Take a peek into our crystal ball…

Each season, our partner Fashion Snoops reveals next season’s trends for us. Offering a glimpse into the future, they have unveiled the SS25 kid’s fashion trends Loom and Kinetic. At Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the breathtaking trend spaces imagined by our scenographer Amélie Lengrand. These spaces will feature a selection of fashion and accessories chosen by stylist Hélène Rodolfi, as well as artwork that further brings the trends to life.

For Spring-Summer 2025, Loom and Kinetic will offer connectivity with one another, as well as with our collective past. In Loom, we’ll beautify imperfections and renew love for forgotten items. Relaxed tailoring will be balanced by punk elements that offer a pastoral dichotomy, as steadfast classics are mixed with rebellious details. As for Kinetic, this trend will encourage us to dance to the beat of our own drum in dopamine boosting colors. Movement will be celebrated with loose fitting silhouettes and breathable materials. Kinetic will invite us to embrace that which makes us unique, free of traditional gender markers and full of euphoric inclusivity.

Let’s take a deeper look into the SS25 kid’s fashion trends Loom and Kinetic as we discover more from Fashion Snoops, and some real products that bring these trends to life!


Look forward and back with Loom

ss25 kid's fashion trends

“In times of uncertainty, we seek firm footing, oftentimes clinging to the familiar for comfort. It is in this realm of moving backward to go forward that we find Loom. Here, in this in-between moment, as we await the future to unfold, we reflect on the idea of a romanticized life under pristine appearances, where traditional values turn into steadfast statements with a more rustic approach.

New silhouettes emerge as tailoring is relaxed and pastoral elements like aged linens, frayed hems, and unraveling seams seep into everyday wear. With restorative techniques that extend the life of treasured items, we learn to cherish the renewed and reloved. By beautifying imperfections, preserving the old, and repurposing the forgotten, we weave new stories, breathing life into items that serve a new generation with their own tale to tell.”

Moodboard, color palette, and trend description by Fashion Snoops.


Weave your way into our common tapestry…


Dance to the beat of Kinetic

ss25 kid's fashion trends

“Like an infectious beat that spontaneously moves the body and soul, Kinetic inspires impulsive movement that activates and awakens every cell. In this freestyle mode, there is no structure, only instinct as one interprets and moves to their own individual beat. In contrast to the frustrations of status quo stagnancy, Kinetic uses the body’s motion as a euphoric release, benefiting both the mind and body.

This somatic connection inspires apparel that allows the body to move, unrestrained by tight fits and uncomfortable materials. Dopamine-infused colors and patterns generate a feel-good effect with expressive styling, playful touches, and adaptable details that move as an extension of the body, while also being mindful to children’s diverse and flexible lifestyles. This internal, individualistic power discovered by the body’s ability to express emotion through movement propels us forward to a new understanding of mankind and how movement moves us both physically and emotionally.”

Moodboard, color palette, and trend description by Fashion Snoops.


Find your own drum and start to dance…


We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in Loom and Kinetic at The Big Small Shows this summer! Get your pass to discover these SS25 kid’s fashion trends in person, and the latest collections from these brands and more. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the exclusive presentation and one-on-ones with the Fashion Snoops’ team in Paris and New York as well!


Header image from Loud
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship