To get you even more excited for Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York this summer, let us introduce you to the exceptional artists whose work will be featured at The Big Small Show! Adding an elevated element that brings the vision of our Art Director, Laetitia, and our Show Designer, Amélie, to life, we can’t wait to see the work of these artists in person in just a few weeks. Let’s take a glimpse at their work and learn more about them!


Solène Bonnet

Solène Bonnet is a 28-year-old French designer and artist. She graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2021, before moving to Paris to start her professional career. Her work is characterized by the use of various digital tools, resulting in unconventional physical and three-dimensional outcomes. Her creations, maximalist and colorful, dive into a playful universe and carry an aesthetic reminiscent of certain computer-generated imagery.

You’ll be able to discover Solène’s artwork in the Kinetic trend space.



Emmanuelle Broquin

The painter Emmanuelle Broquin questions unpaid domestic work through her still lifes. Her work explores objects in their contrasts, questioning their representations through absurdity. A minimalist environment is mixed with a fixed realism as the objects are taken into a surrealist universe outside of their context.

A reflection is opened on the invisibility of free domestic work through her series “Les Heures Gracieuses”. Each painting highlights the cost of work carried out according to the lifespan of the household object it represents. This exceptional artist questions the social construction of gender in her series “La virilité d’une balayette”.

Emmanuelle’s artwork will be featured in the Loom trend space.



Sophie Inard

Sophie Inard is a textile artist who uses crochet to wrap powerful objects. Through her work, she questions the strength of codes and stereotypes, playing with the rules and boundaries between the genders by developing a universe where opposites coexist and talk to one another.

Her work demonstrates an artistic commitment to her unique aesthetic that turns its back on preconceived ideas and reveals the beauty that arises from unexpected conversations. Rugby balls, motorcycle helmets, designer furniture, and bags from major brands are all decontextualized by the artist to make them quirky and poetic as a new force emanates from them.

The instruments she chooses are wrapped from stitch to crochet: a savoir-faire that is soft and ancestral, it’s resolutely manual. A technique that defies the technological trend of today and recalls a more measured time, it goes against the grain of our accelerated pace of life. The “granny square”, a recurring motif in Sophie’s work, pays homage to this traditional process where the manufacturing and assembly of squares literally weaves links between the past and present.

Find Sophie’s work in the Space to Chill at Playtime Paris.



We can’t wait to explore the artwork of these exceptional artists this summer at The Big Small Show! Get your pass to Playtime Paris June 29-July 1 and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York July 28-30 to immerse yourself in inspiring spaces at the business events of the season. Not only will there be the work of these amazing artists, but also the playful environment created by Laetitia and Amélie to surround you in the Playtime universe that is fun, yet professional. In this space full of inspiration, you’ll discover new collections from hundreds of international brands that cannot wait to help you curate the best offer for your store.


Header image by Emmanuelle Broquin
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship