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What better way to celebrate the start of fall than with a camping trip? Think days spent hiking through the woods, cozy nights roasting marshmallows by the fire, and creating family memories that will last a lifetime. To restock your store with the perfect products to go camping with kids in style, our experts looked at collections available in stock on Orderwizz. Curating a selection of essentials in all the must-have colors for fall, you won’t want to miss having these products in your store all season long.

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Tans: terrific & timeless

One of the core colors every fall, tan takes a prime seat at the table this season, too. Returning each year like an old friend, this familiar shade is refreshed by its incorporation into new silhouettes. Realized in corduroys, dungarees, sweats, and more, this shade is perfect for time spent in the woods. Embracing this color that is so prominent in nature, kids will feel grounded as they play and explore.


Leafy greens

Another shade found all around us in nature, greens are a fall classic! From cozy emeralds to soft sages, bold brights to mossy muted, green is great for going camping with kids in style! With nature motifs or monochromatic, this color is simple and sweet. Perfect for mixing and matching with other staples in kids’ fall wardrobes, so don’t miss having it in your store.


Bountiful blues

Is there anything more wonderful than the blue of autumn skies? These products emanating its warm and varied shades are as unique as it is each day. In denim or sweats, pants or vests, these brands have all the products to make kids feel anything but blue as they go camping.


Radiant reds

Kids will feel like autumn leaves as they flit around the forest in reds like these! Rustic and ruddy, red is another color that returns with each season, just as it does with temperate forest leaves. With orange tints, these looks will fit right in with fall wardrobes.


Pretty in Pinks

The color that delicately tints the sky as day turns to night all season long, pink has a special place in kids fall fashion. Delicate and light, it holds on to the warmth of summer a little longer, making the transition a bit sweeter. Sweats, jackets, and sporty dresses bring this pale palette member to the perfect looks for camping.


Necessary neutrals

Perfect for pairing with all these other shades, ranges of neutrals add touches of timelessness to little fall wardrobes. Warm grays reminiscent of the charcoal left by fire, soft creams like marshmallows, and grays light as smoke balance out the bolds and brights of other colors in the season’s palette.


Mischievous Multicolors

The season of playful patchwork, it wouldn’t be fall without looks that blend all these colors! Mixing and matching the neutrals and every shade of our autumn palette, these bold looks are multicolored for maximum fun. Plaids and prints will add plenty of fun pops to any selection!


We don’t know about you, but we feel ready to go camping with kids in style all fall long! This color palette is perfect for cozy nights and shortening fall days spent together as a family exploring and adventuring. Add all of these products to your store in no time thanks to the featured collections all being available in stock on Orderwizz!

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Header image from Dotty Dungarees
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship