We love curating a show that not only has amazing kids’ fashion and lifestyle brands, but also art and inspiration. To help us create a space that is full of beauty and wonder, Playtime & Kid’s Hub invites a selection of artists each season to bring the show to life. Whether turning the concepts of the trend spaces into tangible visuals, creating a sensational space to chill, or decorating the VIP Buyer & Press Lounge, the Winter 2024 artists are going to create a stunning atmosphere. Enjoy a preview of their work and backgrounds to start getting excited for the spaces you’ll discover in just a few weeks at Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York!


Lola Mercier

Lola Mercier is a French artist who explores different mediums and techniques according to her personal projects and collaborations. She decorates the floors and textiles of hotels and brands alike, paints on silk or paper, designs scarves and fabric landscapes. In Lola’s creations, figurative vegetal and aquatic worlds mix with abstraction and dreams in a colorful dance of patterns, textures, and curved lines.

Come explore her creations in the Cocoon AW24-25 trend space!


Cédric Esturillo

Cédric Esturillo lives and works in Lyon, France. He obtained his art history degree at the University of Lyon II in 2009, then assisted American artist Michael McMillen from 2014 to 2015. Cédric then graduated from l’Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, where he earned his DNSEP with the congratulations of the jury in 2016.

His work plays with the borders between art, craftsmanship, and ancestral know-how. His sculptures and installations are often bright and generous in color, with varied patterns and diverse materials. They are inspired by an eclectic and fantastic imagination. From pop culture to art history, as well as science fiction, Cédric mixes, interprets, and re-updates the visual codes from different historical periods. The result is timeless, hybrid objects that question the way we look at the forms and cultural phenomena of our world.

Cédric’s sculptures have been presented at Vents des Fôrets in la Meuse, at the Ateliers Vortex of Dijon, at the FRAC Franche Comté, l’IAC as part of the Jeune Création Internationales de la Biennale de Lyon, in la Villa du Parc de Annemasse, and at the Anne Barrault gallery in Paris. He is regularly invited to participate in group exhibitions and has benefited from production residencies at la Friche Lamartine in Lyon, Thundercage in Aubervilliers, and in the workshops of Grand Large in Lyon. He received the Prix de la Jeune Création artistique at the biannual of Mulhouse in 2017.

Find his sculptures in the Erupt AW24-25 trend space!

Bio written by Julia Bregere


Agnès Pironon – Chaumière Oiseau

Agnès Pironon is the founder of the brand Chaumière Oiseau created in 2017. Chaumière Oiseau offers a a joyful and colorful universe centered around several textile craft techniques such as tufting, weaving, needle punch, and patchwork. Each piece is made entirely by hand in her Parisian studio before being offered for sale in her online store. She collaborates with a number of brands as well, including Smallable, Des Petits Hauts, Season Paper…

Chaumière Oiseau also dedicates a lot of time to its mission of carrying on artisanal know-how through workshops and training courses.

Take a moment to grab a coffee and relax in the space to chill where you’ll find her work!


Sophie Paumelle

Visual artist Sophie Paumelle lives and works between Lyon and Paris. She co-founded l’atelier LAPS in 2007 to create large-scale installations at the frontiers of art and architecture. Since then, she has specialized in spatial design at the Beaux-Arts de Lyon. She works in spaces of the former Tasse silk factory in Lyon, an emblematic place for weaving. This place, doomed to disappear, carries a history which she both draws inspiration from and seeks to pay homage to.

Sophie’s unique work of research and sculptural expression revolve around the lines of weaving, inventing new spaces and creatures. Between space design, new architecture, and graphics, her universe composes and decomposes, inventing a nomadic life and wide open spaces. Her artistic proposal evokes an aesthetic approach that can work in different spaces as ephemeral decorations or emblematic sculptures that we keep in our homes like totemic guardian.

Full of passion, everything is invented and articulated in materials that are raw or colorful, upcycled or updated. Elegance and purity of form are the keywords of her imagination.

The pieces she presents sometimes divert the weaving process and turn the form into carefully cut, assembled, colored strips of crate wood in order to create new spaces. Her woven wood sculptures take on the appearance of disproportionate lace, both crude in simplicity through the materials used and elegant in the balance of the drawn shapes.

Come find her collaboration with fellow artist Claire in the VIP Buyer & Press Lounge!


Claire Ginestoux

Living and working in Lyon, Claire Ginestoux got her degree in textile design and a masters in fashion and creation at L’Université de la Mode in Lyon. After her first professional experience as a stylist and colorist for a French wallpaper publisher, she joined a screen printing workshop as an instructor and textile designer. Since 2018, Claire developed a series of pastel drawings to reconnect with her first loves: dense, lively, dazzling colors and the painter’s gesture. In 2022 she followed with a workshop on artificial flowers at the high school Octave Feuillet in Paris. Since then, her artistic work has oscillated between colors, materials, and volume.

An eclectic artist, Claire has always been attracted by nature in all its graphic and colorful forms. Inspired by the natural phenomenon, especially Superbloom, a spectacular blooming of wild flowers in the California desert, she presents this rare, precious moment in a sensitive, shimmering universe, an imaginary landscape created by her pastels and paintings, abstract prints, or in bright silk flowers.

She always enjoys collaborating with other artisans and creators to create artistic decorative projects. Claire is a curious artist that never hesitates to go outside her comfort zone to explore other forms and possibilities for creation.

Find the collab by Claire and Sophie in the VIP Buyer & Press Lounge!


We are so excited to discover the wonderful work of the Winter 2024 artists that will bring the shows to life in person in just a few weeks! Make sure you have your pass to come explore their universes. A blend of inspiration, innovation, classics, and newcomers await at The Big Small Show!


Header image from Chaumière Oiseau 
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