A highly anticipated space at Playtime Paris each season, New Now offers a warm welcome to some first time fashion exhibitors. Carefully chosen by our team of experts, New Now features unique booth structures that invite visitors to explore these collections never before seen at The Big Small Show. From outstanding swimwear brands to sweet, nostalgic collections, the selection this season is sure to please buyers and their final customers!

Let’s meet the New Now selection for Summer 2024!


My First Cantê

Born from sunny days on the beach, Cantê is more than a brand: it’s a way of being. Since 2011, this swimwear brand has invited wearers to live an original life and make a difference. Each collection explores the details and creativity found in their unique combinations of colors and patterns. From collection to collection, the adventure of two friends continues! Each garment takes the “cool” spirit of Cantê to other places. Made in Portugal with sustainable fabrics, their swimwear blends style and responsibility.


Naluri for Little Ones

Celebrating one full year of business, come explore Naluri for Little Ones! Their collections are timeless, bringing classic elements like peter pan collars, button downs, and pleating to the common era. With exquisite design details and subtle prints, Naluri for Little Ones’ collections are sweet and simple. Made with motherly love, each collection is as wonderful as the last.



Head down under to discover the Australian brand Grown! When creating their collections, the environmental impact is considered throughout the process. From materials to packaging, trims to accessories, all the way to logistics and distribution of their small batch productions, Grown thinks about it all. Made for every season, their products are for slow days and play dates. Using their brand as a platform to plant the seeds of sustainability, Grown is lovingly made and designed for longevity.


Nana Kid

Nana Kid was born for a love of children and fashion. Bringing African heritage to life in a fun, playful, dazzling way, Nana Kid values superior quality and practicality as much as it does luxury and style. Their products range from lounge and activewear to swimwear. Their collections are all characterized by simple, charming pieces that empower kids to imagine, stay stylish, and adventure. Nana Kid’s products brings the unique, illustrious history of African heritage to children around the world.


Gentile Catone

Celebrate Made-in-Italy craftsmanship with Gentile Catone! Launched by a couple, their collections are eclectic, precious, and flamboyant. Their sophisticated patterns blend nostalgic tastes and contemporary excitement. Featuring unique details and high quality fabrics, their elevated styles turn tradition on its head. A kaleidoscope of inspiration and futuristic visions drive their designs. With a touch of daring romanticism, Gentile Catone is effortlessly elegant.


Isa & Mimi

new now

Authentic, romantic, and timeless, discover Isa & Mimi! Created for girls who love to get dressed, they’re proudly based in Colombia. Producing custom products that are high quality and charming, they bring little girls’ dreams to life. A brand born from a mother’s own creations for her kids, Isa & Mimi offers fancy, trendy looks for little ones. Classic and contemporary mix effortlessly in pieces that echo silhouettes past and celebrate styles of today.



Fun, beautiful, and made in Barcelona, discover the new brand Lemonet! Their collections are sustainably made in Spain. Lemonet is made to bring fresh, unique kid’s fashion to the market. Sure to please both parents and kids, their products are playful and colorful. Their debut collection will be launched at Playtime Paris, so don’t miss this brand new brand!



With their name coming from the etymology of the word “maillot”, which means a whole garment, My.Yô is an entire concept. Centered around the idea that pieces can be dressed as a whole, their collections are for head to toe! Their durable, original overalls are made to collect memories. Using natural, organic, or recycled materials, My.Yô believes in a balanced process. They create with fair production for all those involved in the project. This Portuguese brand is conscious and cute!


We can’t wait to discover the collections of the Summer 2024 New Now brands in a little more than a week! We are so excited to welcome you all to a special edition of Playtime Paris which will take place June 29-July 1. As the Paris Summer Olympics approach, we’re feeling ready to play!

Get your pass to join us and hundreds of brands that range from all of the exciting newcomers like those in New Now to top brands who have been leaders in the industry for years!


Header from Gentile Catone
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship