For the first year ever, Playtime & Kid’s Hub acted as the sponsor for the Earnie Awards from our partner Earnshaw’s Magazine. We couldn’t be more excited to share the news that many brands from our community received awards this year, and since we can hardly wait to see them again in February, we wanted to put them in the spotlight now! To fully appreciate the achievement of these brands, check out our article on the Earnie Awards to learn what they are and how they started, and then, without further ado…


Let’s meet the winners!




kid's fashion brand

A brand created from curiosity and a desire to change the children’s fashion industry, Molo was awarded for Best Girl’s Apparel this year! With their stunning collections that seek to enable kid’s to express creativity and their personality through clothes, Molo designs each collection to feed imagination with strong colors, fun prints, exciting shapes, and bold combinations.



children's shoe brand

As experts working to create safe and comfortable children’s shoes for the last 40 years, Naturino was voted for by industry professionals to win the category of Best Children’s Footwear! Made from the finest materials, their trendy shoes are designed to be comfortable enough to wear every day.



kid's special occasion clothes

Petite Hailey was a dream come true for its founder after a successful launch in 2018. Today, the brand keeps bringing dreams to life with their incredible collections that bring magic and glitter to children’s worlds! Petite Hailey’s garments full of soft colors and shimmering details won the Earnie Award for Best Special Occasion.



infant sleepwear

Receiving the award for two categories, KicKee Pants won the Best Infant Sleepwear and Best Undergarments categories for 2022! Created from the appreciation of the magical little moments of recognition and love shared by parents and their children, KicKee Pants designs their collections to let kids be kids and to encourage them to play and dream.



toddler clothing brand

Classic baby clothing and accessories get a modern twist with collections from Angel Dear! Winner of the Best Baby/Toddler Apparel for this year’s Earnie Awards, it is no wonder their sophisticated yet fun pieces are well received by the kid’s fashion industry!


Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Earnie Awards!


We are so proud of all our brands that strive for and receive such impressive industry awards, and we can’t wait to see these brands in person soon at the winter edition of Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York! Get your pass now to discover their AW23 collections, attend an exclusive seminar by Earnshaw’s Magazine, and meet the Earnie Award winners from Kid’s Hub as well!


Header photo from Molo
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship