Collaborations with illustrators are a great way for brands and buyers to create exclusive prints, expand their community, and tap into the ingenuity of these important members of the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry. There’s no better place to meet illustrators and surface pattern designers than in the Creative Space at Playtime Paris, where 12 illustrators display their incredible work each season. To help you start dreaming up ideas for your next collab, let us introduce you to the illustrators that will be featured at the show this winter!


Get ready to meet them in the creative space in January!



Charlène Bornard

illustrator - Playtime Paris

From her workshop in Lyon (France) Charlène designs exclusive patterns for the children’s universe, as well as decoration and stationary. Drawing inspiration from her desire to make patterns that tell a story, ChaCha’s universe is pop, quirky, and playful and incorporate a vintage touch.

Follow her now on Instagram @charlene.bornard and get your pass to meet her in Paris this January!



illustrator - Playtime Paris

The French illustrator LIX & CIE brings a sensitive, fun, and colorful universe to decor, kids’ fashion and lifestyle, interiors, and more. Her favorite tool to bring her visions to life is the pencil, which she would love to use on a collaboration with you!

See more of her work @lix_cie and come meet her in person January 28-30!



illustrator - playtime paris

A studio of pattern design and illustrations, come meet Anaïs Creative Studio this winter! Each season, she creates exclusive prints for kidswear, womenswear, home and edition with inspiring color palettes.

Check out more of her work @anais.creativestudio and discover it live in Paris!



surface pattern designer

Nilac is a textile design studio founded by the creative duo Mélanie Vialle and Catherine Peaucille, where they work together to handmake patterns for fashion, furniture, or any other printable medium. All of their designs invite one to escape to a world that is full of color and bold graphic associations.

Get a preview of their past work @nilacstudio before meeting them in person in Paris!



illustrator - Playtime Paris

Pooling their collective experiences, friends Fanny and Bronwen started The Kids Design Consultancy to continue working and bringing their skills to the industry they’re both passionate about – childrenswear. With sustainable values at their center, The Kids Design Consultancy makes inclusive, genderless, and, above all, playful patterns.

Follow them on Instagram @thekidsdesignconsultancy and get your pass to discuss your next collab!



surface pattern designer

A master of both print and web graphics, Jessica Le Meur is a freelance illustrator bringing her love of pattern mkaing and drawing to the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry. Bright and cheerful colors decorate her work, with a palette that gives a nod to the 70’s.

Meet her online @jessica.lemeur and in person at Playtime Paris!



illustrator - Playtime Paris

With a passion for abstract shapes and textures, Claire Iglesias draws inspiration from architecture and nature to create her beautiful surface pattern designs. Through both digital and physical medias, she brings extra colors and plenty of happiness to the world!

Find more of her work @claireiglesias_ and come brainstorm ideas with her in the Creative Space this January!



flavie surface pattern designer illustrator playtime paris

Find perfect designs for all over or placed patterns for fashion, home, stationary, and packaging from surface pattern designer, Flavie! Passionate and creative, she uses a range of materials like paint, watercolor, and felt to create patterns and develop ranges of colors.

Follow her latest work @flavie_surfacepatterndesigner and get your pass to meet her soon in Paris!



illustrator - Playtime Paris

For collabs on fire, connect with the illustrator Little Bad Wolf! With her strong visual identity, the world becomes rock and graphic thanks to her us of bold colors and impactful motifs.

Discover her different designs @littlebadwolf_lbw and come find her in the Creative Space!



surface pattern designer

Coming from a family of weavers and textile designers, it’s only natural that Marguerite Smith returned to the sources to pursue her passion for drawing and textiles. For fashion and decoration, she creates floral, vegetal, figurative, and geometric universes that are delicate and light.

Explore her work @smith.marguerite and see more at Playtime Paris!



illustrators - Playtime Paris

Cocotka is a freelance designer and illustrator for the fashion, trends, branding, decor, and more! With delicate motifs and soft color palettes, she brings her vision of the world to life through her original prints.

Find more of her work on Instagram @cocotka and meet her in person with the other illustrators at Playtime Paris!



surface pattern designer

Artist and illustrator Mariisoré brings her vision of childhood to life through her amazing work! With happy colors and playful motifs, she designs beautiful patterns.

See more of her illustrations @mariisore and come meet her in the Creative Space at Playtime Paris!


We can’t wait to discover the work of these amazing illustrators in person this January! To tide us over till then, we’ll be looking back over our article on the group of illustrators that exhibited at Playtime Paris last summer – feel free to join us in reminiscing here!

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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship