Summer 2023 is almost here, and with it the shows in Paris, Shanghai, and New York! To celebrate the warming weather and the coming shows, let’s go on a trip to pools in each city to inspire your summer plans and summer shopping! With a few months to go, we’ll also head to Orderwizz to preview some of their collections and restock your store with immediate delivery swimwear. Make a splash by adding exciting swimwear brands to your store next season and year round!


Dive into the Molitor in Paris

Paris MolitorParis Molitor

Opened in 1929, the Molitor was the top destination for Parisians in search of sun and swim! Closed and turned over to artists, it was then covered in graffiti and used for fashion shows. Reopened in 2014 and as iconic as the Eiffel Tower, this pool perfectly represents the swimwear brands, both French and international, that will be exhibiting at Playtime Paris this summer! Bold, beautiful, and welcoming, take a dip in the cool water after a lovely day of discoveries at Playtime Paris July 1-3! Meet them there: Sunchild, Pesciolino Rosso, Beachlife, Koku Factory, Beach & Bandits, Pepita & Me, Lison Paris, Baïnes, Badawii Beachwear


Swim into Shanghai

The Peninsula Shanghai

A little classic, a little contemporary, The Peninsula Shanghai is a perfect blend of elegance and modernity! As one of few new buildings added to the historic Bund waterfront district, the pool within this five-star hotel surely made waves when it was unveiled in 2009. With a retro-inspired interior, it’s the perfect place to stay as you spend July 21-22 at Playtime Shanghai! Another great example of classic merging with modern, Bean’s Barcelona will be there to offer you some amazing swimwear.


Plunge into Playtime New York

The Beach at Dream DowntownThe Beach  at Dream Downtown

The perfect urban getaway, The Beach at Dream Downtown is the ultimate summertime escape. Full of sunshine and sweet vibes, this pool is in the heart of the Chelsea neighborhood. Cool, collected, and crazy fun, The Beach is the pool equivalent of the variety of swimwear brands that will be showing off their new SS24 collections as part of the Playtime selection in New York July 30-August 2! Get ready to meet: Coral Reef Swim, Vilebrequin, Pepita & Me, Planet Sea, Olga Valentine, Koku Factory, SunchildPiccoli Principi, Dalai Beachwear


Kick back at Kid’s Hub New York

The Manhattan Park Pool Club photo by Max Tuohey, installation by Hratch Arbach

Let’s hop over to Roosevelt Island to the incredible Manhattan Park Pool Club! Featuring a different pop-up art installation in collaboration with a local artist each year, we love the bright colors, bold patterns, and incredible designs from last year by Syrian-American artist Hratch Arbach. Inspired by the sea, he titled his installation “Letter From The Ocean.” As colorful and playful as all the Kid’s Hub brands that will be at the show in New York July 30-August 2, we’re as excited to see the next artist’s work at the Manhattan Park Pool Club as we are to discover new collections from: Snapper Rock, Flap Happy, Shade Critters, Seaesta Surf, PQ Swim, Little Peixoto, Boardies, Submarine, Nessi Byrd, Cruz Swimwear, Tiare Hawaii, Nanai


The pool is open year round on Orderwizz

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Why not make a splash by shopping anytime on Orderwizz? Perfect for restocking with immediate deliveries, ordering new collections as soon as they’re available, or previewing collections to inform your shopping at the summer shows, Orderwizz is a useful tool to use all year. You can shop amazing swimwear brands like: Lison Paris, Poppy & Sea, Koku Factory, Dalai Beachwear, Vozsi


We hope you’ve had a swimmingly good time discovering some of the incredible swimwear brands that will be at the summer shows and are available on Orderwizz! With July fast approaching, make sure you get your pass to attend the amazing shows on three different continents. Featuring all of these amazing brands and more, you won’t want to miss them!


Header photo from Baïnes
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship