This season, the NEW NOW space at Playtime Paris will be curated by Barbara Perino: mother of two, fashion expert, travel addict, and founder of LEMON Magazine! With a mind that is constantly bubbling with creative effervescence, Barbara is the perfect person to make this selection.

NEW NOW is back again for this season! It is always exciting to visit the NEW NOW section of the event as it brings you new brands and new blood to Playtime. We all love to see our old-time favorites, but NEWNESS is fresh, and it feels good!

XXX Barbara Perino, Founder of LEMON Magazine





new now - playtime paris

“I’ll have it in 5 colors, please”, this is what I felt like when I saw this brand for the first time! Who doesn’t want their kids in super comfortable and fantastic basics with a nature care motto? It even has knee patches and no annoying labels! Everyone needs a bit of Borne in their lives. And… they also have adults wear, yuppie!

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upcycled kid's clothes

It is a must to upcycle! That’s what Second Sew does. They give a second life to garments by making unique clothes from old curtains, sheets, and stuff we don’t use anymore. Apart from that, their social responsibility is extensive, and women in occupational integration make the clothes. Can it get better? Yes – you will love the colors and patterns!

Rendez-vous with this upcycling brand in Paris!



new now - playtime paris

Classic yet cool, Les Marsiens blends old-time favorites with trendy colors and patterns. They have collections made between Portugal and France with an all-inclusive, human, environmental motto. The brand does not play around when the subject is making this world a better place and is proud to be under the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). I salute the brand for that, and for making comfortable and fun clothes for our children. For each collection, they invite emerging artists to make the garments unique.

Discover their unique SS23 collection this summer!



nature inspired kid's clothes

This brand comes from a personal love of nature! The founder and mother of two, carefully chooses fabrics and colors that align with our mother earth. The patterns are simple, but with a twist of trendy, and comfort is a crucial word for Bootani.

Get your pass to discover their latest nature inspired collection!



new now - playtime paris

“CRAFTED TO PLAY. ENGINEERED TO MOVE. MANUFACTURED FOR CHANGE.” This is PLAY’s slogan, and it makes super sense when you look at their collection. We all want our kids to play freely in clothes that they take into different stages of their lives. PLAY engineers their clothes in a way that respects and helps kids’ movements using natural organic fabrics. This gender-neutral, timeless activewear is a must in every kid’s closet!

Get ready to PLAY this summer in Paris!



children's sustainable lifestyle

This is a brand of organic accessories made in France for babies to preserve their health and that of the planet. Pitigaïa’s founder imagines and produces the patterns for the products in her offices and ensures the traceability of the textiles used for them. All the pieces are 100% certified organic cotton, timeless and non-gendered. And if you think this is wonderful, wait until you see their beautiful pieces!

Explore their timeless accessories in the NEW NOW space!



new now - playtime paris

Petit Minus is a brand founded by parents, that aims to be scalable, mixed, sustainable, and intelligent. With them, it’s simple: everything is unisex and there are only 3 sizes: 0-6 months / 6-12 months / 12-24 months. At a time when the stakes for our planet are so high, they have decided to create products suitable for toddlers, made in Europe and with a shorter circuit for strong ethical values! Their objective is to consume less, but better and I couldn’t agree more!

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children's slow fashion

When I look at Pernille’s collection, I imagine my kids at a horse racing event. Elegant, trendy, chic, and classic. A timeless style and the most amazing natural fabrics are a must in every collection, and yes, they do it so well and look effortless! This brand transports me to the first collections of Gabrielle Chanel, where classic met iconic!

Get ready for the races and shop Pernille at Playtime Paris!



new now - playtime paris

An all-family brand for the essentials we all need for our children, from school shoes to pajamas and swimwear. Made in Spain by two founders that left a career in finance and the fashion industry to “give birth” to the brand TinyTeo. Cool and fresh patterns make this brand fun and easy.

Visit their booth this summer in the NEW NOW space!



children's eco-friendly swimwear

Kōku is all about swimwear. They have everything you need in their collection for your kids and teens to be the coolest at the beach or pool. Also, the brand plays a vital role for our planet by using the best organic and recycled fabrics.

Dive into their new collection July 2-4!


We can’t wait to meet these amazing brands in person, thank you Barbara for making this incredible selection of labels for the NEW NOW space! Get your pass to discover them for yourself in Paris July 2-4!

About LEMON Magazine: LEMON Magazine is a printed magazine that is inspired by modern parenthood, kids’ fashion, people, lifestyle, social and environmental consciousness. Refreshing, aspirational and inclusive. Our readers are brave, strong, and real women, who have opinions, who love fashion and want to raise their kids for a better future.

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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship