We’re feeling a little batty – Halloween is just around the corner! In order to get ready to celebrate spook-tacularly, our experts turned to Orderwizz to curate a selection of 2023 Halloween looks! Using products available in stock on the platform, you can restock your store in time for Halloween with all these top outfits. From classics to relevant costumes for the year we’ve had, get ready for a ghoul-ishly good time with our 2023 Halloween looks selected just for you!


Out of this world aliens

With NASA’s OSIRIS-REX mission and plenty of other space news, this year has us turning to the sky! Outer space has always been a source of inspiration, so for our first 2023 Halloween look we’re turning that way too! From bright colors to unique silhouettes, bold prints and eye-catching accessories, these looks are truly out of this world!



An icon of fall every year, let’s dress little scarecrows! Plaids are a staple of this costume, coming in all colors and sizes. With accents of denim and wool, and overalls and dungarees to complete the looks, these costumes are perfect for protecting crops. Stylish yet simple, kids will love trick or treating in these fall classics!


Nuanced Nerds

Far from being uncool, nerds are in for this Halloween! Groovy stripes, letterman-inspired cardigans, and grade A silhouettes make up the essentials for this costume. With overalls and suspenders as the perfect complements to keep these fits in check, the lines in these looks are crisp and clean!


Party animals

Let loose the wild side of kids everywhere with these 2023 Halloween looks! Animal prints, motifs, and silhouettes make these outfits stand out. With bear ears and leopard prints, duck dotted sweaters and giraffe spots, these looks unleash the inner nature of little ones ready to go wild! Bold prints and playful motifs decorate these costumes, perfect for All Hallow’s Eve and beyond.


Superb superheroes

Superheroes just got sweeter with these products on Orderwizz! With powerful silhouettes and bold colors, these outfits are sure to stand out. Ready for empowering others and promoting self confidence, these 2023 Halloween looks are designed to make kids feel confident and cool all year long.


Halloween Classics

Of course, no costume list would be complete with the classics! Bold basics and standout staples get transformed by the right accessories. Witches, bats, and ghosts complete our guide of 2023 Halloween looks!


We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling ready for Halloween next week! Restock your store with our essential 2023 Halloween looks and get ready to trick or treat! And, if you’re looking for more inspiration on how to celebrate, check out our articles from last year on the best Halloween books for kids and some crafts, treats, and more costumes!

Pssst… and stay tuned for an extra special article coming soon!


Header image from @emmaspigsandroses
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship