The Playtime Team is in the Halloween spirit! We searched for the best DIY crafts and Halloween snacks that TikTok and Instagram have to offer this season. Then, some of our team members tried them out for themselves! Proving that Instagram and reality aren’t always that far off, let’s get in the spooky season spirit with the Playtime Team’s attempts at DIY crafts and Halloween snacks!


Creepy Candles

From @kailochic

To take on this challenge, our Sales Team member, Kelly, gathered her own candlesticks and cauldron to make this creepy creation! All you have to do is put some candlesticks in a warm water bath until they are soft enough to bend. Then, dry them off and add their spooky spectre faces. Set them in stands, light the wick, and let the spirits flicker!

Kelly’s candles


Ghastly Ghosts

From @ek_graphic_

Eek – these ghosts are too cute! Our Buyer Account Manager, Caterina, teamed up with her daughter to create these adorable little decorations. This simple DIY craft uses bandages, foil, water, and glue to create something new! Simply form the foil into your desired ghostly gesture, then mix together the water and some glue. Cut strips of the bandages and dip them in the glue and water mixture, then layer them over your foil form. Once the shape has dried, remove the foil and add your final touches! Whether freaky faces, mini pumpkins, or candles, this craft is sure to be a spooky good time!

Ghouls by Caterina and her daughter


Spooky paper chains

From @worldofdhiyara

Create any shape you like with two simple tools – paper and scissors! Our Customer Success Manager from Orderwizz, Izabela, worked with her daughter to create a range of characters. After folding their paper, they cut out the shapes of ghosts and witches and pumpkins – Oh my! This DIY craft is the perfect activity for gray fall days spent at home.

Paper chains by Izabela and her daughter


Haunted Jam Jar

From @mudnbloom

This DIY craft is a blend of tricks and treats! Using an old jam jar, our Sales Administrator, Alexia, created her own spooky mini cemetery. All you have to do is gather some leaves and paint glue on them. Once they have dried, peel the glue off and add spectral faces to complete the ghosts. Then, fill your jar with whatever scene you’d like them to be floating in – from graveyards to haunted rooms, your imagination is your only limit! Attach some string to the lid and your ghosts, then let them float in this hauntingly cool craft.

Alexia’s haunted cemetery


Posh pumpkins

From @4plusmama

Trick or treat in style with these homemade pumpkins! Another member of our Sales Team, Floriane, took on this craft with her sons. Using two paper plates threaded together, they made the bag part of these pumpkins. Then, they used paint to make them their own! Reflecting each of their individual styles, this craft is fun and simple! At the end, add some candy to complete your personalized pumpkins!

Floriane and her sons’ pumpkins


Fabulous phantoms

From @thelittleblogofvegan

Puff pastry phantoms? Count us in! Our Content Manager, Madeline, tried out this tasty treat! Using rolled out puff pastry, cut out ghostly figures. Then, use a piping tip to cut out eyes and a mouth. Add a fruit filling of your choosing, egg wash the edges, put the top of your ghost on, and toss them in the oven until golden brown! Drizzle them with icing made with lemon juice, cornstarch, and icing sugar and enjoy these freshly baked phantoms!

Madeline’s ghostly treats


Wonderful witches

This DIY was created by our Orderwizz Account Manager, Caroline Mossot, herself! Inspired by all the creativity and fun she has seen online and done in the past, Caroline took to her craft to create these witches! Using paper, dried plants, some string, cotton, and her creative mind, Caroline created these wonderful witches that will be the perfect garland in any haunted house. Simply cut out paper dresses and hats, wreath the string or crumpled paper heads with cotton hair, paste on some eyes, give them a broom and boom – your witches are ready to cast and cackle!


Our houses have never looked better! We hope you enjoyed our selection and attempts at DIY crafts and Halloween snacks this year! If you need more hauntingly good inspiration, check out our article with costume-worthy products available in stock on Orderwizz here. We hope you all have a scary good time this Halloween, and be sure to tag @iloveplaytime on Instagram if you make any of these DIY crafts and Halloween snacks for yourself!


Header image from @liddierowl
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship