Highly anticipated each season, it’s time for the 2023 Earnie Award Winners! Created and run by our partner Earnshaw’s Magazine, these awards mark the main players in the industry every year. At the summer edition of Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, visitors could see the top four nominees for each of the categories that were exhibiting at the show. Then, industry professionals voted on their favorites for the highly coveted awards! As with each year, many of the winners were from the Playtime & Kid’s Hub community. We are so excited for all of them, so let us introduce you to them with brief bios on each of the 2023 Earnie Award Winners from our network!


Girl’s Apparel: Rylee + Cru

Founded by an illustrator and inspired by her own children, Rylee + Cru won the 2023 Earnie Award for best Girl’s Apparel this year! Merging art and imagination, their collections offer unique clothing for modern moms and children. Each season, their collections are centered around high quality basics. With muted tones and timeless traits, it’s no surprise that Rylee + Cru is a main player in the kid’s market today! Their materials are meticulously sourced to offer effortless dressing that remains stylish.

Come meet Rylee + Cru in both Paris and New York this winter!


Boys’ Apparel: Me & Henry

Launched to fill a gap in the market, meet Me & Henry! Drawing inspiration from a bygone era, Me & Henry designs classically inspired collections for little lads and their fathers. Adding quirky twists to their timeless looks, this brand takes amazing fabrics to new levels. Muted colors and gorgeous textures meet in their silhouettes perfect for every day. With special edition story books released each season that feature Henry, the dapper little dog behind the brand’s name, this wonderful label is bringing European aesthetics to the rest of the world.

Come meet Me & Henry February 11-13 in New York!


Accessories: Bows Arts

For more than 40 years, Bows Arts has been making beautiful bows. This family run business produces in the United States and believes in staying anchored in the community in which they began. Bows Arts has a range of classic and elegant hair accessories that are all made with the high quality that has been the signature of their business. With creative new styles each season, they have something for every style and age. From velvet to sequins, big to small, it’s no wonder Bows Arts won Best Accessories this year!

Get your pass to meet Bows Arts at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York this winter!


Baby/Toddler Apparel: Magnetic Me

2023 Earnie Award

With their patented magnetic closures, we’re not surprised that Magnetic Me won the 2023 Earnie Award for best Baby/Toddler Apparel! Designed to make getting dressed easier for babies and parents, their collections span generations. From fuss-free dressing to simplifying nursing and offering independence to those with limited mobility, Magnetic Me has something to meet the whole family’s needs. To top it all off, their products are made with eco-friendly materials, making them kind to the planet and sensitive skin.

Pre-order their new collections on Orderwizz before meeting them in Paris and New York this winter!


Children’s footwear: Oldsoles

Little feet are a big deal to Oldsoles! In their designs, fashion and function meet to create the perfect shoes for any adventure. Thoughtfully designed, their footwear feels great and supports the healthy development of children’s feet. Each shoe is crafted by artisans with high quality raw materials like sustainably sourced leather and organic cotton. Oldsoles partners with some of the most technologically advanced factories in the world. They are in constant search of ways to improve and innovate, and we can’t wait to see what designs they come up with next!

Discover them for yourself at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York!


Gifts: The Beaufort Bonnet Company

2023 Earnie Award

With a refined sense of style, The Beaufort Bonnet Company wants to accompany families as they embrace childhood and make sweet memories together. Having grown exponentially since it’s beginning, The Beaufort Bonnet Company features a range of baby and children’s apparel and giftables. Classic cuts meet stand out prints to make each style stand out. Their collections are timeless yet comfortable, making it easy for families to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Get your pass to discover their latest collections in New York!


Loungewear: KicKee Pants

In celebration of the renewed sense of wonder children bring their parents, KicKee Pants designs loungewear for the whole family! With inspiration arriving while on bedrest with her second son who was a kicker, the founder wanted to celebrate those traits and memories that last a lifetime. There are so many small moments between parents and children, and KicKee Pants wants to be part of them. With fashion forward designs that appeal to parents and comfortable fabrics and silhouettes that support children as they play and dream, KicKee Pants rightly won the award for best Loungewear!

Register now to discover their collections in New York February 11-13!


Newborn: Angel Dear

2023 Earnie Award

Sophisticated yet not serious, Angel Dear designs classic baby clothing and accessories with special attention to detail. They believe that a baby’s first few years should be full of luxurious childhood joys, and their designs are meant to support that. With every product, from blankets to apparel, Angel Dear upholds their commitment to beautiful high quality. With baby’s comfort at the heart of their creative process, their products are soft and flexible. Merging simple designs and organic fibers, Angel Dear was made to win for best Newborn looks!

Visit Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York to discover their new collection!


New Brand: The Sunday Collective

kid's fashion brand

Centered around special family moments, The Sunday Collective won for best New Brand! This kid’s fashion label specializes in unique designs that are made sustainability. Each season, their collection is centered around a different moment in childhood that rings true through generations. Their timeless styles made from high quality materials are designed to be passed down just like those memories are. Genderless, The Sunday Collective is designed for all children. Learn more about The Sunday Collective and their story with our article that walks down memory lane with them here.

Order their collections year round on Orderwizz, and come meet them in Paris and New York this winter!


Outwear: Hatley

Guided by a love of nature, discover the kid’s fashion brand Hatley! A true family business, this small country gift shop has turned into an internationally recognized label. Passed on from parents to their three sons, Hatley features exclusive hand-illustrated prints. Made for babies, kids, and women, their clothes are loaded with charming details. With longevity in mind, their pieces are made to be passed down. Offering everything from super soft organic cotton sleepwear to the outstanding outerwear they won a 2023 Earnie Award for, Hatley is a main player in the industry!

Come explore their AW24-25 collection in New York!


Beauty Products: Little Lady Products

2023 Earnie Award

With its name chosen from the nickname she gave her daughter, Little Lady Products is a brand bringing sparkle to little lives! Their range of nail polishes each feature their own unique scent. Free of harsh toxins and safe for sensitive skin, they are specially designed to safely add some shine to little nails. Bold or pastel, each color comes with a charming little bow ring that little ladies can proudly wear as they show off their freshly painted nails! We can see why Little Lady Products won the Earnie Award for best Beauty Product/Personal Care!

See their beautiful nail polish for yourself at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York!


Sleepwear: Bellabu Bear

kid's fashion brand

Began from a mother’s own search for kid’s pajamas that meet all of her needs, discover Bellabu Bear! When her own daughter was diagnosed with eczema, she realized that bamboo clothing was the only material comfortable enough for her sensitive skin. From this realization, Bellabu Bear was born. Their range of bamboo clothing meets every parents need for functionality, design, and quality. Make bedtime a moment of softness and comfort with Bellabu Bear’s Earnie Award winning pajamas that even feature the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association.


Special Occassion: Appaman

kid's fashion brand

Founded on the streets of Brooklyn more than 20 years ago, Appaman has become an iconic brand in the children’s industry! Drawing inspiration for the name and brand itself from the founder’s childhood corduroy ape,  Appaman reflects the whimsical spirit of youthful moments. Blending Scandinavian perspectives and American pop icons, new pieces are added to the favorites to keep the collections fresh yet familiar. Give kids everywhere some street cred with Appaman!

Get your pass to meet them in New York February 11-13!


Sustainable: Flap Happy

kid's fashion brand

Keep kids safe while soaking up the sun by dressing them in Flap Happy! With UPF 50+ protection in addition to their vibrant colors, and unique designs, kids can be stylish and safe. Having expanded over the past 30 years to offer playwear and outerwear in addition to their iconic swimwear, Flap Happy won for their sustainable practices. Their fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and free of chemical additives. Made for comfort and fun, Flap Happy’s easy care products make the beach even better!

Register to come discover Flap Happy in the aisles of our New York show!


Swimwear: Shade Critters

2023 Earnie Award

With their Insta-worthy styles, Shade Critters is a standout swimwear label! Believing in special attention to details, their perfectly tailored fits are made with high quality materials. UPF 50+, full of bright colors and bold prints, their swimwear is sure to stand out in the surf! Made for the whole family, Shade Critters has swimwear for all ages and styles. Recognized as a leader in the kid’s market for this sector, we’re not surprised they won the Earnie Award for best swimwear!

Discover their new collection at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York!


Tween: Malibu Sugar

kid's fashion brand

For fun, fashion forward California style, discover collections from Malibu Sugar! Their super soft basics and trendy tween styles stood out this year, leading them to win best Tween fashion for the 2023 Earnie Awards. Their products are made in the United States and designed to help girls 4-14 feel happy, comfortable, and confident! Bringing celebrity-chic styles to little wardrobes everywhere, Malibu Sugar brings the perfect blend of comfort and style.

Come shop California style in New York this February!


Undergarments: Esme

2023 Earnie Award

Esme is this year’s Earnie Award winner for undergarments! Designed to be lived in, their products range from undergarments to clothing, kids to adults. In subtle prints and soft materials, the whole family will love spending time together in comfort and style. Made in the United States, Esme is bringing high quality garments to families around the world.

Visit The Big Small Show to discover their collection!


Retailer of the Year: Magpies

Carefully curated to bring the best of baby, children, tween, decor and more to their community, discover the Retailer of the Year, Magpies! Their goal is to bring joy to the whole family, while creating a shopping experience that is memorable and warm. A dream come true for the founder and all those that set foot in their store, Magpies merited the 2023 Earnie Award!

Read more about Magpies in our article on buyers from the Americas here!


We can’t wait to see these brands at the winter shows! It is such a pleasure to see labels from within our community standing out and getting recognition for their incredible creations. Congratulations to all of the 2023 Earnie Award winners!

To see all of the exhibitors that will be at Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York this winter, check out the full brand lists here!


Header image from The Sunday Collective
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