance, and self-care. Scientific studies have proven that there are correlations between how we dress and how we feel. In one, it was proven that wearing clothes for a uniform, for example the white coat associated with doctor’s can actually improve cognitive processes. So, why can’t bright colors and comfortable silhouettes help boost our moods?

Let’s test it out with looks from Orderwizz!


The power of purple

Purple has been associated with royalty since the days of monarchies, and has continued to be a symbol of luxury and mystery. Seen as a color that can encourage imagination and inspiration, purple is one of the leading colors for dopamine dressing in kid’s fashion!


Not so mellow yellow

Bright and cheerful, yellow has always been associated with summer and sun! Sure to inspire happiness, smiles, and optimism, add this warm energetic color to your store for attention grabbing looks that will be sure to inspire little one’s creativity.


Green with gratitude

Green is for growth, linked to nature, balance, and harmony. With it’s calming effects, surround little ones with this beautiful shade that will have them feeling at peace and renewed. With comfort also being key to this trend, these looks are perfect for dopamine dressing kid’s fashion!


Bask in beautiful blues

Calm, tranquil, and serene, blue is always a mood booster! It has been proven to have a soothing effect on the mind and body, so wrap little ones up in refreshing blue looks. Relieving stress and promoting relaxation, blue is the new black with looks for every occasion.


Ready for red

Bold red is in for dopamine dressing kid’s fashion! Associated with boldness, power, and energy, this shade is meant for kids to stand out in the crowd and show off their style. Add these bold looks to your store for a pop of red sure to catch your customer’s eye!


Why not a little bit of everything?!

As fun as all these colors are by themselves, why not mix and match them! Maximalism is a key factor for this trend, so set kids free to express themselves with all the colors of the rainbow. Put a smile on little faces as they wear the clothes that make them feel their best.


We don’t know about you, but we feel better already! Centered around self-expression and positive energy, dopamine dressing kid’s fashion is key for seasons to come. Our experts at Playtime & Kid’s Hub love this trend, and had so much fun exploring Orderwizz to find all these amazing looks for you! Whether in stock or available for pre-order, don’t miss adding them to your store!


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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship