Spring is here, and on the warming breeze with it is the second part of Claudia Cabrero Málaga’s photoshoot “IMAGINE.” Featuring brands she has met at Playtime, discover the amazing photography from Claudia at the same time as the incredible collections from the brands. For “IMAGINE” Part 2, spend a day in the countryside. Celebrate spring, the warming weather, and days spent outside with these breathtaking images inspired by the following Victor Hugo poem:



Here are the long days, light, love, delirium! 

This is the spring! March, April with a sweet smile,

May flowery, June blazing, all the beautiful friendly months!

The poplars, asleep by the riverside, 

Bow gently like great palms

The bird quivers at the far end of the calm, tepid woods

It seems that everything laughs, and that the green trees 

Are joyful to be together and say verses to each other.

The day comes crowned with a fresh and tender dawn

The evening is full of love, the night, one can almost hear

Through the immense shadow and under the sacred sky,

Something happy singing in the infinity. 


Appulu clothes; Émile et Ida shoes
kid's fashion - Appulu
Appulu clothes; Émile et Ida shoes
Imagine Part 2 - Appulu
Appulu clothes; Émile et Ida shoes
Lucas du Tertre nightgown, bedding, and pillows; We are Gommu doll
kid's fashion - jelly mallow
Jelly Mallow clothes; Maison Mangostan shoes (left); Émile et Ida shoes (right)
kid's fashion - bleu citron
Bleu Citron clothes
Tiny Cottons


We loved discovering “IMAGINE” part 2 and all of the beautiful products from these brands! Nothing brightens up our day more than soaking up the sunshine that radiates from her photography. In just a few weeks, buyers can get their pass for the summer shows, so mark your calendars to pre-register May 2nd!

In case you missed it, here is part 1 of “IMAGINE,” and be sure to follow Claudia to get a daily does of amazing photography (@olivalclauca).


Header photo by Claudia Cabrero Málaga, clothes by Tiny Cottons
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship