Halloween may be just around the corner, but retailers need to start stocking their stores with all the toys and presents kids will want this holiday season! To help inform your buying, the Playtime & Kid’s Hub experts turned to Orderwizz to curate a 2023 Holiday Gift Guide of products perfect for the holidays. From stuffed animals to delicate jewelry, do-it-yourself kits to playful room decor, these brands have it all.

Let’s get gifting with our experts’ 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!


Creatures to cuddle with

All kids love something soft to play and cuddle with! To gift them something snuggly this holiday season, we’ve got plenty of options. Simple and sweet animals in the shapes of blankets and rattles. Fuzzy toys to hold tight while they sleep. A variety of stuffed animals that range from classics to the wilder side of the animal kingdom. Accompanying kids as they grow up, keeping them cozy while they sleep, and offering them companionship, these are definite can’t misses on our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!


Jolly with jewels

Little ones will love being gifted a shiny new piece of jewelry this holiday season! With motifs coming from their favorite things, from nature to sports, celestial charms or abstract designs, these jewelry brands are perfect for gifting. The perfect way to complete outfits, jewelry let’s kids feel more grown up and refined as they wear accessories similar to those they may see on their parents. Designed not only for girls, but boys and babies too, these brands are as inclusive as they are cute.


Gifts that keep on giving

High on our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide this year are items that are interactive! With do-it-yourself kits, journals, and more, kids can customize their present and make it their own. Helping them tap into their creativity and imagination, these gifts keep on giving as they offer hours of fun. Exciting to hang up or play with afterwards, kids will be so proud of themselves every time they spot these projects. Each as unique as children are themselves, these presents will create memories and help develop their skills.


Deck the halls with decor

Another type of gift that provides hours of fun is the gift of decor! Think bean bags that are perfect for bouncing, reading, napping, and other creative uses only children can think of. Rugs that are covered in unique, creative designs that unlock children’s imagination and take them to new worlds. Rocking horses and wall hangings that bring the jungle to the play room. Kids will love being surrounded by items that are playful and fun all year long, making them perfect gifts for the 2023 holiday season!


Just a few more things we love!

We love that on Orderwizz, one can find a little bit of everything. These miscellaneous items are in a category all their own! Kids will love the doll clothing that is knit by hand, adding new styles to their mini wardrobes. Creative capes that will make all little ones feel like superheroes as they play and explore worlds real and imaginary. Rocks and crystals that are key to new senses of spirituality, offering strength, healing, and more. These products are the perfect final additions to our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!


While it seems like there is plenty of time before the holidays, they’ll be here before we know it! We hope our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide has inspired and informed retailer’s buying for the winter shopping season! With products like these available in stock on Orderwizz, it’s easy to add more to your store year round.


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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship