In addition to the amazing kids’ fashion and lifestyle brands that join us at Playtime Paris, we also welcome a selection of illustrators to offer collaborations and special prints! The creative space they occupy is another aspect that makes Playtime Paris such an exceptional trade show. To get you ready for the show that starts in just two days, let us introduce you to the 12 illustrators you can meet there!


Explore their unique universes!



Illustrators - Playtime Paris

After working as a stylist, Briagëll took her passion for drawing to the world of graphic design and illustration in the fashion industry, particularly for the children’s sector. She loves to draw floral and figurative motifs in a minimalist, joyful, and colorful style that the brands she collaborates with in France and abroad love! Her amazing work that has been used on everything, from fashion to household linens and stationery.

Instagram: @briagell.perret



surface pattern designer

Inspired by Eddy Mitchell and the 60’s, meet Charlène Bornard! Based in Lyon, she creates exclusive patterns for fashion, decoration, the children’s universe, and even stationary! Her universe is all at once graphic, playful, and quirky with a vintage touch. Whether a single motif or an all-over print, Charlène likes her drawings to tell a story, and even turns them into tufting sometimes!

Instagram: @charlene.bornard



Illustrators - Playtime Paris

Bold colors and nature inspired patterns decorate prints by Charlotte Janvier! A stylist and illustrator, her passion for drawing lead her to develop her collection of motifs. She collaborates with brands and designers in the children’s, women’s, and décor universes. Printed with softness and poetry, her illustrations are invitations to travel through vegetable and animal motifs.

Instagram: @charlottejanvier



surface pattern designer

Julie Bamelis is a textile illustrator who creates hand drawn prints for the children’s and home industries! At her studio in Lille, Julie draws, paints, sketches, cuts, and pastes to make her illustrations. She loves working with different techniques, from watercolor to engraving, felt to gouache, to give more depth and uniqueness to her motifs. Between memories and daydreams, her work is a mental wandering.

Instagram: @juliebameliscollection



Illustrators - Playtime Paris

Led by her passion for drawing and strong imagination, illustrator Manon Lix makes patterns to express herself and transmit her vision of the world! The Lix&Cie universe is sensitive, fun, and penciled, because the pencil is her favorite tool. Manon likes to bring a playful side to her illustrations by creating educational cards with animals and objects.

Instagram: @lix_cie



surface pattern designer

Life would be boring without prints. That is why Nebula Studio BCN wants to bring optimism and color to your collections! With their exclusive and ready for production prints, your products will shine! Inspired by art, colorful catwalks, and joyful music, Nebula Studio BCN is a must-see at Playtime Paris!

Instagram: @nebulastudiobcn



Illustrators - Playtime Paris

An illustration studio founded by Mélanie Vialle and Catherine Peaucelle, they create motifs for fashion, furniture, and any other printable mediums. With bold graphic associations and a love of color, Nilac Studio invites you to escape and travel!

Instagram: @nilacstudio



surface pattern designer

Pascaline Floch is a textile designer and illustrator, who has color at the heart of her work! She likes to develop strong color ranges and plays a lot with scale to make her vibrant and expressive motifs. Her illustrations are always born from hand drawn sketches so that they come from a more spontaneous place. Then, she reworks them digitally in a graphic, contrasting style.

Instagram: @pascalinefloch



illustrator - Playtime Paris

Passionate about patterns and creation since childhood, Flavie has been illustrating for about ten years. She finds inspiration from everything around her, especially in nature. Playing with different materials, from watercolors and gouache to colored pencils, her techniques give life to the drawings and evoke specific emotions.

Instagram: @flavie_surfacepatterndesigner



surface pattern designer

The Kids Design Consultancy is a design studiofocused on the childrenswear market. From trends and colors to final designs and branding, they provide bespoke design solutions for your brand. Ethical production and sustainability are at the heart of what they do, making Kids Design Consultancy experts in sustainable design. Their mission is to help you make a difference.

Instagram: @thekidsdesignconsultancy



illustrators - Playtime paris

Founded by the creative duo Lucile Bonnaud and Lysandre Graebling, Tohu-Bohu carefully designs collections of patterns for fashion, furniture, packaging, and decoration professionals. Also expressed in embroidery or scenography, they bring their plastic universe to a variety of audiences through design and lead workshops!

Instagram: @tohu_bohu_bureau



illustrators - Playtime Paris

The illustrator behind the pseudonym Mellemimijolie, Sandrine offers her creations to brands and creators in the worlds of women’s and children’s fashion, decoration, and stationery. With a touch of femininity and delicacy, the graphic studio imagines motifs and illustrations to accompany brands in their creative projects. The designs are tailor-made by the studio or selected from their seasonal collections of patterns. Both poetic and playful, her universe combines florals, plants, and sometimes animals in a soft and colorfulatmosphere.

Instagram: @mellemimijolie


We can’t wait to meet all of these amazing illustrators in Paris in just a few days! Make sure you have your pass printed and are all set to join  us for an amazing show!

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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship