Who doesn’t love a shopping spree? We invited Katie, the kid’s fashion expert behind Pirouette and Directory, to go shopping on OrderWizz to discover some of the latest products from the brands on the B2B ordering platform. Amazed by the large selection, check out Pirouette’s shopping cart as Katie tells us what she picked and why.


“Thanks for inviting me to place a small summer order on OrderWizz! I made a selection of cool shades, sustainable & protective swimwear, a touch of retro terry toweling, statement kicks, plus a wooden boom box that actually plays cassette tapes. Discover it all now in Pirouette’s shopping cart!”

— Katie, the kid’s fashion expert from Pirouette and Directory


Everyone needs a good pair of shades for summer, and the fresh lemon version from Manti Manti is statement cool!

I was a huge fan of Jo’s previous label based in Hong kong, and I love what she’s doing now with a new partner in Sydney. I love everything about The Set, from the fabrics to the details to the photography!

The Kiko+ & GG* boombox is aesthetically pleasing with the wood, and it can even play your old mixtapes – so cool for summer park plays. Plus, you get to explain cassette tapes to your kids!

The Happymess terry romper is so perfect for the beach! It’s absorbent, soft, and has a fun retro look.

Pirouette's shopping cartTWIMC

Statement kicks – this is so important for a summer wardrobe whether it’s paired with a summer dress or chino shorts. Cool kicks like these ones from TWIMC funk up any look. Even premium needs a touch of urban to up the cool – just ask Rihanna or Blue Ivy!


Thank you Katie for this glimpse into Pirouette’s summer shopping cart! We love discovering great products on OrderWizz, as the platform is recommended by Playtime & Kid’s Hub. Keep placing orders all year round with brands from around the world on the one-stop-platform for all your buying needs!


Header image from Happymess
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship