Living la vie in (life)style!

Lifestyle labels are the perfect way to complete your store’s selection. With lives that are busier than ever, the modern family no longer wants to go to multiple locations! They prefer to visit curated one-stop-shops that offer everything they need in one place. In response to this demand, the Playtime & Kid’s Hub trade shows and B2B ordering platform, Orderwizz, have always been devoted to both fashion and lifestyle brands in the kid’s and family industry. To help take your store to the next level, our experts have curated a selection of the essential items for the perfect room to transition from a nursery to kid’s bedrooms. From toys to blankets, decor to wellness, these lifestyle products will perfectly complete your offer!


Delightful Decor

Let’s start with decorations for a nursery! From playmats to mobiles, rugs to wall hangings, decorations are a must-have for welcoming new ones into the family. Designed to encourage visual and cognitive development, offer a sense of comfort, and fill baby’s space with comforting beauty, these decorative pieces are perfect for the smallest person in the house!

As children get older and rooms transform from a nursery to kid’s bedrooms, decor takes on a more mature tone. Soft colors get bolder, designs bigger, and the decor becomes tailored to their personal tastes as littles ones start growing up and having their own opinions on what goes in their room. Wall hangings, rugs, bean bags to hang out in, and gemstones that tap into the new wave of spirituality are all perfect for decorating kid’s rooms!

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Time for toys!

One of the best (and most fun!) ways to develop baby’s motor skills is with toys! From plushes to teethers, these brands have the goods for helping little ones grow and learn. Whether made with bold colors or neutrals, inspired by nature or abstract, babies will love playing with these toys.

As children grow and move on from teethers, they start to seek out more complex toys. With toys that let kids explore knitting and stitching, finger puppets to come up with their own plays, and more, these brands are the perfect blend of learning and fun. Made to help them problem solve, tap into their creativity, and continue to develop their skills, these toys will fit perfectly in any store!


Wonders of wellness

Nothing is more important than keeping little ones healthy! These brands have all specially designed their products for the delicate skin of babies and children. Perfect for all ages, their wellness products range from skincare to brushes, bathing towels to bibs. Their gentle formulas and fabrics that will feel silky smooth on their sensitive skin. Even as little ones’ rooms change from a nursery to kid’s bedrooms, these products will accompany them throughout their young years.


All about accessories

From children to babies, these accessory brands are for all ages! With fun designs inspired by nature, activities, or special moments in life, kid’s will love showing off their bling. Made for all genders and ages, these accessories range from jewelry to shoe laces and bibs to help little ones complete their outfits with the perfect final touch (and keep said outfit clean!)


Beautify bedtime

One of the most important things little ones do in their bedrooms is sleep! It’s hard work growing, learning, and playing all day long, so it’s important they can rest well. These brands have beautiful products to snuggle and sleep in. Made with materials that are comfortable and cozy, you won’t want to miss adding these wonderful lifestyle products to your store for a complete offer.


As little ones transition from a nursery to kid’s bedrooms, Orderwizz is the year round destination for all the best lifestyle labels your store needs to accompany them! Whether available for pre-order or in stock, explore hundreds of collections from brands around the world on the B2B ordering platform that complements our in person trade shows.

Brands, applications have opened to apply for a booth at the Winter 2024 editions of Playtime Paris January 27-29, 2024 and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York February 11-13, 2024, so fill out yours now!


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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship